Recipes production of tablets for dishwashers with their hands

Tablets used for washing dishes in the machine, there are a lot of money. This is one of the reasons that lead to think about an alternative. The second reason - the chemical composition. The pills contain harmful substances, and the entire ecosystem.

Help solve the problem of self-made detergents from inexpensive and harmless components. How and what to produce dishwasher tablets with their own hands?

The content of the article:

  • Composition of tablet means for dishwashers
  • Preparation of tablets for PMM own hands
    • Ingredients for homemade preparations
    • Popular recipes based on soda
  • Comparison of factory and home-made tablets
    • Testing the quality of washing
    • Evaluation component composition
    • Other signs for comparison
  • Both types of tablets are worthy of attention
  • Useful saw on

Composition of tablet means for dishwashers

Before proceeding to the manufacture of tablets for dishwashers, find out what they are made, arguing the feasibility of our idea. Most of the buyers are not looking at the composition and buys means trusting advertising.

Manufacturers claim that the damage from the minimum of household chemicals, oblivious to the fact that the total impact of the components it increases significantly.

The most harmful components are chlorine and chlorine-containing substances, formaldehyde, phosphates and phosphonates, surfactant and hydrochloric acid. Many of them are part of the tablets for dishwashers. Even after repeated rinsing in hot water of chemical compounds not completely cleaned tableware.

Household chemicals

Statistics show that in the year into the body of each person falls to 0.5 liters detergent. This happens due to poor quality rinsing dishes

Chlorine and its compounds can cause a variety of diseases, such as hypertension, allergies, anemia, and other common ailments. For this reason, in some EU countries banned substances containing chlorine.

SAS - substances that connect the water molecules and fat, so they are well cleaned surface, but at the same time and cleave human sebum. There are three types:

  • anionic - the most effective, cheap, but also harmful, as tend to accumulate in the body;
  • cationic - cause less damage and have a bactericidal effect;
  • nonionic - the most harmless, degradable to 100%.

Frequent and excessive use of surfactant-containing household chemicals, leads to reduced immunity, defatting and skin aging, develop allergic reactions. Action intensifies phosphates, promotes the penetration of substances through the skin into the bloodstream.

Accumulate in vital organs, they lead to dysfunction. Health Standards, surfactants should not exceed 5%.

Preparation of tablets for PMM own hands

After reviewing the composition of the tablets, we conclude that the agent is rather offensive and it makes sense to spend time on his production of their own hands.

Soda and lemon juice

Soda and juice squeezed from a lemon in the composition of the tablets makes them completely harmless. As the detergent component can be used as soda ash

Household cleaners besides cheaper factory.

Ingredients for homemade preparations

For home-made with their own hands for dishwasher tablets need a simple and affordable components:

  • Baking soda - 2 cups.
  • Water - 1 cup.
  • Salt - 1 cup.
  • Citric acid - 1/2 cup.

For the formation of tablets needed silicone or plastic containers for ice.

One soda glass is poured onto a baking oven and placed on a half hour at 200 degrees. To soda not to burn, during the heating, it was stirred. Extracted from the oven, it gets looser and matte consistency suitable for forming tablets.

The mixture in the palm Pill

Ingredients for the preparation of detergent tablets should be thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous plastic mass, from which it is easy to form a desired tablet form

Soda is poured from the oven into the bowl, there is added to a conventional soda glass, citric acid and salt. All mixed and added to a little water. A mixture of froth, it is necessary to wait until the foaming process stops, and then pour a little water. This is done several times.

Then, all carefully mixed and expanded in one or one and a half teaspoons into molds for ice. It should be done quickly, as the mixture thickens quickly. Leave the tins for half an hour, then remove the self-made tablets and put them in a jar, close airtight lid.

Popular recipes based on soda

To create a tablet is taken on this recipe:

  • 150 g of sodium hydroxide;
  • 500 g of magnesia (Epsom salts);
  • 200 g of borax (sodium tetraborate);
  • 40 g of lemon juice.

A mixture of dry ingredients is mixed with lemon juice and poured into molds.

Capacity installed in a dry place. Dried tablets are ready for use. To the composition can be added, and a children washing powder, only one cup. Pleasant fragrance detergent will add a few drops of any essential oils, citrus better.

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Ingredients for homemade tablets

Taking the basic ingredients, you can prepare different variants of tablets, which differ in shape and properties. Components for homemade tablets in this recipe are soda, borax, water, salt, citric acid and essential oil

Adding essential oils to the dry mixture

The dry ingredients are poured into a glass container and thoroughly mixed. To impart flavor mixture is added to it essential oil with lemon scent

Addition of water to a mixture of

To a mixture of soda ash, salt, citric acid, borax and lemon oil is added to water, which serves as a binder to form tablets

The mixture to form tablets

Mix for the manufacture of tablets for the dishwasher with their hands stirred. Do it quickly, so she did not have time to harden

The mixture in the form of tablets for ice

The finished, an intimate mixture is spread into molds for ice or in any other forms, for cookies, pastries and similar products

Tablets for dishwashers in dry form

Mixture based on sodium for use in the dishwasher, the expansion in the form, should be well dry. Soda is used as a soda, and baking

Finished tablets in container

Finished tablets carefully removed from the molds and placed in a container or a glass jar for storage. You can stock up on them for six months or a year

Laying the tablets in the dishwasher

Tablet, made with his own hands, lay in a special compartment. Efficiency detergent you can check empirically

Ingredients for homemade tablets

Ingredients for homemade tablets

Adding essential oils to the dry mixture

Adding essential oils to the dry mixture

Addition of water to a mixture of

Addition of water to a mixture of

The mixture to form tablets

The mixture to form tablets

The mixture in the form of tablets for ice

The mixture in the form of tablets for ice

Tablets for dishwashers in dry form

Tablets for dishwashers in dry form

Finished tablets in container

Finished tablets in container

Laying the tablets in the dishwasher

Laying the tablets in the dishwasher

Let's look at a few recipes of tablets for dishwashers.

Recipe # 1. Mark 7 parts of conventional powder and 3 parts of soda ash. The binder is recommended to use for washing dishes and filtered water. Mix to fill the form. After drying, the tablets are ready for use.

Soda in a package

Soda ash - natural product obtained in several ways: from the natural or raw nepheline, sodium hydroxide carbonation method and ammoniacal method

Recipe # 2. Children powder - 8 parts soda - 1,8, liquid dishwashing detergent - 0.2 parts. All mix and form a tablet, filled with a mixture of shapes. Baby powder less aggressive, removes protein contamination at a temperature of not higher than 40 degrees. Tablets of child powder is used in a mode that does not exceed this temperature.

Children washing ekoporoshok

Eco washing powder for children's clothes do not contain phosphates, surfactants, zeolites, and other harmful components. The basis of the powder is a safe natural soap

Recipe # 3. Connect the detergent (160 g) with soda ash (40 g) was added glycerin (5 g). Stir and put in molds.

Recipe # 4. A mixture of two tablespoons of finely ground mustard powder and baking soda to connect one with 1.5 lodges hot water, stir, expanded in formochkam.

One embodiment of the manufacture of the drug mixture of mustard powder with soda demonstrated in the video:

Recipe # 5. Mix 3 tbsp. of salt with 2 tbsp. spoons powder and 1 tbsp. spoon of concentrated 70% vinegar.

Comparison of factory and home-made tablets

The main differences ready and self-made tablets, as already noted, is part of the price. Household chemicals in industrial production contains no harmful components and is much more expensive.

Tablets for industrial dishwashers

The substances included in the compressed tablets dissolve, rather than simultaneously in a certain moment. When they are used to clean and refreshing dishes, performed routine maintenance

Consider the basic categories of factory tablets that differ in chemical composition and price:

  • Relatively inexpensive basic tablets, consisting of three components.
  • Environmental biodegradable tablets without phosphates. Ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Capsules - tablets dissolving shell.
  • Universal multicomponent tablets, to the base composition to which is added components crystal washing, antimicrobial agents, conditioners, perfumes, and others.

Costly tablets compared to analogs cheap industrial production more efficient and safe.

Testing the quality of washing

By quality washing improvised means closer to the base tablets. When testing the homemade tablets revealed that the effectiveness of their action is almost as low-cost manufactured goods. Biodegradable eco-friendly tablet, as well as hand made, do not contain harmful substances, but are much more expensive and provide an excellent result.

Dishwasher tablets per pack

Modern detergent tablets 3 to 1 or 1 to 7 are effective provided that they are used in the new model machines that have the ability to recognize them. The most popular brands - Finish, Frosch, Bio Mio, and a number of other

Capsules provide high quality wash, convenient in that soluble jacket provides protection from accidental exposure to moisture. Comparison of the results of washing tablets with multi-component not in favor of home-made. The first is much more efficient, because they contain the basic and additional components.

Evaluation component composition

Cleanliness of dishes and the machine itself as a part of the tablets provide:

  • detergent, as the major component;
  • salt for water softening and protecting the inside of the machine from scale, if it is missing on the dishes remain divorces, whitish plaque and stains;
  • rinse, and fixing the reinforcing effect of the detergent;
  • descaler, not giving form limescale in the water if the water is hard;
  • degreaser splitting fat layer settling inside the machine;
  • deodorizer that eliminates unpleasant odors;
  • additional substances of different actions.

Composition of tablets improvised limited set of available tools used in the household.

Ingredients for tablets

Soda, citric acid and other ingredients are universal coping well with the tasks

Components within the factory tablets are consistently involved in the work at the right time. In tablets, made with their own hands, there is no such technology.

Tablet means for dishwashers homemade cheaper and safer, and their composition can be adjusted to fit your needs. In this there is a negative point:

  • brute force with a liquid detergent for dishes will have a negative influence on the quality of the washing machine and can hurt;
  • an excess amount of sodium will lead to the fact that the tablet will be poorly soluble;
  • excess of citric acid can cause damage to the plastic parts.

Dosage industrial tablets, unlike the self-made, is regulated in accordance with the GOST, W and other rules.

Other signs for comparison

In tablets, made with his own hands, imperfect appearance - this is another argument in favor of home-made counterparts. Issued at the factory tools are much more aesthetic.

When choosing a factory pills you do not have to spend their own time on the selection, the search for ingredients and manufacturing.

When mixing the mixture to tablets you need to take care of safety. Gloves and a mask will protect you from the aggressive action of soda and powder on the mucous membranes.

Conventional tablet weighing 16 grams, obtained industrially, it is worth 9-10 rubles. Multi-component tools are even more expensive. Cost improvised tablets based ingredients rates significantly below. A simple calculation shows that 31 tablet you spend 54 rubles, that is, one tablet will cost 1.75 rubles.

Both types of tablets are worthy of attention

We dosed packaging of industrial and domestic manufacturing has a number of general advantages. They can not spill, pour, or download more than the norm. They do not take up much space and is easy to store. Finished tablets are stored in their original packaging, made with his own hands - in a closed glass jar or plastic container with a lid.

She puts the dishes in the dishwasher

Dishwashing liquid for washing can not be used in cars. At the same time active substances are tablets, powders and gels used in dishwashers, have a negative effect on the skin of hands

Dosed composition tablets factory is regulated by normative documents, home - recipes, tested by experience.

Tablet tools clean utensils as good and often better than other detergents.

Useful saw on

The process of manufacturing tablets for dishwashers with his hands and washing the dishes with a homemade tablet:

Roller with instructions for self-production of very low-cost tools for PMM:

How to make tableted cleaning agent quickly at minimal cost:

If you trust the producers and believe the magic formula for the perfect cleanliness of your dishes, and you do not care about the price, choose ready-made tablet. There is another option: in one night reserved inexpensive tablets for washing dishes in the dishwasher. As far as they are aesthetic, it depends on the proper ratios of ingredients and forms, which will be laid in mixture.

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