Do-it-yourself dishwasher installation

Automation is useful in the ability to work without human intervention. Launched the program - and wait for the result. Electronics will do the work themselves. This is beneficial for family well-being after dinner, when the couple goes to sleep, or for a lunch break, when there is no time to bring the kitchen in order. Connecting to the plumbing network perform plumbing, it is possible to install a dishwasher with your own hands. For reasons of necessity either for a change.

Choosing the location of

The following are details for newbies mainly. The self-taught master has already acquired the lion's share of knowledge in the struggle for survival amid the influx of home appliances in the home. Modern dishwashers are divided into three classes:

  1. Freestanding.
  2. Embedded.
  3. Desktop.

Installation difficulties are related to embedded models, although sometimes there is also a power outlet for two adjacent groups. However, the process can not be compared with the case when furniture needs to be improved.

When buying a headset installation offers sellers. It is necessary to carefully accept the work in order to avoid further disputes. Some of the products represent an imitation of a solid section of kitchen furniture, slide on the wheels into a niche and deliver a minimum of complexity. Installing a dishwasher under the countertop is carried out elementary, it remains to pave the communication.

Most dishwashers are made to a fixed size. Typical dimensions:

  • height 82 cm;
  • depth 55 cm;
  • width 45, 60 cm.

Manufacturers subtract a couple of millimeters from the parameters to fit into the furniture standards. The decor is available with a small margin.

When buying, each model is accompanied by a detailed scheme according to which the dishwasher is self-installed. If the store offers a product without such instructions, watch out. Manufacturers, without exception, apply the installation rules for dishwashers. In the absence of such, additionally sharpen the question and request an explanation from the seller. According to the rules, an air gap 5 cm wide for ventilation is provided behind the back wall. The remaining dimensions are determined by the developer.

On the wiring diagram there are ready-made paper templates for hinges to hang the doors. Such an "instruction" is superimposed on the door, holes are drilled in the pattern. This will allow you to quickly perform the necessary operations. The door becomes a hanging false decorating element covering the dishwasher. The control panel is located at the end of the "true" door remaining inside. The specified installation scheme is widespread.

Separate models, built-in under the tabletop, with adjustable height legs. This will put the dishwasher in the horizon and fit tightly to the surrounding furniture. Additional mounting is carried out with iron corners on the screws. Find and models on wheels. Some machines are completely embedded inside, completely stationary.

This is interesting! Shower cabins are considered stationary equipment. But Finnish models with a pallet of marble are mobile. That facilitates the work of repairmen and cleaners.

We recommend to glue the inner walls of the furniture where the equipment is installed with a vapor barrier film. For work, you need a drill.

Bypassing the rules

Most often, the connection of the dishwasher with their own hands is conducted by fans of experiments in furniture that is not intended for this. Embedding occurs according to general guidelines. The outcome depends on the master's wit. In the store, consider the size of the installation compartment of the kitchen cabinet and estimate how to do the installation.

The furniture should closely approach the sink, so that there are no hanging water supply and discharge hoses. It is allowed to break the walls or the bottom, trying not to spoil the look, in order to use the dishwasher it has become more convenient. It is difficult to give specific recommendations, the installation scheme is simply taken and the product is installed on site.

For example, if from the cabinet where the dishwasher is built in, an empty space spreads to the sink, build a shelf that can close the hoses and the electrical wire. To make a homemade design outlet.


In terms of switching, a standard dishwasher needs three things:

  1. Water supply.
  2. Drain.
  3. Electricity.


With regard to water, you will need a tap from the kitchen tap. A standard tee is useful. Where to install - is solved depending on the specific case. Sometimes it is better to place the item under the sink. Traditionally there is a flexible pipe liner. Between them, slam a tee with a tap. Sometimes there is a place under the mixer. In this case the tee is mounted there.

Before installation, the taps for supplying the apartment with cold and hot water overlap. For security. The de-energized system is disassembled with a tee insert for the dishwasher at the selected location. In the end, the bend radius of the liner should not be less than the maximum allowable for the selected hose model. A tap is built into the water supply path to shut off the water if necessary.

Drain water in a similar manner. The only thing is that in some dishwashers we meet taps with U-shaped connections at the end, which easily cling to the edge of the sink. This is a good way out of the situation if there are no preconceptions against the hose sticking to the sight, which, by the way, is easy to remove after the cycle is completed.

Similarly to the supply of water, a drain is cut. A splitter is bought and mounted under the sink. The dishwasher hose is attached to the corresponding tee nozzle. Drain and water intake are nearby. Accordingly, it turns out two hoses running alongside.

Not easy to get to the car wash. At least two methods were found:

  • remove the back wall of the cabinet where the dishwasher is built in;
  • drill the holes in the side walls before washing.

The first method is good when there are cutouts for hoses in transverse partitions on the back of the furniture from the bottom. In reality, they are designed for baseboards, but they are quite wide. In the extreme case, you will have to expand a little, it’s better than to drill holes in the walls for mounting a dishwasher.

It is performed by an ordinary grinder. We'll have to move the furniture away from the wall. In order not to break off the pieces of polishing, the direction of rotation of the grinding disc must press a layer of varnish to the board. Will have to work on both sides, carefully. Before starting, you should think over the location of the dishwasher's hoses in detail and draw out the grinding lines with a pencil. It is permissible to use a drill, an electric jigsaw, other carpentry tools.

Similarly, there is a refinement of the walls. Grind holes with special abrasive drills. During installation, carefully ensure that the minimum bending radius of the hoses in the retracted position of the dishwasher does not exceed the set limits.


Unlike most appliances of this type, built-in dishwashers are equipped with cords with forks. You will need to hold the outlet within reach of the plug. A piece of 230 V cable and socket is suitable.

Difficult to push communications across the threshold. Just nailing the wire with wire clamps will not work. Legs of people passing through izotrut cord. Someone will shock when washing the floor.

If access to the central network is on the other side of the doorway, it is better to lay the cord behind the platbands or nail it with small nails. Or, using an angle grinder on the back of each platband, cut through a groove the size of a wire.

Dishwasher outlet is attached to the baseboard. Where easy to get when the furniture is finally placed in places.


Installation of the dishwasher, can independently be executed in full. You will need a standard set of connectors for pipes, some wires, other components and tools.

. According to the enclosed instructions, the product is installed. If the dishwasher extends from under the countertop, an adequate supply of the length of communications is provided.

The built-in dishwasher looks great, does not tire the eyes, keeps the aesthetic look of the kitchen. The indisputable amenities provided by this type of home appliances are gaining in popularity. Automation and the fact that it is available to select a model of suitable performance.

Well, isn't it great to get rid of the eternal question after dinner - who will wash the dishes. Dishwasher!

This is interesting! Many supermarkets( including appliance stores) are cashing in on the little things. It is profitable to take large acquisitions here, and to get fasteners and drills in small shops more modest.

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