Benefits and consumption rates of Koragen insecticide

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Harmful insects are dangerous to the crop because they bring him great damage. And regardless of whether it is a private garden, or agricultural land. To get rid of uninvited guests will help Koragen - an insecticide, instructions for use of which will tell you how to prepare the solution, how to dose the drug for a particular culture, as well as introduce the benefits of the substance.


Insecticide is a concentrated, water-based anthranilamide suspension, the main active ingredient of which is chlorantraniliprol at a concentration of 200 g / l. Packaged drug in plastic bottles of 50 ml and 0.2 l.

Advantages and disadvantages of

Among the advantages of an insecticide, Koragen is distinguished:

  1. The ability to kill various pests, in particular lepidoptera.
  2. The preparation starts working very quickly: a few minutes after consuming the treated plant, the larvae lose their ability to feed.
  3. Substance is safe for people, bees and the environment.
  4. An unusual mechanism of action on insects, which eliminates resistivity.
  5. Perfectly copes with the Colorado potato beetle.
  6. The effectiveness of the drug is very high regardless of the weather.
  7. Washout resistance to atmospheric precipitation.
  8. Economical and convenient to use.
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Despite the large list of advantages of the drug, there are also negative sides:

  • is effective against a narrow spectrum of pests;
  • is toxic to aquatic animals.

Mechanism of Action

The work of an insecticide begins as soon as it gets into the stomach of an insect with “food” or enters its body through the cuticle upon contact. Next comes the launch of ryanidin-receptor genes responsible for muscle contraction. In addition, the drug, entering the body, uncontrollably removes from it the calcium contained in the muscles, and, consequently, throughout the body as a whole. All this leads to a loss of contractility of the muscles, paralysis of the insect and larvae, and death.

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Insecticide application instructions Koragen

The working solution is prepared directly in the sprayer tank, equipped with a stirrer. If the tank does not have such a detail, or it is planned to carry out spraying using a spray gun, first prepare the mother liquor, and then only the worker. In this case, the tank, where the solution will be prepared, is filled with a quarter of the water, a small part of the insecticide is dissolved in it, and then the rest is added in portions until the necessary concentration is reached. The prepared working solution should be used on the same day.

Spraying is carried out in calm weather, in extreme cases, wind gusts can reach a maximum of 1-2 m / s, but so that the solution does not fall on neighboring cultures. Temperature conditions are unimportant.

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The drug will be effective only in the case of proper dosing and compliance with the norms of consumption for a particular culture.

Compatibility and toxicity

The insecticide is used in tank mixtures containing a small concentration of active substances. In this case, thoroughly study the instructions of drugs, and then pre-test them for compatibility.

By itself, Koragen has low toxicity to humans. However, when preparing the solution, it is necessary to observe all precautions. As for the insecticide's toxicity to flora, the substance is safe for bees, although taking into account the distance to the border zone of summer, which is located at a distance of at least 4-5 km from the spraying site of the plants.

But for aquatic creatures, insecticide is extremely dangerous, therefore it should be avoided getting into the water. To do this, an open bottle of insecticide is diluted and used on the same day, and the packaging itself is disposed of.

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