Lapis lazuli from weeds on potatoes

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Inadvertently tormented by hurt when the autumn field resembles a misfortune to idle people using

  • potato bushes. Fortunately for gardeners, a new drug has been developed - Lapis lazuli from weeds on potatoes. Reviews about him among the gardeners are the best.

    Properties of Lazurite

    A new selective herbicide designed to protect against weeds of potatoes and tomatoes. The active ingredient of lapis lazuli is metribuzin. Its action as a herbicide for potatoes is aimed at suppressing the growth of weeds through the impact on the roots, foliage and even the development of seedlings. It suppresses photosynthesis of weeds, depriving them of solar energy and detrimental effect on the root system. The main types of weeds are subject to its detrimental effects, including malicious perennial weeds.

    In all of its activity, Lazurite does not depress potato and tomato plants. This allows the use of herbicides against weeds on potatoes, without causing damage to the main crop.

    At the same time, it is important to use Lapis lazuli within the time specified in the instructions, namely before the seedlings of the potato and when they rise no more than 5 cm from the surface of the earth. It is not a drug that acts selectively, but potatoes and tomatoes at an early stage of development are resistant to its action. Therefore, it is important to carry out processing on time.

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    The action of herbicides for potatoes begins after application to the soil. At the same time, it is important that after spraying in given doses, the lump of earth is not turned over. The past small precipitations will help the substance to penetrate into the soil quickly, but heavy rains will wash it into the lower layers, where Lazurite is ineffective. The arid period also decreases the activity of metribuzin.


    • use Lapis lazuli within the application times indicated in the instructions;
    • do not turn over the treated land;
    • processing is carried out in anticipation of rain;
    • does not change the recommended herbicide dose for potatoes.

    Instructions for Using Lapis Lazuli

    In order not to be left without a crop, using lapis lazuli, it is necessary to understand that this preparation helps the gardener to get rid of weeds that take food from the potato and inhibit its growth and development. However, it is not a fertilizer. If there is not enough nutrients in the soil, the harvest will not please even in the absence of weeds. Potato weed processing is not a fertilizer. On sandy skinny soils, this drug does not give a visible effect.

    In order to apply herbicides against weeds on potatoes correctly and effectively, it is important to have a clean field to follow the instructions for use of the drug. From the user manual will be clear:

    • processing time;
    • concentration of the drug used;
    • drug consumption in single and double treatment;
    • drug waiting time;
    • safety measures when working with a chemical and its hazard class.

    The question how to get rid of weeds in a potato field has been solved. The herbicide introduced into the soil on time, destroys not only the first weeds, but also maintains the purity of the field before the second wave, and suppresses its development. In the future, the tops in the potato beds will close together, and the annual weeds will not have time to develop. Minimum doses for processing potatoes from weeds are recommended for early varieties of root crops. Most of the expense should be on a dense clay soil when cultivating late potatoes.

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    The calculated consumption of the diluted substance used by the spraying method is:

    • on potatoes 200 - 300 liters per hectare;
    • on tomato seedlings - 500 l / ha;
    • on tomatoes from seeds - 300 - 400 l / ha.

    A dilution of the stock solution is not required. The drug is obtained with nanoparticles, perfectly soluble in water with vigorous stirring. Apply the solution, like all herbicides from weeds on potatoes, in a freshly prepared form. Lapis lazuli is the only herbicide allowed for use in farms and for summer residents.

    The maximum concentration of the working solution should not exceed 0.5% solution of the active substance.

    As a result of the application of lapis lazuli, the soil is freed from weeds for a long period. However, this is not one of its beneficial effects. In the absence of quinoa as a result of processing potatoes from weeds, during cold weather, potato bushes are less susceptible to late blight, which significantly reduces the yield and impairs the storage of root crops. The disease begins to develop on weeds.

    The term for reaching the treated field for agricultural work is possible not earlier than in 3 days.

    Phytotoxicity of lapis lazuli and safety measures

    The preparation Lapis lazuli is toxic to bees. These collectors cannot be in the treatment area for 3-4 hours. In this case, the hives from the place of processing should be at a distance of 2-3 km. Due to the spread of a poisonous substance, the field cannot be treated in winds greater than 5 m / s, and the workers themselves must take precautions:

    • should wear a protective suit while working;
    • to wear glasses and respirators;
    • do not smoke or eat before the end of work.
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    Although the danger class for the herbicide for potatoes is assigned to the third one, it is necessary to follow safety measures.

    Reviews of grateful users

    Irina from Serpukhov writes that she did not know how to get rid of weeds on potatoes, until she accidentally heard about Lazurite. She did not believe and in the first year strictly according to the instructions she processed only one bed. In order to make sure that the obtained tubers were safe, in the autumn she gave the samples for analysis to the laboratory. In the resulting harvest there were no harmful substances, the products were safe. The taste of potatoes also did not differ from the unprocessed. But there were no weeds on the garden. For two years, Irina has been using herbicides for potatoes and thanks the developers. Potatoes on clean beds are developing rapidly, and the healthy and even the eternal enemy of the wireworm has become noticeably smaller.

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