Paradise drink or recipes compote from ratenki for the winter


  • Conservation of the explosives, namely compotes, has an individual character. Such preparation differs from the usual apple drink in the way of fruit laying, due to their appearance. The fact is that this sort of apples has very small fruits, which is why they are also called “heavenly apples”.However, this does not affect the taste of the fruit, but it plays a role in canning.

    Preparation of apples

    According to recipes, compote from early spring for small apples are mainly put in the whole form, without cutting them into pieces. In this regard, requires more careful processing of the fruit. First of all, you should carefully examine each apple for damage or pests. For compote only healthy whole fruits are suitable. This is the case when one “bad” is able to negate all efforts. The presence of spoiled fruit will not only spoil the appearance, but will also play the role of a time bomb, and the bank will not stand for long.

    Enumerated quality fruits should be well washed and spread out on a spread towel so that they dry. Some compote recipes for seasoning for the winter include sprigs on fruit. Such fruits look beautiful in a jar, and the drink gets a delicate taste.

    Ranetki with sprigs can only be used for seaming very sweet compotes. The less sugar in a drink, the greater the risk that it will not be stored for long.

    One more nuance of how to make compote from the rosettes for the winter is to pierce them before putting it into the bottle. This will keep the apples whole under the influence of boiling water. In addition, they are faster soaked in sugar syrup and will be better to give their juices.

    For impaling fruit it is better to use wooden toothpicks, and the punctures themselves should be made closer to the tail.

    Apple compote with vanilla

    The fastest way to prepare a drink is to make compote from the cream for the winter without sterilization. A little vanilla will give it a warm summer scent.

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    For 3 liters of water you will need:

    • 500 g of paradise apples;
    • 500 g sugar;
    • 1 g of vanilla and citric acid.

    The seaming process is quite easy and fast:

    1. Ranetki wash and chop.
    2. Put dried apples into sterilized containers.
    3. Prepare sugar syrup, add vanillin and acid at the end.
    4. Pour jars of boiling syrup, roll up and cover with a warm blanket.
    5. After the banks have cooled completely, store them in a dark place.

    Compote of sliced ​​inks with lemon zest

    The original taste will be added to the drink by adding currant leaves and cherries. As for how much sugar will be required for compote from injections, then in the original recipe for 500 g of apples you need 300 g of sugar. For some, it will seem a bit much, but that is why lemon rind is also added to the drink. When all the ingredients are combined, a sweet and sour compote is obtained.

    So, wash the wipes, cut them into two halves, and then into another two. Remove the core and seeds and cut the fruit( into slices or plates).

    Rinse a small bunch of currant leaves and cherries under a tap and rinse with boiling water for disinfection. Cut into strips.

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    Remove the zest from one lemon.

    Place the foliage in a sterilized 3 liter jar first, and the shells on top, filling it to 1/3 of the height.

    Prepare a syrup and pour apples on it( about 2.5 liters of water will be needed.) Add lemon zest, roll up and wrap.

    Healthy drink made from paradise apples and mountain ash

    Ranetki combine well with other fruits and berries. Very beautiful in color is obtained compote from rannet and black fruit for the winter. Berries give it a bit of astringency and dark coloring.

    Wash one kilogram of apples, let dry. Chop off the tails.

    Rinse chokeberry in the amount of 200 g under running water and blanch for no more than 3 minutes so that the berries do not burst.

    Pour rowanberries into the sterilized jars at the bottom and place the inlays on top.

    Prepare a syrup for pouring, using:

    • 2 liters of water;
    • 1 kg of granulated sugar.

    Pour them fruits and berries, roll and wrap.

    Apple-Cherry Drink

    The compote from the rannet and cherry cherries for the winter has a very beautiful ruby ​​color in contrast to the drink from apples only. In addition, the cherry will give it a slight sourness, which is especially appreciated by those who do not like too sweet drinks.

    A three-liter jar of compote will be needed:

    • 300 g of ripe cherry;
    • 500g screen;
    • 1 tbsp. Sahara;
    • 3-4 citrus slices( lemon or orange);
    • 2.7 liters of water.

    Step-by-Step Preparation:

    1. Wash and cut the Ranetki into two parts. You can leave the fruit whole, but then they should be pricked.
    2. Remove the cherries from the tails and leave the bones
    3. Put everything in the bottle, not forgetting about the citrus slices.
    4. Dissolve sugar in water, boil for 2-3 minutes and pour syrup over the jar.
    5. Cork, cover with a warm rug and leave to cool.
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    Compote of blends and drains using the double pouring method

    This is a rather interesting variant of seaming the drink using paradise apples of yellow varieties. Blue plums and light apples look beautiful and perfectly harmonize with each other.

    The amount of fruit depends on the method of preparation: you can put 300 g of plums and apples in a jar, and for a more concentrated drink, fill it to the brim with an equal number of ingredients.

    The same applies to the type of fruit in the compote from the rack and plums for the winter: if desired, they are left whole or cut into two parts. When using the screen in general, they should be pricked to keep their shape.

    So, put the prepared fruit in a sterilized jar and pour boiling water. Cover with a lid and let stand for 15 minutes.

    Drain the water in a saucepan and make a syrup on it at the rate of:

    • 100 g of sugar per liter jar;
    • 200 g of sugar - for a capacity of 2 liters;
    • 300 g of sugar - per three-liter bottle.

    Pour the second fruit jars and roll up.

    Recipes for compotes from the rack for the winter is very simple to perform. Even a housewife without experience will make such a drink the first time. Unfortunately, this compote has one major drawback. He quickly ends! Therefore, it is better to prepare more jars, so that they certainly have enough for the whole winter.

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