The gardener's horoscope - summer resident and zodiac sign

Horoscopes make up literally for any reason. Here you have one more - a gardener's horoscope. Treat it with a bit of humor, but think about it. Suddenly it is he who will give the answer, why are you dissatisfied with your garden, garden or cottage, what would you have time to redo it?

. ContentsThe larger the plot, the more comfortable. If the hacienda at Aries is small, then the fence should be from the grid. Or it can be a fence that allows you to see the world around.

A fiery corner is useful for calming nerves to a fiery Aries. There it is better not to plant daffodils that promote selfishness. Everything else is possible, but remember: Aries loves plants with large, bright flowers. Of all the medicinal plants, Aries especially needs hawthorn, which reduces pressure and strengthens heart health.

To quench your thirst for communication, you also need a seating area where you can sit comfortably with friends. Maybe it makes sense to arrange a brazier there? Fire sign!

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Practical and methodical Taurus can save almost any plant. But he likes classical crops more - tomatoes, cucumbers, and others. Exotic plants are not for him.

Root crops that grow “by leaps and bounds” grow especially well for this earth sign. He is excellent friends with fruit trees and vegetables, the harvest from which is particularly weighty( melons, zucchini, pumpkins. ..).

And in order to smooth pragmatism a little, it is useful to plant lilac and flowers, it is better to have bulbous ones. Temper Taurus soften lilies of the valley.

The best healer for Taurus - sage, because he is under the auspices of Venus.

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As an air sign, Gemini does not tolerate monotonous work in the country. However, they love to plant flowers. It is believed that in Gemini's gardening there is a “heavy hand”, which has a bad effect on the germination of seeds, which need to be poured a little more than the norm.

For some reason this property does not apply to legumes and climbing plants.

Well, for educational purposes, Gemini is useful to grow bulbous crops - they will help to learn responsibility, purposefulness. Gemini has difficulty maintaining order in the country, keep this in mind.

Gemini is useful for medicinal medunitsa, with its expectorant and soothing effect.

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It is Rakov who is called zealous hosts. They strive to create harmony on the plot, carefully caring for the garden. They are useful large property, where you can freely select a place for a bath-sauna, and for the barbecue, and for the lush flower garden.

Rakov, like any sign of Water, pulls to lakes and rivers. And if next to the cottage there is no reservoir, it is useful to arrange it right on the territory. The

Water Element also pulls Cancer toward plants with succulent stems and leaves. But under his caring hands almost everything grows.

Watermint will relieve anxiety in Cancer and give him a good sleep, carnation will restore strength after heavy loads.

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Often, Leos like to show off their dacha much more than to work on it. In order to equip everything “at the highest level”, they are ready to hire designers for their possessions and to spend money. If finances allow, do not restrain yourself - do everything the way you like!

Fiery Lion is under the auspices of the Sun, light-loving plants are useful for him. He especially loves chamomiles and sunflowers that can give joy and optimism, softening the domineering nature of the “king of beasts”.

Arnica Mountain, grown in the country, will help Leo heal the wounds and abrasions received in everyday battles;St. John's wort will improve the digestion of the "predator."

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Pedantic Virgos break up their lot with great care. All of them are seated neatly, on a ticker. Strictly adhere to agricultural technology and get good yields. It will be pleasant and useful for summer residents of this sign to place on their hacienda any fashionable design element. A sundial is a good option.

But you should not get involved in decorating, the practical Virgo is often annoyed by the abundance of useless decor. However, this sign does not consider the elegant flower garden to be useless.

Favorite Lessons - Harvest!

The virgins in the area should have rosemary, which has a tonic and restorative effect on them.

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Like any air sign, these are not gardening fans. In the garden, they grow best greens - parsley, dill, onions.

But flowers and ornamental shrubs truly delight their eyes, and Scales will be more willing to engage in beautiful plants than practical ones.

If you still want to get a rich harvest, you need to turn to those vegetables that bring aesthetic pleasure. For example, pumpkins and zucchini with carved leaves and bright flowers. Or maybe appetizing inflorescences of broccoli and cauliflower will cause sympathy?

Melissa must grow in the country - it will help Libra's brain to get rid of vascular spasms, tinnitus and vertigo.

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And again we advise the water body in the country or near it. Decorative fountain - one of the interesting options. Any sign of Water needs water, at least in the form of a well, into which buckets are dived for watering the vegetable garden. It is useful to plant various ornamental plants near the reservoir, and then come to it for contemplation.

Scorpions are excellent gardeners and gardeners who can even be exotic plants. It is worth remembering that plants with needles and thorns( gooseberries, raspberries, barberries) charge Scorpio with vital energy. A bitter wormwood will help Scorpio to get rid of excess bile, improve digestion.

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The Fire Sagittarius does not sit still. He is in the country much more necessary to arrange everything for outdoor activities than to plant food plants. Brazier and bath - are desirable, and the sports ground - almost necessary!

Sagittarius can engage in active work, such as weeding, watering or harvesting. But after that he needs to switch either to mobile entertainment, or to philosophical contemplation. A good helper in this is a rock garden. Many Sagittarius love exotic plants, among which you can carry thoughts to distant countries.

Sagittarius to calm down, help the initial letter, planted in the country.

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Diligent and stubborn Capricorn tries to do everything in the country without using any outside help. But in landscape design, he is not too talented, so unsuccessfully located arches, benches and so on may appear on his hacienda.

How to suffer, Capricorn is easier to hire a designer, or at least read a good book on the design of landscape objects. But the seeds from plants grown by Capricorn, have a high germination rate and keep it for a long time.

Need to learn how to take advice, and everything will be fine!

Calamus root will help the stomach of Capricorn, especially in the case of gastritis.

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For this airborne mark, the summer house becomes a field for experiments. And to draw ideas for them is the most interesting of all fashion magazines! Following the "latest squeaks" will help Aquarius to demonstrate its extravagance and originality.

But the work on the site, this sign performs reluctantly. However, the cabbage in Aquarius for some reason grows better than any other zodiac sign.

Aquarius is very useful to plant ferns on the site to admire. And garden roses for them become a real living amulet.

And the heart of Aquarius will heal the clover yellow.

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Intuition helps Pisces to understand plants well, especially those that grow seedlings. However, it is harmful for them to spend the whole weekend in country works. In the country you need a corner for relaxation and meditation. This could be an alpine slide or a rock garden, and ideally, of course, a body of water!

Their artistic taste will help to arrange a beautiful flower garden.

Pisces lack practicality, and it is useful for them to work with fruit trees. Especially the apple tree, which helps to find contact with the mother earth. And a pear that clarifies their reason.

Many Pisces suffer from gout and rheumatism, which will be saved by autumn crocus.


If you read your horoscope and were indignant: “Why does not it coincide? !”, you need to recall two subtleties.

First, it is determined not only by the month of birth, but also by the year, and even at what time you were born.

Secondly, besides the horoscope, there is also heredity, upbringing, your individual life experience.

Each of us is unique - it is wonderful!

E. Khozyainova

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