Description and characteristics of large-fruited varieties of tomato mazarini

Who does not like the king of vegetables Signora-tomato. On a special account of tomato lovers large-fruited fleshy varieties. The Cardinal Mazarini tomato is right in the top ten and is described and described in this review.

The contents of theMazarini variety bred by Russian breeders. It belongs to varieties with unlimited growth power of the stem, an indeterminate plant.

In the open field it is grown in the southern areas, in conditions of unstable summer with temperature drops, it is most suitable for growing in greenhouse conditions, where it shows itself in all its glory.

The large pink-crimson fruit of tomato Mazarin is heart-shaped

Mazarini refers to tomatoes with a medium early ripening, you can try the first fruits 110-120 days after emergence.

The height of a plant, depending on growing conditions, is 1.5 ÷ 2 m. From 4 to 6 fruits are tied in one hand. The weight of tomatoes in the first raceme 400 ÷ 600 gr. With the growth of the plant, the weight of the fruit decreases and averages 150 ÷ ​​300g.

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Yield Mazarin high 10 ÷ 14 kg per plant is achieved through a long period of fruiting until the most frost.

Tomatoes are characterized by high sugar content, excellent sweet taste, juicy aromatic pulp.

Mazarini refers to tomatoes for salad purposes, which are consumed only fresh, but thick, fragrant juices, pastes, ketchups, sauces are obtained from fleshy fruits, and they are very tasty when preserved whole in tomato sauce.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Mazarin are:

  • excellent taste - sugary pulp with a small amount of seeds and lack of acid in taste;
  • large-fruited and yield ;
  • long fruiting ;
  • resistance to major tomato diseases;
  • The variety tolerates the heat and short periods of drought;
  • good transportability and keeping quality of fruits.
The yield of tomato Mazarin is high, 5-6 ovaries are formed on the brush.


  • like all tall plants needs a garter ;
  • for obtaining high yields it is necessary to form the plant, removing the extra stepchildren during the season.
Mazarini is a hybrid and you cannot use your seeds for further cultivation; you need to buy them annually in specialized stores to be sure of the quality of planting material.

Soil requirements for planting

Tomatoes are plants that are not particularly demanding on the composition of the soil, but for good yields they need a well-warmed, nutrient-rich, loose earth with neutral acidity.

Preparing the soil for planting tomatoes should begin in the autumn

To improve the qualitative composition of the soil and enrich it with nutrients , in autumn, humus, chicken droppings, straw, and compost are introduced into the plot under the tomatoes. Earth is being dug up. With increased acidity produce liming soil.

sowing rules

Seeds for seedlings for greenhouses are sown in February, and for planting in open ground in March. Like all vegetable seeds, requires tomato seed presowing treatment: at least decontamination and germination stimulation.

To prevent fungal and viral diseases, seeds last for 20 ÷ 30 min.placed in a pink solution of potassium permanganate, after which they must be washed in pure water and sent to a solution with a growth stimulator. This may be Epin, potassium humate, boric acid solution( 2 g per 1 l of water), solution with aloe juice.

Planting tomato seeds Mazarin for seedlings in a tray

Seeds are planted in planting containers( boxes, cassettes, trays ) at a distance of 1 ÷ 1.5 cm from each other in a moist soil on top of sprinkled with a thin layer of earth. Lightly spray the ground with a spray bottle, cover with film and place in a warm place.

The shedding of seeds depends on the ambient temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the seeds will sprout.

Approximately through 7-10 days, seedling loops will appear on the soil surface. The film is removed and the landing containers are transferred to the lightest place, the temperature is reduced to 18 ÷ 20 ° C.

The seeds that have emerged as a close-knit group, and not the first single shoots, are considered the strongest. Seedlings that can not lose seed pods are weak and should be removed immediately.

At the moment when the cotyledon leaves are fully formed, the plant transfers to its own root food, therefore, needs to begin to feed with any mineral fertilizer( no more than 1 tsp. Per 5 l of water) for further normal seedling development.

This period is also very important good illumination .Plants in the evening need to shine.

Additional colorization of seedlings in the evening.

Watering requires moderate, as the plant grows, the amount of moisture in the soil increases.

In the phase of 2-3 true leaflets, an pick is carried out.

At the age of 45-60 days seedlings ready for transplanting in greenhouses, greenhouses, outdoor ground.

Transplanting tomatoes into open ground

When transplanting seedlings into open ground, you can put 1 tbsp in the planting holes.complex mineral fertilizer or 1 tsp.wood ash. Plants deepen on the cotyledon leaves, that will contribute to the development of additional roots on the deep part of the stem. If the seedlings from inadequate lighting stretched out, they put it in trenches, laying it on its side.

Plantation for planting tomato seedlings

When planting on 1 m2, no more than 3 plants are placed. When thick-set planting tomatoes will be poorly ventilated, which can lead to fungal diseases.

Care after transplanting

Further care consists of watering, loosening the soil and weed control, dressing and plant formation.

During growth, flowering, fruit set, watering should be abundant. During the ripening of fruits, watering is reduced.

Land under the tomatoes is better to mulch it will get rid of loosening the soil, will restrain the growth of weeds.

Every 10-14 days, plants need additional feeding. This may be a fermented infusion of herbs, mullein, bird droppings, wood ash, or solutions of mineral fertilizers.

Mazarini's tomato bush is formed into 1 stem, lateral shoots and lower leaves are necessarily removed.

Since Mazarini is a tall plant, it is formed into 1-2 stems, the other stepchildren are removed every 10 days. The plant needs support. These can be wooden stakes, metal rods, trellis, etc.

Immediately after transplanting, saplings are tied to supports.

For receiving large fruits, no more than 5 brushes are left on the plant.

. Diseases and Prevention

Mazarini Hybrid is moderately resistant to infection with fungal and viral diseases. Prophylactic treatments for phytophthora, brown spot and gray rot should be performed. It can be like treatments with fungicides, biologics or folk remedies.

Fungicides: Quadris, Ridomil Gold, Bordeaux fluid, Oxyhom, Hom.

Biological products: Fitosporin, Alirin-B, Trichodermin, Baktofit, Gamair, Mikosan.

Harvesting and Storage of Crop

Tomatoes are harvested as they ripen. They are well kept and carry transportation.

Tomato harvest Mazarin is harvested throughout the season as the fruits ripen.

Before frost, remove all the fruits from the bushes and put them to ripening in a dark, cool place, always putting some ripe fruits on the greens. They can be stored 1,5-2 months. The fruits must be periodically reviewed and cleaned.

It’s simply impossible to deny yourself the pleasure of growing and then enjoying the beauty and taste of Mazarin fruits. If we take into account that it is not capricious in growing and care for it is no different from other varieties of tomato.

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