What works in the garden in July are waiting for gardeners - we recall, not to forget

The middle of summer has arrived. What works in the garden should be scheduled for July? Our plans will depend on the weather. Usually in Kuban, July is hot, dry weather. But, for example, July 2015, it started raining, at least in our country( Novokubansky District).After the rains there were hot days with high humidity.

  • Ticks on apple, pear, plum
  • Diseases of trees and shrubs
  • July - fighting with apple moth
  • July - working with currant bushes, gooseberry
  • July - taking care of raspberries
  • July ––––––––––
  • Preparing a place for new beds

Looked at the forecast for the month of July 2018 - on the site Well, the weather!(novokubansk.nuipogoda.ru) - out of 31 days of a month, 18 days, weather forecasters promise rain. This is more than half a month. Whether this forecast will come true or not, of course, we do not yet know. And the forecast does not promise particularly hot days. Here we will “dance” from this data, planning garden and garden works.

The increased humidity of the air during heat creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of various pests of fruit trees and berry bushes. Perhaps focal colonization of our gardens with plant mites. Do not forget about the moth. .. Yes, and diseases( scab, powdery mildew, others), for which such weather creates wonderful conditions can not be forgotten. July for gardeners - not the time to rest. There is a lot of work, even a lot. ..

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Pincers on apple, pear, plum

These are red apple pincers, brown pear, plum gall and others. By the way, you can handle ticks with simple sprinkling, if there are not so many of them. Hose trees, shrubs. A cold stream of water will wash it away from the leaves and branches.

But, if there are many ticks, it is impossible to do without treatment with biological or chemical preparations. It is possible to use Fufanon, Fitoverm, Bitoxibacillin, Preparation No. 30, and other anti-tick remedies. Experts advise to spend at least two treatments with a break of 7-8 days.

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Diseases of trees and shrubs

If the weather is rainy, then, I think, our gardens, our plants are threatened with diseases such as gray mold, other rot. Already more effective drugs such as Topaz, Decis, Tiovit Jet will help.

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July - the fight against the codling moth

I advise against treating the moth to treat pears, apples, plums with such preparations as Strobe, Tiovit Jet, Fufanon, Delan, Bordeaux liquid. Midsummer, July, is the best time for treatments. You do not want to apply chemistry, use biological products - Fitoverm, Lepidotsid, Agrovertin, others.

Remember that any treatment with chemicals should be stopped for 2.5-3 weeks before harvest. Biological preparations do not accumulate fruits, they are harmless to humans, so try to use them better for garden work.

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July - work with currant bushes, gooseberries

After harvesting the currants, gooseberries need not forget about preparing the plants for the next year's harvest. Right now you need to feed the bushes with fertilizers, as the budding of fruit buds is going. A mixture of mineral fertilizers for 1 square.m prepare this: urea - 10 g, superphosphate - 20 g, potash salt - 6-10 g. Mix the mixture with the soil under the bushes.

There are no berries on the bushes, so experts advise against fungus diseases and pests to treat gooseberries and currants with 1% Bordeaux liquid.

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July - care for raspberries

Raspberry varieties are many, the ripening time is stretched for the whole summer. But there are some that have already been harvested. Immediately after the crop is harvested, cut out all the seedlings. It is also necessary to cut diseased and pest-damaged shoots. Try to cut them to the ground, do not leave hemp. In order not to think about pests, burn all the cut shoots. And just like currants and gooseberries, fill the soil under the bushes with mineral fertilizers. The proportions for raspberries are 6-8 g of urea, 30 g of superphosphate and 20 g of potassium salt - this amount is calculated per 1 sq. M.

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July - work in the vineyard

Everything, of course, will depend on the weather, the presence or absence of pests, diseases. Against mildew( fungal disease), treat the grapes with 1% Bordeaux liquid or any copper-containing drug( HOM, copper chlorine, Polykh, Oxy, others).

For 2-3 weeks before the berries ripen, feed the grapes bushes with a solution of mineral fertilizers - 15-20 g of superphosphate, 10 g of potassium salt per bucket of water. You can spray the leaves on the grapes with a solution of immunocytophyte. This drug will increase the resistance of the culture to disease, feed it, as it includes urea.

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Watering fruit trees and shrubs

If July is too hot, the heat will dry the soil, do not forget that dry land will adversely affect next year's harvest. Therefore, summer watering the garden is required. On 1 square.m pristvolnogo circle should account for at least 50-60 liters of water with the obligatory subsequent loosening.

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Preparing a site for new beds

And more. Do not forget to prepare a place to bookmark a new strawberry plantation. It's time to dig up the place of future beds.

I hope that everyone will have time to do the necessary work in the garden on time! Then July won't let you down!

Edited 03/06/2018


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