Useful properties and contraindications of cherry plum

Cherry plum is a type of fruit plum. The difference is in the size of the fetus. Cherry plum has a pleasant aroma and is very useful. Various compotes, sauces and jams are made from it. And its varieties there are so many.

It can also be consumed fresh or dried. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully understand the properties of fruits and you can start with their composition.

Table of Contents

  • Vitamin composition and caloric content of cherry plum
  • . Useful for human lifts.
    • . Harm from cherry plum and contraindications for consuming
  • . Use in traditional medicine
  • .Wild cherry plum has a large amount of vitamin and minerals. So, in the fruit there are such vitamins: A, B1, B2, C, E, PP.Most of it falls on vitamin C. 100 g of the product contains 13 mg of ascorbic acid.

    If we talk about the mineral composition, the fruit contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and phosphorus. Most in cherry plum potash. So, in 100 g of the fruit contains 188 mg of this mineral.

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    Ripe cherry plum, which has a thick skin and a distinct pleasant smell, is considered to be very useful. If the fruit is very soft, then it is better to abandon it, as it can be spoiled. Eating such a fruit, it can lead to unpleasant consequences.

    It should be noted that the fruits are well stored in the refrigerator for several days. You can also freeze them for the winter and at the same time they will not lose their beneficial properties.

    Caloric plum is 34 kcal per 100 g of fruit. At the same time it contains 0.1 g of fat, 0.2 g of protein and 7.9 g of carbohydrates.

    Useful properties for the body

    Many experts recommend eating fruit during diets. It can be crushed and added to various dishes, and at the same time saturate them with a spicy taste.

    Let's start with the benefits. Cherry-plum is a low-calorie product that contains a large amount of beneficial vitamins and minerals. With its help, you can improve digestion and activate metabolic processes. It is also often used to cleanse the intestines. Both yellow and red plum are suitable for this.

    The useful properties of the fruit include:

    • Allows you to improve the absorption of fatty and meat food.
    • Improves bowel function and allows you to gently get rid of constipation.
    • Due to the presence of a large amount of ascorbic acid, the use of the fruit helps to strengthen blood vessels, reduce the absorbability of cholesterol cells, as well as improve immunity.
    • In summer, fruit quenches thirst and refreshes. Improve your appetite.
    • The product has choleretic properties and allows you to remove excess fluid from the body.
    • Drinking cherry plum will make it easier to transfer stressful situations and prevent heart rhythm disturbances. It also helps to relax after a hard day's work.
    • For colds, it is used to lower body temperature and eliminate headaches.
    • Very useful during pregnancy, as it is able to provide a woman's body with all the necessary elements.

    Actually plum has many useful properties. Therefore, it is widely used to treat various diseases, strengthen the immune system, as well as in compliance with the diet. From the bones produce oil, which is close to almond properties. It is widely used in cosmetology and perfumery. Shells are also used in the production of activated carbon.

    Oil or ground fruits are widely used for various masks that have a beneficial effect on different skin types. So, with the help of the prepared tool you can dry oily skin and eliminate acne. Cherry plum has a rejuvenating effect. Tincture of the fruit is used to strengthen the hair.

    Ripe cherry plums on the bush, ready for harvesting

    Harms from cherry plum and contraindications for consuming

    There is no particular contraindication for the fetus. Cherry plum is a quite useful fruit that contains a large amount of vitamin and minerals. Of course, this does not mean that it should be consumed daily in large quantities. Abuse of such a product can cause poisoning. A clear symptom of this is heartburn, severe abdominal pain and diarrhea.

    Excessive consumption of this fruit can lead to an increase in the amount of sugar in the blood. The fruits contain organic acids, which in large quantities can increase acidity in the stomach. Therefore, the use of the product in large quantities is contraindicated for people who suffer from gastritis and ulcers.

    It is forbidden to use fruits with a stone. The fact is that it contains a strong acid that can cause significant harm to the human body.

    Cherry is not contraindicated in pregnancy. But despite this, it is necessary to limit the use of the fruit, even taking into account the fact that it has a beneficial effect on the organism of the future mother.

    It is also not recommended to give fruits to children under one year old. After that plum can be included in the diet. Feeding should be done gradually, starting with a half spoon. For this, it is worth using yellow plum of yellow varieties, which will prevent the occurrence of an allergic reaction in a child.

    Fruit is contraindicated for people who suffer from:

    • Gouty and rheumatism
    • Ulcers
    • Increased gastric acidity

    In addition, cherry plum is contraindicated if a person is prone to an allergic reaction.

    Ripe, collected fruits of cherry plum

    Use in folk medicine

    In folk medicine, fruit are used to treat various diseases. So, with its help you can:

    • Get rid of constipation. It has a light laxative effect, which makes it possible to quickly get rid of constipation. As a remedy, fruit based decoction is used. For its preparation you will need 200 g fresh or 3 tbsp.dried fruits. They need to fill with water and boil for 5 minutes. After that, leave the broth for several hours, so that it is present. It is consumed 200 ml 3 times a day.
    • Cure cough and cold. To overcome these diseases, bark based on roots and tree roots are used. To prepare the drug will need 40 g of crushed roots. They are poured with a liter of water and boiled for 7 minutes. Broth take 100 g throughout the day.
    • Cure liver disease. For the preparation of a remedy, use 20 g of color and a glass of boiling water. Flowers pour water and leave for 2 hours to infuse. After this peresedit tincture. Take half a glass twice a day.

    In addition to this plum is used to care for the skin of the entire body.

    Cherry plum use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

    During pregnancy and breastfeeding, fruit can be added to the diet. Of course, you need to make sure that cherry plum does not cause an allergic reaction and discomfort.

    Since fruits contain a lot of acids, they can cause heartburn. Therefore, it is necessary to use them in limited quantities and very carefully.

    Cherry plum jam

    Recipes with yellow and red plum

    You can cook various dishes from the fruit. Especially popular:

    • Jelly for the winter. Berries should be thoroughly washed and stoned. Put them in a saucepan and cover them with sugar. Put the pot on the fire. After half an hour, add the diluted gelatin and simmer another 10 minutes. Cooked jam is poured over cans and rolled up with lids.
    • Cherry plum jam. For preparation, use ripe and even slightly overripe fruits. They are thoroughly washed and stoned. Peeled fruits placed in an enamel pot and pour a glass of water. Cook on low heat for 15 minutes. After the specified time, the berries carefully grind through a colander. Return the resulting gruel to the pan, add sugar and cook for another 40 minutes. Throughout the time you need to mix the jam thoroughly.
    • Tkemali from cherry plum. For the preparation of the sauce using green fruit. First you need to wash them. Then pour water and cook until done. At the next stage, drain the juice and carefully grind the ready berries through a colander. In a blender, grind coriander seeds, salt, garlic and greens. Add the resulting gruel to the ground fruits and boil for a few minutes. Ready sauce pour on the banks and place in a cold place.
    • Adjika. Boil berries and peel. In a blender, mix the spices, pepper and garlic. Add cooled berries, salt and sugar. All thoroughly grind and move to the pan. Add enough water to make a gruel with a consistency similar to sour cream. Bring to the boil and boil for another 15 minutes.

    marmalade from cherry plum In fact, there are quite a few recipes for cooking plums from cherry plum. And here we are talking not only about jam or jam, but also sauce, and compote, and more. This popularity is due to the fact that plum has useful properties, as it contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is worth exploring the details of planting and start growing a tree in your garden.

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