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According to paleobotanists and historians, it is possible to call peas on the benefits of peas for an organism

, it is possible to call the peas for the

, it is possible to call the peas for the organism

, it is possible to call the peas for the organism

, it is possible to call the peas for the organism

, it is possible to call the peas for the organism

, it is possible to call the peas for the organism

.Dry petrified peas are found in the layers belonging to the Bronze Age. And thanks to the amazing simplicity, friendly harvest and nutritional properties of peas quickly spread from the Middle East and the Mediterranean and in other regions of the world.

In Russia, peas have been cultivated for a long time, and in our country, shelling varieties are traditionally preferred, while sugar is more common in southern Europe. At the same time, peas are rich in nutrients and biologically active substances, and in some cases can also be used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent. What are the beneficial properties of peas, and how best to use them?

The composition and caloric content of peas

First of all, peas are a real storehouse of proteins, fiber and sugars.

By the amount of protein and its quality, bean culture is superior to beef, but it is easier to digest and even one and a half times more nutritious than this kind of meat.

Succulent pods and peas are considered the most valuable dietary product. What is the use of green peas in the pods, and how does its composition differ from dry ripe beans? About 300 kcal per 100 grams of peas, of which 20.5 grams are proteins, 49.5 grams are carbohydrates, and only 2 grams are fats.

How is pea useful in the form of soups, cereals, canned goods and salads?

  • Vitamins contained in peas are represented by beta carotene, vitamin A, E, H, B1 and B2, B5, B6 and B9, PP and choline.
  • The mineral composition of fruits includes calcium, iron and zinc, copper and iodine, sodium and magnesium, phosphorus and sulfur, manganese, selenium and chromium.
  • Fresh pods contain chlorophyll and amino acids that are beneficial to humans.

Green peas, whose body benefits are most significant, lead in the amount of sugars that are converted to starch when ripe.

There are significantly fewer vitamins in dry peas than in healthy green peas in pods.

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Benefits of PeasEven a small amount of peas in the menu favorably affects the work of the heart and the vascular system, helps to normalize the pressure in hypertensive patients and reduce the risk of developing a heart attack.

Dishes with the addition of legumes have a pronounced choleretic property.

No other plant can compare with peas in the ability to cope with cholesterol harmful to blood vessels so effectively. Only 100 grams of green peas in the pods, and the benefits of a daily dose of vitamin PP, preventing asthma attacks and exacerbations of atherosclerosis become apparent. In addition, nicotinic acid is a natural defender of the body against cancer.

In addition, delicate green pea dishes are an excellent preventive measure that supports the functioning of the liver and helps to overcome anemia and some heart problems. Useful properties of green peas traditional medicine are used for diabetes and tuberculosis, diseases of the nervous and immune systems, as well as the risk of developing obesity. In the treatment-and-prophylactic and culinary purposes, not only juicy green and mature peas are used, but also shovels of beans, as well as young shoots.

Vitamin snacks and salads are made from green peas.

A decoction of shoots and pods is an effective diuretic used in inflammatory processes and urolithiasis.

The benefits of peas are obvious to the body if a person has digestive problems. For example, pea puree, not irritating the gastric mucosa and effectively reducing acidity, will be very useful to those who suffer from peptic ulcer. And the fiber contained in the pods of green peas, is useful if necessary to clean the intestines from toxins. Therefore, dishes from peas can be safely included in the menu for those who want to lose weight and heal the body.

No less effective and pea flour, by eating the whole spoon of which, for a day, you can forget about constipation and sluggish digestion.

Among the beneficial properties of green peas is the ability to quickly increase the performance of the brain and supply all body systems with energy, which is extremely important for children, adolescents and people of active age. In addition, dishes with fresh peas stimulate metabolic processes, stimulate growth and maintain muscle tone. All this is the merit of thiamine, which is part of the vitamin composition of peas.

Entering into the body of adult garden culture lovers, thiamin slows down the natural aging processes and becomes the natural protection of cells against adverse environmental factors.

The more useful green peas in the pods are, it is a powerful action aimed at the development of tumor processes and diseases.

Pea decoction has the ability to relieve toothache, and vitamins and trace elements that fall into the liquid from the beans and shoots, help to strengthen the gums and reduce inflammation. But with all the benefits of fresh peas, and the harm from the use of beans of this culture is possible, if you do not take into account the existing contraindications and features of their own body.

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For headaches, pea meal will be useful, which is taken in two meals before meals. The same tool can be used in therapy aimed at reducing the level of sugar. The daily use of flour improves blood circulation in the brain and metabolism. However, the benefits of peas for the organism are not limited to the influence on the functioning of the internal organs. This natural source of minerals and vitamins can and should be used externally, for example, in solving cosmetic and skin problems.

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Useful properties of peas in cosmetology

In this area, the benefits of green peas in pods and already mature dried grains are most obvious. Lotions with pea flour have long established themselves as an effective remedy for eczema, ulcers and inflammatory processes on the skin.

Pea meal, mixed in equal parts with milk, is a refreshing mask that neutralizes the excess activity of the sebaceous glands. If you add olive oil and egg yolk with flour, then this composition will soften and nourish the skin in the autumn-winter season. The beneficial properties of green peas, mashed, depending on the type of skin, with sour cream or cream, help to return the face tone and gently whiten.

Mature women can use masks with peas to remove puffiness and return young facial contours. A young beauties green peas will help to cope with acne.


In the presence of a mass of useful properties, contraindications to the use of peas and dishes from it are also available. Most of them are associated with the ability to cause rapid gas separation. It is possible to soften, and in some cases completely remove such an unpleasant effect by soaking the peas for a couple of hours in ordinary water before cooking. This will not affect the healthy qualities of the raw product and the taste of the finished dish, but it will remove the unpleasant consequences of its use.

Adding to the water, where the beans are boiled, seeds and dill or fennel greenery will give the dish a spicy flavor, will increase the benefits of peas, and the harm will be neutralized.

And yet, reducing the amount of peas in the diet or eliminating this product completely will be those who suffer from acute inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary sphere and digestion, as well as legumes can cause exacerbation of gout, cholecystitis and thrombophlebitis.

Video about the benefits of peas for the body

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