Garden Works Calendar Overview

All gardeners are divided into three groups: some do not believe in any calendars at all and work in the country when they are comfortable;the second ones faithfully believe the instructions of the calendar and would never sow a carrot on the growing moon. But there are still others, those who know the recommendations of the lunar calendar, but who approach them creatively, not taking them as unshakable ultimate truth. We, oddly enough, on their side.

On this page you will find articles that will help you create your own calendar of works in the garden and garden according to the phases of the moon:

  1. Lunar calendar for gardeners of Kuban for 2018 - when to plant and sowsoil in the Kuban
  2. How does the Moon affect plants - the lunar phase calendar for 2018 to help
  3. The lunar gardener's calendar - when to plant trees and shrubs in 2018
  4. Lunar gardener's calendar - when to plant, sow flowers in 2018
  5. for weeding, watering, vaccinations in 2018
  6. Dachnik Horoscope

Which calendar to choose? Buy a calendar of works in the garden and the garden is not a problem - there are many of them. You can go to the bookstore, cut out from a newspaper or even find it on the Internet.

But after all, the Earth is large, and does the calendar compiled in another time zone and at the other end of the world suit us?

Scientists believe that an experienced and science-conscious person should compile the lunar calendar. And it should be compiled for each specific location, because the power and energy impact is due to the geomagnetic and gravitational field of the Earth. Naturally, the influence of the moon at different points will manifest itself in different ways.

However, in a global sense, these changes are not particularly large, therefore, scientifically based lunar calendars, compiled for a specific area, on a planetary scale geographically close to your place of residence, can be used. For example, the lunar calendar compiled for the Krasnodar Territory will be applicable in the Rostov Region, Stavropol Territory, Adygea.

If we talk about the scientific substantiation of the lunar calendar, then the Moon, as a huge planet, naturally affects plants, human health, and all processes that take place on Earth. Therefore, in no case can not deny the impact of the moon, but it is not a dogma. It is unlikely that you will notice the influence of the Moon if something was planted on the 15th, and not on the 16th, as recommended.

So we remind you that the Moon does not raise your crop, plants, sows, weeds, fertilizes. Check the calendar, but no one cancels work in the garden!

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