Features of planting and care for cherry plum in central Russia

If pressure rises and your head hurts, you can eat a little cherry plum, about two hundred grams. The pain will pass, the body will recover. About the healing properties of this plant is mentioned in the Vedic treatises ayuverdy. From cherry plums do famous tkemalevy sauce. This southern plant is well acclimatized in the gardens of the temperate climate zone .Let's take a closer look at the features of planting and caring for this plant in central Russia.

Table of contents

  • Growing cherry plum in the middle lane and near Moscow
    • Why do you need to grow plum in the country, the advantages of the tree
  • Popular varieties
  • When is it better to plant a tree - in spring or autumn?
  • How to plant cherry plum
  • Spring care
  • treatmets aldermans
  • Preparing a tree for winter
  • How to trim cherry plums, forming crown

Growing cherry plum in the middle lane and near Moscow

The tree is unpretentious and able to interbreed with plum, peach, cherry, cherry and apricot

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.These properties allowed breeders to bring varieties that are well-established in middle latitudes.

In the 19th century, tkemali were crossed with Chinese frost-resistant plums. The hybrid has received the name "Russian plum".This plant was the basis for the breeding of many varieties that can grow in the middle belt. Some varieties withstand thirty degrees of frost.

Why you need to grow plum in the country, the advantages of the tree

Gardeners have long and successfully grown the tree even in more northern latitudes, for example, the Kirov region. There are varieties that can be planted in the Far East .Therefore, the statement that the southern plant alcha is not quite true.

Russian plum has several advantages:

  • grows on almost all soils of .But too acidic and alkaline earth endures poorly. This deficiency can be corrected. The increased acidity of the soil is neutralized by adding lime or dolomite flour( per 1 square meter of approximately 300 grams).In alkaline soil make gypsum, in the same proportion;
  • quickly takes root and begins to bear fruit after a year;
  • high yield .Some varieties can produce up to 30-35 kg per tree;
  • since it comes from the south, tolerates the heat of the well;
  • individual varieties of ripen at the end of July; , early August;
  • is diluted in different ways : you can graft, graft, and plant bends;
  • beautiful early honey plant ;
  • contains useful for human health vitamins , minerals, acids. Recommended for many diseases;
  • is widely used in cooking. They make gravy, jam, compotes, marshmallow, marmalade, sherbet from cherry plum. It turns out tasty and aromatic wine and tinctures.

All these advantages made Russian plum, so called plum, a popular plant among gardeners.

Popular varieties

Thanks to the efforts of breeders, varieties have been developed that take root in frosty winters. At the same time significantly improved the quality characteristics of the fetus. Drugs became bigger. Yield increased. The shape and color of fruits of different tree varieties pleases with its diversity, from amber-yellow to burgundy and purple .You can choose varieties with different qualities. Sweeter, sour-sweet, juicy or those that are suitable for drying.

It is necessary to plant several trees at a distance of up to 3 meters from each other. Better than different varieties. Cherry plum is self-infertile, that is, it must be pollinated by other trees.

Most caught up in middle latitudes:

  • varieties Shater, Kuban comet, Found .These are varieties that have enough large fruits ( up to 40 grams) burgundy in color with yellow pulp. All three varieties tolerate winter well. Differ yield. Mature in August.
  • varieties Gift of St. Petersburg, Golds of the Scythians, Maar .These are low-growing and medium-growth frost-resistant varieties with yellow berries. The fruits are not very large .Appreciated for disease resistance and good winter hardiness.
  • Grade Traveler .Early Russian plum with burgundy fruits. Good pollinates other varieties of cherry plum .
  • Lama .A very beautiful tree with bardo-purple fruits and reddish leaves. Fruits up to 40 grams .
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