The better to handle eggplants from the Colorado potato beetle?

Eggplant, like potatoes and tomatoes, belongs to the nightshade. The Colorado potato beetle loves these plants very much. Tender young seedlings especially attract the pest. To save the landings from the striped predator, various methods of struggle are used. In this review, we will discuss the better to process the eggplant bushes from the Colorado potato beetle.


  • Who is the Colorado potato beetle, and where does
  • Remedies eggplant
    • application of chemicals
      • konfidor Maxi
      • Prestige
      • Killer
      • insecticide Calypso
    • Biologicals
      • Fitoverm
      • Bovyrin
      • Agravertin
      • Biopreparation Corado
    • Folk remedies to protect and preserve

harvestWho is the Colorado potato beetle and where does the

come from? A gluttonous and prolific insect. The female produces 50 eggs for one laying, and for the season before 500 . They are located on the leaves below and are not immediately noticeable. The larvae that appear from them eat the leaves. The plant dies, and the beetle moves to the ground and becomes an individual, which again produces offspring. And so endlessly, until it is destroyed.

The Colorado potato beetle and the larvae of

. The insect survives , it can starve for a long time, hibernates at any time. In the fall, it creeps deeper into the soil and winters without fear of cold weather. In spring, she gets out of the heated land and begins to eat the fresh shoots of potatoes, and later moves to eggplants and tomatoes.

Where does the Colorado potato beetle come from in the garden:

  1. From infected with soil by the larvae.
  2. with landing material can be entered.
  3. Fly from a neighboring section.

Protection methods for eggplant

The beetle is dangerous in that besides leaves destroys flowers and ovaries, it reduces crop yield. It is necessary to fight with him. There are various ways to destroy it: processing the roots of seedlings before planting, spraying the bushes and others.

The use of chemicals

A lot of chemicals are known to fight. But the insect adapts to them, it is necessary to invent new species to save the plant. Modern active chemicals: Confidor-Maxi, Prestige, Calypso, Killer.


Insecticide Confidor

Fights against beetle, whitefly, mites. Besides spraying it can be used with drip irrigation .Highly effective drug.


Prestige from the Colorado potato beetle

Protects and stimulates plant growth, this effect lasts until flowering. Then the bugs may appear, but in a small amount, and the dangerous moment for the formation of the harvest has already passed.



Not washed off by rain. A single spraying provides protection for the entire garden season. Destroys the beetle itself, its eggs and larvae. Protects eggplant culture from aphids, ticks, whitefly. Recognized as the most effective in fighting the Colorado potato beetle.

Calypso Insecticide

Calypso Insecticide

Produced by the German company. Once in the body, it paralyzes the digestive organs and causes death from starvation. Has an effect an hour after spraying. Protection lasts thirty days. Harmless to bees.

Use the preparations during the mass appearance of the larvae, at the most vulnerable moment for them, otherwise you will not get the desired effect. Culture can not be treated with poison after the ovary, it will remain in the fruit and get into the food.


There are no harmful chemical components in the composition of such preparations. Their main goal is the destruction of the larvae. These are various fungi and bacteria, which penetrate into the body with food, cause paralysis and the insect perishes.



Production of the biological product Fitoverm, was a real discovery in agronomy. Kills the leaf beetle for 9 hours, after application. The preparation does not destroy its eggs, so the treatment must be repeated when new larvae appear.


Contains fungal spores, causing fungal diseases in harmful insects and their death.



Prepared on the basis of an alcoholic infusion of soil fungi. The tool is not addictive and can be used on the site for several years.

Biologic Korado

Biologic Korado

Used when new larvae of the striped predator appear. Treat eggplant bushes 2-4 times with a break of 7 days.

The advantages of using biological products is that they destroy only harmful individuals. The active ingredients of these products are harmless to the soil and the environment. Not dangerous for beneficial insects, birds, animals and people.

Folk remedies how to protect and protect the crop

One of them is agrotechnical techniques that prevent the appearance of an insect in the garden.

  1. Comply with crop rotation. Eggplants to be planted after, onions, cabbage, legumes, cucumbers or carrots. Beetle, these plants are indifferent, the earth after them will not be infected by a pest.
  2. Use the neighborhood with celery, dill, plant calendula, marigolds, and nasturtium in the aisle. Their smell repels a dangerous pest. Planting peppers along a row of eggplants is also helpful.
Useful neighborhood of eggplants on the bed
  1. Cover plantings of eggplants with mosquito net or nonwoven fabric. Non-woven material also protects the culture from cold, hot sun and other insects. Mosquito nets make caps, cover each plant. Under shelters, a microclimate is created that promotes better growth and increases yield.
  2. The following simple and inexpensive method is the manual assembly of beetles and larvae. This is not always pleasant, but in small areas, it is not difficult. In addition, it is the most environmentally friendly way. The collected individuals are placed in cans of kerosene or gasoline.

Experienced gardeners with experience offer to prepare solutions using hot pepper, mustard, wormwood, celandine. Plants insist in water, add soap for better wetting, and spray the bushes. It is useful to sprinkle the plant and the soil around it with ashes.

The choice of means of protection from the Colorado potato beetle remains behind the gardener. Biological agents that lack toxic chemicals are becoming increasingly popular.

Personally, I am always for safe methods. In the action of solutions of herbs against the pest do not really believe. They, rather scare him than destroy. But Fitoverm and Agrovertin are tested by me personally. I use them constantly from various insects and am very pleased. Chemicals in the garden is not the place.

And another tip - do not be lazy to once again inspect the plants, to collect if necessary beetles and larvae. In the garden there are usually no large plantations of eggplants, it will not be difficult, and the benefits will be substantial, you can save your crop.

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