Walnut orchard and walnut business

Many people dream of starting their own business, but often the choice of a field of activity is an acute problem. The business of growing and selling nuts can be quite profitable, the main thing is to find out all the nuances of such a business.

Table of Contents

  • The advantages and disadvantages of a walnut orchard
  • In what legal form, open a walnut business?
  • How do they start a nut business
    • Plot: how many trees to plant?
    • Drainage
    • Fertilizers
    • Special equipment
    • Ski Storage
    • seedlings
  • Methods for preparing nut
  • demand for nuts for
  • Business How to collect nuts for sale
  • Product sales
  • Business plan for growing walnuts
    • walnut Business Description
    • Competitiveness
    • product andyield
    • Market and competition
    • Risks
    • Calculation of profits

Advantages and disadvantages of a walnut orchard

  • Small start-up capital, the main ones forRata lies in the fact that it will be necessary to purchase land, plants and special equipment;
  • Walnut trees are unpretentious , can bring good yields and begin to bear fruit 5-7 years after planting;
  • Also, such trees are not whimsical to weather conditions and can produce a crop for 100 years or more;
  • Nuts are easy to store, it is enough to find a dry room with low temperatures and good ventilation;
  • Low business competition. Not many entrepreneurs are engaged in the cultivation of nuts, in contrast to the restaurant or hotel business;
  • Nuts can be easily sold, because they are in great demand not only in Russia, but also in foreign countries.
  • You can not open a business without start-up capital, although small, but investments will still be required;
  • The trees begin to bear fruit in full force only after 10 years, which is why many are afraid of long payback;
  • In addition to the site, you will need special equipment, and you will most likely have to rent a warehouse for storage.

In which legal form, open walnut business?

Any business activity aimed at generating income will be illegal without passing through the state registration procedure. Cultivation of nuts refers to agricultural activities, and the choice of OPF depends on the amount of land:

  • if you own an area of ​​less than one hectare, you can organize personal subsidiary farming( HF);
  • if the size of the occupied area is more than 1 hectare, you can form a peasant farm( KFH) or become an individual entrepreneur( PI).

Regardless of the form of ownership, you will need to pay income tax on profits. Considering the specifics of the field of activity, the size of payments will be only 6 percent.

  • for peasant farms the uniform agricultural tax;
  • simplified taxation scheme for legal entities, including for individual entrepreneurs.
Young nut seedlings

How to start a nut business

First, you need to prepare all the necessary equipment and materials.

Plot: how many trees to plant?

Experienced farmers say that a really good profit can be obtained on a land area of ​​at least half a hectare in size, and everyone decides for himself how much he is ready to serve.

The soil must necessarily be sod, loamy or sandy. If the land does not meet these requirements, then it will have to prepare. Also, the walnut trees calmly tolerate the conditions of the central region of Russia, but to grow them in Siberia will simply be meaningless. Plants love sunlight, warmth and wet soil.

Drainage system

To simplify the care of such a huge farm, you can conduct a special drainage system. The principle of work, which consists in the fact that throughout the site special ditches are carried out for carrying out moisture. At the same time, an area of ​​1.5 square meters around the tree is fenced off with earthen rollers and saturated with moisture either automatically or manually.


As is known, to obtain a crop from any crop, it is necessary to provide it with a sufficient amount of fertilizer.

Nuts love fertile soils enriched with salts and minerals and, accordingly, the more frequent the feeding is, the better the yield will be.

Special equipment

In comparison with the living labor force, it will be much more profitable to purchase a special machine that collects nuts. First, she shakes the trunk of a tree, and then collects them just as a vacuum cleaner sucks in dust.

Also, after receiving the first crop, it will need to be transported on something, and everyone decides on his own whether to buy a truck for him or hire him.

Nuts without a shell are more expensive than than in a shell, which is why many entrepreneurs buy machines that clean nuts.

Pine nuts processing line

Storage space

After receiving the first large crop, you will need to store it somewhere, for this you either rent or buy a special dry and cool room.


When choosing saplings you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • it is better to choose varieties of frost resistance that will be adapted to the conditions of central Russia;
  • it is preferable to choose varieties with a shell of medium thickness, so that it does not occupy most of the nut and at the same time protect the kernel from birds;
  • should select varieties based on the growth rate, for some varieties, nuts appear for 3 years, and for others, for the seventh.

After all the preparations have been completed, you can start planting the crop and for several years to produce high-quality care, which will be the key to high yield. When receiving the first fruits, they begin to sell and receive the long-awaited profit.

Ways to get an

nut There are several ways to get nuts for sale:

  1. If you plant a walnut orchard, the first crop can be obtained only after 3-7 years, scares many of these prospects, but it is worth considering that this method will be the most reliable. Walnut is best suited for growing, because it tolerates the weather conditions of central Russia well and produces abundant crops.
  2. You can also buy nuts in villages and other settlements where people donate uncleaned and dry kernels for low cost. Usually, for a pittance they give collected wild-growing nuts. If you produce stingy in the territory of Siberia, you can buy raw cedar cones, in the south they often sell hazelnuts. In addition to the harvested nuts, many people who grow one or several walnut trees also give cheaply the fruits that they most likely simply will not eat.
  3. Another method is to collect and sell wild nuts, as mentioned earlier, depending on the area, it can be pine nuts or hazelnuts.
All types of walnut business differ in the method of nut extraction, but most often the amount of profit does not depend on the method of obtaining kernels.
Collecting nuts with special equipment

Nut demand for business

If you plant a walnut orchard, the most profitable and profitable product for the central zone of Russia will be a walnut, which is characterized by unpretentiousness and good yield.

You can also collect wild nuts or outbid them.

How to collect nuts for sale

The collection of nuts usually begins in July and ends in September. For sale, it is best to collect nuts in places with the largest number of trees in order to get as many kernels as possible at a time, a permanent move from place to place will be simply unprofitable.

Hazelnuts can be found in the forests of Kuban or Crimea, and cedar is often found in Siberian forests. At first the trees are shaking, then they collect the fallen nuts, dry them and clean them.

Sales of

products Nuts are a very popular product and there should be no problems with their sale. The main thing is to find regular purchasers who will buy grown nuts annually.

  1. Nuts are an integral part of many desserts, so they can be sold to confectioneries;
  2. You can also try to sell goods in various stores. Moreover, nuts can be taken in large hypermarkets and retail chains, as well as in small shops or market stalls;
  3. As nuts are imported to foreign countries, one of the methods of marketing can be the conclusion of a contract with points of reception and transportation of goods;
  4. In order to attract new customers, various advertisements that can be printed in newspapers, run on radio and television, or placed in public places will be effective.
Walnut Harvest

Walnut Nutrition

Naturally, to understand whether things will flourish, you need to make a business plan, calculate all the risks and understand how much hectares of land you need to buy to plant walnut trees.

Description of the business of walnut

  • planting a walnut orchard with a total area of ​​1 hectare;
  • pre-sale preparation of goods, that is, cleaning, calibration and packaging.

The competitiveness of the

  • business success is described by the following criteria:
  • a huge sales market and high demand for goods;
  • profit can be obtained for 100-120 years;
  • nuts are easily stored and tolerate transportation.

  • product and yield of pre-packaged peeled or unpeeled walnuts for sale domestically;
  • nut kernel vacuum packed can be sent for sale abroad.

Market and Competition

Based on statistical data, there is a huge shortage of walnut on the world market, so its marketing should not become a problem.

Competition in the business is almost zero, because few people are engaged in the cultivation of perennial trees.


A business may not be profitable for the following reasons:

  • conditional risks include global changes in climate and weather conditions;
  • human factor relies on the possibility of vandalism or theft;
  • walnut pest activity.
Ripe Walnut, Ready to Harvest

Calculate Profit

To figure out the future profit from the walnut business, you must first calculate the costs. The initial capital will be equal to:

  1. Designing plantings - 100 thousand rubles;
  2. Preparation of the land plot - 40 thousand rubles;
  3. Preparation of landing holes - 35 thousand rubles;
  4. Purchase of 200 seedlings of about 500 rubles each - 100 thousand rubles;
  5. Transportation of planting material - 5 thousand rubles;
  6. Planting in open ground - 35 thousand rubles;
  7. Purchase of 20 kilograms of fertilizers - 10-15 thousand rubles;
  8. At least 4 people need to be hired to take care of the garden, and since the work is considered seasonal, they will receive wages for 7 months of work - 70,000 rubles is needed but multiplied by 2;
  9. Garden vacuum for harvesting - 70,000 rubles;
  10. Machine for cleaning nuts - 100 thousand rubles;
  11. Drainage system - 170 thousand rubles;
  12. In the absence of a land plot its price will be equal to 200 thousand rubles.

Total: if there is a plot, the initial cost will be 810 thousand rubles, but if it is not there, then you will have to pay 1 million 10 thousand rubles.

Then each year there will be the following costs:

  1. Preparation and cleaning of the soil - 100 thousand rubles;
  2. Water consumption for irrigation - 150 thousand rubles;
  3. Fertilizers - 15 thousand rubles;
  4. Security - 170 thousand rubles;
  5. Salary of employees - 140 thousand rubles;
  6. As soon as the first nuts appear, you can rent a warehouse( 20 thousand per month) and hire a car for transportation( 20 thousand including several trips).

Total: before receiving the first crop of 575 thousand per year, then to rent a warehouse( for 2 months, no longer needed, the nuts will be definitely sold) will take 40 thousand and 20 thousand to travel, that is, starting from the 5th year, the costs will be635 thousand rubles.

On average, the first harvest of nuts can be obtained for 5 years after planting; during all this time, 3 million 100 thousand rubles will be spent taking into account its own section, 3,300 thousand rubles without a plot.

Initially, one walnut tree gives 10 kilograms of harvest, but after 5 years of fruiting, this figure increases to 45 kilograms. One kilogram of peeled walnut costs 300 rubles, and half of the total collection will be shell. Thus, the laying of the walnut garden is as follows:

5 year 10 * 200 = 2000 kilograms

1000 * 300 = 300,000 rubles

6 year 15 * 200 = 3000 kilograms

1500 * 300 = 450,000 rubles

7 year 25* 200 = 5000 kilograms

2500 * 300 = 750 000 rubles

8 year 35 * 200 = 7000 kilograms

3500 * 300 = 1 050 000 rubles

9 year and subsequent years 45 * 200 = 9000 kilograms

4500 * 300 =1 350 000 rubles

It can be concluded that the business will fully pay for itself 5 years after the beginning of fruiting, but in the future it will bring an annual stable income for 100 years700-800 thousand rubles. Moreover, this type of activity is considered passive and does not require updating and introduction of innovations.

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