What work in the garden should be done in April

Here came the height of various and, at times, unforeseen gardening works - April in the Kuban. This month not only inspires us to do good deeds, but arranges, as it were, an exam-test of our readiness for the next summer season.

In the garden, for example, planting of fruit trees is nearing completion. Strawberry beds, peeled from the old overwintered leaves and flower stalks, are gaining momentum. At this time, one should not forget to introduce( however, as for berry bushes, perennial flowers) one of the nitrogen fertilizers( ammonium nitrate, urea, potassium nitrate) at the rate of 15-20 g per 1 sq. Km.m soil under the plants.

Particular attention should be paid to such a pest such as a leaf-maker. Spraying plants is best done in the evening. Why in the evening? Young caterpillars, have time to hide in the young leaves in the afternoon. By nightfall, they will come out to damage the ovaries, leaves, and. .. meet with pesticides.

If someone did not have time to process the peach before the bud breaks against curly, you can turn to Horus. But they can only spray after flowering. After flowering( against suckling and other pests on the pear) any insecticide can be used, but Fufanon, Spark - against the gall mite.

The same drugs are used on apple trees against the Californian scythos, suckers, aphids, ticks, weevils, and tsvetoedov.

April does not indulge us now with warmth, therefore, who did not have time, you can still sow cold-resistant crops such as cabbage, radishes, carrots, lettuce and others. A little later, you can sow squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans in the open ground. And after them pumpkin, melon, table beets, if the soil has already warmed up to 12-13ºС at the depth of seed embedding.

A few words about the flower garden. In the first half of April, annuals such as calendula, kosmeya, godetsiya, escholtium, ornamental grasses are planted in open ground. At the same time, onion plants( tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and small-bulbous ones( crocuses, Scyllae, muscari, others) are urgently demanded).all of them are given only ammonium nitrate - 20 g per 1 sq. m. But for narcissus and hyacinths, 20 g of superphosphate and 10 g of potassium sulfate are added to nitrogen fertilizers. Mulch with clematisnecessary, since the root system of these plants can not tolerate soil overheating

Materials of the newspaper "Kuban Niva." - April 3 - 2015

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