The benefits and harms of eggplant for human health

Humanity has been cultivating vegetables for centuries. They enrich the diet with vitamins, make the daily menu varied. The abundance of vegetables allows you to choose for food those that are to your taste. Eggplants enjoy the well-deserved popularity of among hostesses. Of these, you can cook a delicious dinner, delicious snacks, perhaps familiar to everyone. In addition, they perfectly diversify the winter diet, because they are good in salted and pickled form, combined with other vegetables and used as summer cottages. The benefits and harms of eggplant for human health will be discussed in this article.


  • Ingredients and useful properties for the human body
  • for the health and contraindications Asia. In the tropics of India are found in the wild. Indians of South America used eggplants for food long before the opening of the continent by Europeans.

    In Europe, they began to have them only in the Middle Ages .Prior to this, strange properties were attributed to the plant, for example, to cause insanity, they did not eat it.

    In the history of Russia, the first mention of this vegetable dates back to the 18th century. At the beginning of the twentieth century.they were successfully grown in the southern regions of the country.

    Today, thanks to the work of breeders and climate change, these vegetables grow well in the middle belt and more northern areas.

    Depending on the variety, large oblong fruits can reach a length of 70 cm. In addition to the usual purple color, plants with different shades of fruits are bred: white, burgundy, almost black .

    Eggplant is a berry rich in vitamins and minerals and belongs to the family of nightshade. Due to its low calorie content( 24 kcal per 100 g), it is often used in various diets for those who want to lose weight.

    Eggplant is a berry rich in vitamins and minerals, belonging to the family of solanaceous

    . Composition and useful properties for the human body.molybdenum, manganese, magnesium and others);

  • organic acids, they have a high content of nicotinic acid, which helps to carry out nerve impulses, folic and ascorbic acids;
  • vitamins of group B, A, P;
  • sugars and tannins;
  • with pectins and fiber.
  • High content of potassium and zinc causes a diuretic effect and popularity in the diet of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. It relieves swelling, strengthens the heart muscles, removes cholesterol.

    Helps to overcome nicotine addiction. Due to the high content of nicotinic acid, eggplant dishes reduce the desire to smoke and contribute to disaccustoming from bad habits.

    Low calorie helps to actively use vegetables for weight correction. Folic acid is responsible for the normalization of blood formation.

    Antioxidants that are part of, protect against the development of cancer. Due to the composition of the fruit fiber, improves the work of the digestive tract, liver and gall bladder.

    The program “Live healthy!” Will tell you about the benefits of eggplants:

    Possible harm to health and contraindications

    With all the usefulness of , you should not use the “blue” :

    • during an exacerbation of gastritis or ulcer;
    • in case of problems with the pancreas;
    • for arthritis or a gout attack;
    • presence of allergic reactions;
    • serious kidney disease.

    Contraindications a little .In the composition of steamed vegetable stews, eggplants will benefit almost everyone.

    The benefits of the vegetable

    For women

    The high content of manganese makes vegetable indispensable for women during menopause and with premenstrual syndrome. Relieves irritability, tearfulness, relieves mood swings.

    Useful for pregnant due to the high content of folic acid, use helps to cope with edema, often accompanying pregnancy.

    Normalizes the digestive tract during lactation. Helps to diversify the diet, allows you to quickly get rid of excess weight.

    Vegetable indispensable for women during menopause, useful for pregnant and lactating

    For men

    Since men are the most susceptible to cardiovascular diseases, they need to consume eggplants that enrich the body with essential zinc and potassium.

    In addition, with high physical exertion, the “blue” show a tonic effect of .

    Due to the high content of nicotinic acid, these vegetables are one of the main products in the period of quitting.

    Low calorie dishes allows you to control weight, this is true for both men and women.

    For children

    Up to the age of one and a half, it is better not to include eggplants in the children's menu. With a lack of iron and low hemoglobin purple berries will help fill the deficit.

    They will relieve the baby from constipation and normalizes the gastrointestinal tract. The peculiar taste of dishes with this vegetable will surely please the kid.

    Important: eggplants are not consumed with raw .Cooking in large quantities of oil will not bring the body anything but harm.

    Until the age of one and a half, it is better not to include eggplants in the children's menu, not to eat raw

    How to choose and store

    Choose a few understeady, smooth and shiny pieces. Wrinkled overripe berries are of no value.

    Tastier fruits with thin skin. The darker the fruit, the better the taste of .Excellently stored frozen or dried.

    Tip: To remove bitterness, soak them in water for 2-4 hours or chop and blanch( lower in boiling water) for 1-2 minutes.

    Blot the sliced ​​blanched vegetables with a napkin, fold into a container and place in the refrigerator. So they are stored up to six months. Thawing before cooking is not necessary.

    Choose slightly undiluted, smooth and shiny fruits with thin skin.

    Dried outdoors, ensuring air circulation and protecting it from direct sunlight. You can chop fresh eggplants and dry in the oven or dryer for fruit.

    When used in the diet, the peel from the vegetable is more useful to cut off.

    They are used for cooking vegetable stew .Stew over low heat by adding carrots, bell peppers, onions, herbs and potatoes. For cooking use 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

    Remember: when frying, the blue ones absorb a lot of oil. It is better to bake or stew. They can marinate, salt, cook popular caviar, stew or fry.

    They are perfectly combined with meat or vegetables. Stuffed with meat or vegetables, eggplant, tasty and nutritious dish.

    Eggplant with nuts and eggplant with garlic and greens, video recipe:

    Eggplant settled on our table long ago. The good and bright taste of , which looks like nothing, made them popular on holidays and weekdays. They found admirers in different countries.

    Cheap and tasty , with proper preparation, these vegetables can bring significant benefits to the body.

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