Top 5 cleaners dishwashers

Household Appliances in need of care - it is an axiom. Especially often have to clean the dishwasher. In the tank, on the rubber seal, filters particles accumulate detergents, food debris, grease. Another trouble - the formation of scale.

To deal with all these problems, high-quality tools required for cleaning dishwashers. Let us examine what is best to buy and how to use it.

The content of the article:

  • Reasons for major cleaning Appl
  • TOP 5 best compositions for the care of PMM
    • 1st place: Finish - powerful cleaners
    • 2nd place: UniPlus - a worthy alternative to the leader
    • 3rd place: Somat Machine Cleaner from Henkel
    • 4th place: Milit - low-cost solution
    • 5th place: means Domol maschinen pfleger
  • Even some great cleaners
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Reasons for major cleaning Appl

Manufacturers dishwashers recommended once a month to carry out procedures for their care.

Hostess does not always adhere to the schedule and clean technique as needed. Such an approach is justified, because in many ways the degree of contamination depends on the characteristics of operation of equipment.

Cleaning and disinfection of PMM

Wide indication that the dishwasher in urgent need of cleaning and disinfection, - the appearance of severe persistent odor in the tub. This means that in a layer of mud breed bacteria. They should be destroyed immediately

In the cleaning frequency can affect such factors:

  • dishwasher operation. Some housewives include car daily. Other wash dishes by hand, and only when its amount is too large, use the technique.
  • Contamination cutlery. Fat dough residues, baked-on food wash is much more difficult than rinse dishes after vegetable salads. Under the gums and inaccessible places different amounts of accumulated dirt.
  • dishwashing temperature. The machine can operate in different cycles. If the owner often uses low-temperature modes, equipment quickly becomes clogged.
  • The composition of the detergent. The more aggressive chemistry, the less dirt accumulates on the internal parts Appl. On the other hand, these drugs are potentially dangerous to health. Eco-friendly formulations are often poorly dissolve fat, which contributes to rapid contamination of the machine.

Should be guided on the performance of equipment. If the dishes after washing shines and squeaks, it's okay. But when on the surfaces of the plates and cups are stains from dried-up water, traces of dirt, it's time to think about taking care of the machine.

Manual cleaning dishwashers

Dishwasher to serve for many years without repair and replacement of parts, it put in order again in 1-3 months. First, it is done by hand with a brush, a soft sponge, and then run the automatic cleaning mode

The procedure begins with manual cleaning filter, impeller, the space under the rubber seals. Be sure to check, whether there was mold on the basket for utensils, walls of the chamber, under the rubber. If necessary, immediately washed with a detergent composition. After that can start the automatic cleaning with a special chemical agent.

TOP 5 best compositions for the care of PMM

It should be carefully selected to clean the dishwasher, which will effectively remove grease, residues of detergent formulations, scum, mold. However, they should not damage the delicate machinery parts - sealing gum coating drum etc. Pay attention to the price, for frequent cleaning with expensive drugs can simply bankrupt.

The compositions of the brand Finish dishwashing detergent and care PMM competition. They are leading in sales in the Russian market of household chemicals.

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Detergent and salt

Finish trade mark produces powders, tablets, gel for washing dishes in the PMM, descaling. Also, the manufacturer took care of the household chemicals care appliances. All products of the brand Finish is in high demand, and until recently it had no real competition

Finish All in Tablets 1

In tablets Finish All in 1 is almost no flaws. They are safe for health, quality washed the dishes, give it a shine. The tool can be used to wash delicate cutlery. It does not damage the internal parts of dishwashers, completely dissolved

Powder Finish Calgonit

Powder Finish Calgonit peculiar to the same disadvantage as the rest of the particulate dishwashing detergent in PMM. Fine particles are easily raised in the air and get into the respiratory tract. As for quality, ease of use, no complaints

Sol brand Finish

Although there are many kinds of special salt for dishwashers, customers often choose the usual product brand. He is not less unique composition means identical, but the trust factor works to brand

Detergent and salt

Detergent and salt

Finish All in Tablets 1

Finish All in Tablets 1

Powder Finish Calgonit

Powder Finish Calgonit

Sol brand Finish

Sol brand Finish

Finish brand is still popular, but not a monopoly in the market. There are several other products that are appreciated by buyers. To discover the rating, compiled by user reviews.

1st place: Finish - powerful cleaners

Funds Finish Rinse and Calgonit Fusion Power are designed to remove limescale forming on the details of dishwashers and washing machines. Good fat is dissolved, support the work of art, disinfect.

Feature Finish Rinse: creates a special protective film with antisoiling properties. Thanks to this internal machine parts for a while does not form scum and fat particles do not stick to the surface. The concentrated composition is consumed sparingly, efficiently cleans the surface of any material, so after cleaning is no problem with dishwashing 3-4 months.

Finish cleaning machines

The dishwasher breed bacteria that get into the tank with the remnants of food. This provokes odor. Finish kills bacteria and leaves a pleasant fragrance

Calgonit Fusion Power - two-component composition. The first layer (blue) dissolves fat, disinfects, eliminates mold. A second (transparent) - removes limescale. The tool is designed for monthly cleaning machines.

Among the shortcomings users say only a strong fragrance brand drugs Finish.

2nd place: UniPlus - a worthy alternative to the leader

Agent is a concentrated liquid formulation intended for use about 1 time per month. There is instruction in Russian. UniPlus perfectly washes greasy coating, creates a protective film on the surfaces and eliminates the smell.

Cleaning the dishwasher

When buying a product should be pre-read the instructions carefully. We need to make sure that the model of the machine that will clean, keeps the temperature. If there is no desired mode, it is better to choose other means

Buyers do not have complaints about the quality of the drug, but the packaging is questionable. The bottle is provided a hook for hanging in the dishwasher. Theoretically, it should facilitate the use of the composition. In practice, it is absolutely useless, because in most models of cars do not have enough space. Suspended bottle is tilted at an angle and can be broken.

When cleaning with PMM UniPlus means you need to adhere strictly to the manufacturer's recommendations. Problems can arise because of the packaging. Wax, which are sealed holes, does not dissolve when the temperature is below the desired and the composition just does not flow out of the bottle.

3rd place: Somat Machine Cleaner from Henkel

Cleaner for PMM from a reputable manufacturer will delight the most demanding housewives. Means produced in the form of gel and tablets, so each customer can choose the convenient form for themselves. The drug deep cleans pipes, filters, sprinklers machine, removes fat and lime scale.

Somat Machine Cleaner from Henkel

Consisting of harsh chemicals, so it is necessary to carefully handle and protect hands and eyes. If the drug reaches the skin or mucous membranes, it must be cleaned with plenty of water

Means, used about once a month. If they use regularly, the problem of dirt, odors and scale will be forgotten forever. One package Somat Machine Cleaner is enough for a three-run the dishwasher in an automatic cleaning mode.

4th place: Milit - low-cost solution

The manufacturer recommends the use of Milit 1-2 times a month, but the hostess is usually guided by the degree of contamination of equipment. If the accumulated fat under gaskets, and in the tank an unpleasant smell, it's time to take a bottle of funds and start cleaning.

Dosage bottle is designed for a single procedure. This is useful if you do not want to monitor the expenditure of funds, but do not like customers who used to make efficient use of household chemicals. The only thing that brings them together with Milit, low price and good quality of the composition.

Inexpensive means for dishwashers Milit

Milit perfectly cleans plaque, scale. After treatment machine shines as if it had just come out of the store. The manufacturer does not use aggressive flavors. Milit disinfects, eliminates stench and after treatment machine emits faint pleasant odor (+)

Like many other cleaners, the drug is packaged in a bottle with a useless hook. She turned over, put in bay spoons down the neck. During automatic washing machine wax covering openings is dissolved and enters the chamber means.

5th place: means Domol maschinen pfleger

The quality of the automatic cleaning this structure there is no claim. It really is perfect washes grease and scum from the most remote places of the dishwasher. Filters, gratings, the camera remains perfectly clean and shiny. The only thing that may confuse the buyer, - the powerful flavor. When the cycle ends, the smell becomes less pronounced, but still more felt.

Cleaner Domol maschinen pfleger

In Domol maschinen pfleger so intense flavor, it is strongly felt, even when the car door is closed and there is cleaning process. The smell is hardly unpleasant, but for many it is associated with soft drinks

When applying Domol maschinen pfleger it is necessary to follow the manufacturer's instructions. The water temperature during the cleaning should not be below 65 degrees. The procedure is recommended every 30 cycles of use of the dishwasher. 1 bottle of 250 ml is designed to use one.

Even some great cleaners

The list of good means for dishwashers is not limited to a rating above. There are other worthy products, but they are much more difficult to find for sale. So, buyers praise Rinnova Lavastoviglie (Italy), but it is affordable quality yet rarely get at hardware stores.

Online you can find good reviews cleaner for dishwashers Reinex Sp├╝lmaschinen Pflegereiniger. This phosphate-free liquid detergent based on citric acid without the addition of fragrances. Its advantages - efficiency, safety and environmentally friendly structure. After disinfection tank car does not smell.

Excellent cleaning, faint pleasant smell and the normalization of the dishwasher - it is the result of care technique using Pirkka Astianpesukoneen puhdistustabletti means. A packing 6 tablets in water-soluble shell. They suffice for six months of use. When cleaning, make sure that the car does not remain utensils, or delicate cutlery may suffer.

Cleaning with Pirkka Astianpesukoneen puhdistustabletti

Means for care of MMP Pirkka Astianpesukoneen puhdistustabletti compared with the preparations of the brand Finish. It is just as well to cope with pollution, but weaker and more pleasant smell

Well-proven powder cleaner HG. Means with the same successfully used for the care of dishwashers and washing machines, so it is in demand among housewives, who do not want to buy different products. The powder is packed in a cardboard box. It is convenient to open and dose.

Finnish Cleaner At Home Clean Dishwashing Machine washes dishwasher to radiant shine. Price - acceptable. You can save money by using half a tablet, and it does not affect the quality of cleaning. The disadvantages include the difficulty in buying stock. Often have to be ordered on the internet. An important caveat: purifier is effective only at high temperature water.

Good results are obtained by means of cleaning liquid dishwasher W5 Dishwasher Cleaner. Super-effect can not be expected, but considering the cost of a bottle, and it does not count. Composition bad washes grease and scum, but under the gums can still find traces of contamination.

Cleaner W5 Dishwasher Cleaner

The only, but important advantage W5 Dishwasher Cleaner, - low price compared with the top cleaners. Means good, but not perfect

Come across mention of the Frisch-Activ facility. One housewife is really like because of the low price, while others are unhappy and say the poor quality of cleaning, disinfection dishwashers.

Should think twice whether to buy it. It's an option for those who like to save money and achieve at least some result. If the priority of efficiency, it is better to buy a different composition.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

No matter how imposing manufacturers advertise their products, consumers make the final decision themselves. Please find instructions and feedback to help make the right choice.

Overview of funds for the care of dishwashers and washing machine:

Video guidance on the application of funds for cleaning dishwashers:

There is no cleaner, equally suitable for everyone. In many ways, the choice is determined by individual preferences housewives, models of dishwashers, convenience equipment and other factors, which can not be taken into account. Decide on priorities and try a few compositions. This is the only way to find your ideal household chemicals.

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