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There are many connoisseurs of early yields among lovers of quiet hunting. Among the many species, fungi mushrooms are in special demand. The most reverent attitude is observed to the spring variety. When the season has not yet begun, these mushrooms are the golden bottom for mushroom pickers.

Mushrooms: The main types of

Many do not know what the mushrooms are and often bypass them. These mushrooms grow throughout the summer and until mid-autumn. They are conditionally edible. Growth occurs on the litter of moss and in places with high humidity. They are found on stumps beaten with dust or on the above-ground ledges of woody roots. In particular, oak, hornbeam, beech, elm, linden and others. Grow either in a colony or as solitary individuals. The taste of mushrooms is high. This is what excites the increased interest among chefs.

Before you start picking mushrooms, you need to learn to distinguish between edible and inedible.

In addition to the spring in our latitudes, honeycomb is common:

  • winter;
  • summer;
  • autumn;
  • bulbous;
  • is dark.

All these species are united by the same genus and similar morphological features. Mushrooms respond well to heat treatment, and are compatible with other mushrooms.

Usually they are fried in a frying pan, boiled in water, and also pickled. Mushrooms contain active substances in large quantities and may well be regarded as food with useful properties. They help to accumulate the body's reserves in the fight against various infections, and the functionality of the cardiovascular system significantly improves its performance. Noted a positive impact on the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

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Long-term use of mushrooms, according to experienced mushroom pickers, helps to improve the overall condition of the body, strengthen the immune system. They say that even people runny nose less sick.

Honey agarics are rich in vitamins, in particular riboflavin, thiamine, ascorbic acid. Zinc and copper are also abundant. Nutritional value is characterized by a huge percentage of fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. That's what they are valued for.

Mushrooms - mushrooms that can be harvested all year round

Types of edible mushrooms:

  1. Winter. The caps have an open shape, they look shiny because of the adhesive coating. Adult mushrooms are rusty yellow. The diameter of the cap reaches 9 centimeters. Possess good taste. They can be used both for conservation and for drying. They grow on the stumps of poplar, willow, linden or birch alone, or colonially. The mycelium of this fungus has a reducing ability, therefore, during thaw it begins to bear fruit. Winter mushrooms can be collected from October to December.
  2. Summer. It has a relatively thick and stocky leg, on which a hemispherical closed cap crowns. The color is dark red, turning into brown. The peak of fruiting is summer, which is clear from the name.
  3. Autumn. Outwardly, they are slightly different from the summer. And its main feature is the presence of a skirt, on a dense, light relative to the cap of the leg. The flesh has a white color and a porous structure. The onion bulb has a fleshy brownish-yellow cap. The stem is also dense and reaches ten centimeters in length. This makes it visually large compared to other collisions. Autumn harvest time begins from August.
  4. Meadow. Often called lugovikov, carnation, marsmius and negniychkin. The diameter of the cap of an adult mushroom reaches 9 cm. Meadow stands of a yellow shade, but there are also brown-red. On hot days, the cap can fade from the sun. From contact with water, it acquires a creamy tint. The collection of such mushrooms is carried out in the last month of spring.
  5. Thornstone. They differ in a cap, which has a hemispherical shape, up to 8 cm in size. The leg is thick, about 8 cm high. The upper part is gray and the pulp is snow-white. Mushrooms have a rich aroma. Collecting Tolstonog honey agarics is held from August to October. Often they grow in huge groups, but not in the form of bunches.
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Mucus mushrooms, belong to the group of edible mushrooms. Mushroom pickers often call them mucous membrane. If the above types have a rich aroma, then these mushrooms are almost tasteless. The diameter of the cap varies from 2 to 8 centimeters. The cap is white and the leg is transparent.

Spring mushrooms and their peculiarity

Spring mushrooms( the Latin name is Collybia dryophila) is the earliest mushroom. They begin their growth in mid-May. It belongs to the genus Colliby, which includes about 70 species of fungi.

Dry meadow agaric, upon contact with water, is able to re-produce spores for reproduction.

They are often called:

  • money derevolyubimy;
  • collib dubolyubivaya;
  • forest loving.

Externally, the spring shade resembles a meadow meadow. Its hemispherical cap has a diameter of from 3 to see. Over time, it changes to prostrate or protruding prostrate. The edges are lowered. The color of a ripe mushroom is brown-ocher, reddish or brown-yellow.

Sometimes it is possible to distinguish a red tint, which eventually changes to cream or brownish. The plates are adherent and narrow, lemon-white in color and often arranged. The leg is thin, up to 5 cm long. Its color is like that of a cap, sometimes the shade is lighter. The flesh has a fine structure with a pronounced mushroom flavor. Spring differs from inedible false garlic in a smoother leg structure.

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According to the useful properties, the collibus is inferior to most of its fellows, belonging to the fourth category.

These mushrooms can be frozen for long-term storage, but better to prepare fresh cut. For example, cooks take mushrooms and sour cream in a one-to-one ratio, add onions, dill, and spices to taste. Mushrooms fry in a pan until all the moisture evaporates, put sour cream and bring to a slight boil. Mushrooms put on a plate with sour cream pour onions and spices. As a preservative and as a dietary supplement, plain or apple cider vinegar is used. The dish is ready to eat. Connoisseurs are distinguished by a recognizable delicate taste, from which it is impossible to break away.

No less popular are pine agaric. By structure, they are similar to mucous membranes. A distinctive feature is the cap, which has a velvety top. Pine fungus red and yellow hue.

A large number of such mushrooms can be found in deciduous forests from the beginning of July. Their disadvantage is the presence of a bitter taste.

Knowing everything about mushrooms again, you can stock up on a real storehouse of trace elements. With their frequent use, you will forget once and for all about many diseases and saturate your body with vital components.

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