Dishwasher connection to hot water

How to connect the dishwasher to hot water? Most models are designed for connection to cold water supply, so first look at the instructions. There will be indicated how and in what sequence to act. According to consumer reviews, connecting appliances to a hot source can save on electricity consumption. Is it so? We analyze in the article.

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Do you need hot water to connect PMM

Depending on the brand of your dishwasher, the instructions indicate degrees for proper connection. Does the equipment work without hot water? For example, for models "Bosch" provides no more than +20 degrees. This means that connecting to a hot water supply system is not possible. Otherwise, you may be deprived of warranty.

Consider using high temperature water to save? After all, then the heater will not work, it will reduce electricity bills. Why do manufacturers recommend using cold water?

  1. Permissible water heating rate for a dishwasher - 60 degrees. Using a source with an elevated temperature will result in breakage of the filtration systems.
  2. With hot water comes more garbage than with cold. You will need to install an additional cleaning filter.
  3. Hoses deteriorate quickly and gaskets wear out. When exposed to high temperatures hoses and nozzles may be bent, connections loose.
  4. Reduces the quality of washing dishes. Rinsing from food residue is always done with cold water. Otherwise, pieces and particles of food will stick to the plates.

Remember! Dishwasher can heat water, but cool it not.

Consider that hot water has a higher pressure than cold water. With a conventional mixer, a high pressure stream will flow through the low flow pipe. Therefore it is necessary to install a special mixer, which will block one channel.

Connection steps

Assemble all the necessary tools and parts for convenient operation:

  • intake hose that withstands high temperatures( if your model is designed for a similar connection, then the hose is included);
  • brass tee with shut-off valve;

  • special mixer;
  • cleaning filter;
  • wrench;
  • fum-tape for sealing.

Doing your own hands:

  1. Shut off the water supply.
  2. Prepare a water pipe outlet.
  3. Install the brass tee to the pipe outlet.
  4. Connect the suction hose to the tee.
  5. Attach a filter to the free end of the hose.
  6. Connect the construction to the dishwasher.

Carefully seal all connections with a fum-tape, wind it against the thread at least 10-15 times. Now open the water supply and check that the connections are correct. Nothing leaks? Feel free to conduct a test run PMM.

Other options for connecting

In more expensive models of dishwashers, it is possible to connect to water in three ways:

  • to cold;
  • to hot;
  • to both sources at once.

The last option is a success. Technique independently mixes the flow, bringing the water to the desired temperature. You really save on electricity, you can independently choose the mode of washing dishes.

Hybrid connection provides a large number of hoses, which is not always convenient and aesthetic. But if you find a way to connect everything neatly, then you can use the machine for your pleasure.

Think several times before connecting the dishwasher not according to the instructions. This can damage not only the dishes, but also the technique as a whole.

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