Overview dishwasher Bosch SPV47E30RU: characteristics, pros and cons

A large German company Bosch started production of dishwashers in the 60-ies of the last century. Currently, it produces a variety of product lines range of mineral aggregates.

Demand model is dishwasher Bosch SPV47E30RU, whose popularity is due to a combination of high functionality and cost budget. Below we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of this option of home appliances.

The content of the article:

  • Stated by characteristics
  • Device machines SPV47E30RU
  • Useful programs and modes
  • Additional features and capabilities
  • Pros and cons of the model
    • Advantages Dishwasher
    • Disadvantages "Bosch" model
  • Installation and maintenance of dishwashers Bosch
  • Competing narrow dishwashers
    • Competitor # 1: Electrolux ESL 94320 LA
    • Competitor # 2: Flavia BI 45 DELIA
    • Competitor # 3: Hotpoint-Ariston LSTB 4B00
  • The best offers on the market

Stated by characteristics

SPV47E30RU pattern having a width of 450 mm, applies to the embedded dishwasher. Thanks to its compact size it will be a place even in a small kitchen.

At the same time the car has good handling properties. Three rocker optimally distributing water over the compartment, provide superior wash.

Built-in model

The model is designed for installation in kitchen furniture. It can be placed in a cabinet, a low or high cabinet. In the latter case, you need to make sure that he was well supported

Exact data on the operation of the device features are set out in the instructions supplied with the unit. If necessary, you can download it on the Internet.

Modification SPV47E30RU has the following characteristics:

  • capacity - 10 units;
  • level of the noise emitted at - 48 dB;
  • cycle goes on 9.5 liters of water, 0.91 kW / h;
  • Power - 2400 W;
  • Power cable length - 1.75 meters;
  • 4 program: Eco, pre-rinse, auto, fast;
  • parameters of the device: 81.5 × 44.8 × 55 cm;
  • weight - 30 kg;
  • class washing / drying / power - A;
  • The high temperature feedwater - 60 ° C;
  • the length of the supply hose - 1.65 m, diverter - 2.05;
  • there is a self-cleaning filter, timer, child lock, automatic "3 in 1», LED-indicators, presence pointers salt / rinse aid.

Additional functions provided for in the model will be discussed in detail below.

Device machines SPV47E30RU

The machine is characterized with miniature dimensions and ergonomically well equipped space. Inside are two boxes VarioAllowing to carry out a flexible modeling of detergent when loading compartment. Upper cart is equipped with an Rackmatic-3, With which you can change the placement height even when fully laden container.

For convenient arrangement a large number of utensils used and technology VarioDrawer - the third level of loading, provided above the upper basket, if necessary, replace the basket for utensils.

The internal structure of the model

In a stand designed for a tablet, you can not put any product. In this case, it is impossible to uniformly dissolving agents that affect the quality of washing

High quality contents washing chamber due to the double yoke DuoPowerWhich is in the upper basket. Special reservoir model at the side wall for heat transfer. It eliminates the dishes by heat shock, making possible the processing of products from brittle materials, sensitive to temperature changes.

Additional shelf for cups or goblets, located in the upper compartment also protects them during processing intensive water jets.

Dishwasher is equipped with a silent motor inverter EcoSilence Drive. It is characterized by long life and high efficiency, because due to absence of brushes reduced friction parts. The compact and lightweight module are connected together two instruments - the pump and flow-through water heater.

The package also includes a metal plate that is placed on the table to protect it from steam. To install the device in a level position can adjust the height of the front of the unit legs.

Useful programs and modes

In the built-in Bosch SPV47E30RU narrow dishwasher has four modes:

  • auto;
  • Eco 50;
  • fast (quik);
  • pre-rinse.

The program is intended for automatic processing of strongly or normally soiled dishes. When you turn the machine itself determines the washing options depending on the availability of food waste on the devices. Washing is carried out at a temperature of 45-60 ° C for 90-150 minutes.

Summary table of programs

The table below shows the details of the conditions provided in the various models of "Bosch". four of these programs are presented in SPV47E30RU modification (+)

50 Eco mode is suitable for ordinary dinnerware with slightly dried up leftovers. In addition to washing at 50 ° C, the program includes a preliminary, intermediate, terminating the rinsing and drying. Cycle time is 195 minutes.

Fast processing continues dishes 20 minutes. Content washed at 45 ° C with intermediate and final rinsing. This option is designed for dishes with slight soiling. In the presence of complex pollution, they are best previously removed manually.

Pre-rinse, lasts 15 minutes, can further process the water combined in the basket ware.

Additional features and capabilities

Dishwasher SPV47E30RU has a number of additional features that enhance usability and improve the quality of washing.

software installation

dishwasher operation mode can be set on the front panel. It is selected on the basis of the material of devices and pollution

option "half load", Which can be selected by pressing the corresponding button allows handling 2-4 is not heavily soiled devices reducing time consumption, electricity and detergent.

For applicable to the washing of household chemicals designed special ergonomic compartment DosageAssistWhich is in the upper basket. This assembly ensures efficient dissolution and economical use of drugs in each process step.

AquaSensor - an optical detector detecting the level of water turbidity during rinsing devices. The sensor is capable of automatically distinguish the degree of contamination of the fluid. If he finds it clean, it is again used for rinsing, which reduces water consumption by 3-6 liters.

Dirty water is drained and replaced with a new one. When the auto mode, the same function is responsible for determining the degree of contamination of products, which determines the duration of treatment and the water temperature.

Table water hardness

To learn measure the hardness of the water, it is recommended to apply in aquaculture or in a similar organization. Master will take samples and give the conclusion, but this procedure is paid (+)

The water circulation takes place in five levels: the liquid moves up and down in the bottom, and in the upper yoke, in addition, on the upper level, a separate shower on the ceiling of the washing compartment. This ensures high working efficiency of the process, as the jet penetrates even in remote corners of the washing compartment.

Alternate water supply to the upper and lower rocker arms reduces its consumption. At the same time efficient hydraulic system, and device provide trehfiltrovoe passage per 28 liters of water per minute.

The unit is also equipped with a timer start operating in the range 3 h. This allows to postpone inclusion dishwashers for 3, 6, 9 hours.

proprietary system AquaStop It provides complete protection against leaks. This allows you to leave the appliance unattended, and do not overlap the tap. At this node, a proprietary development of the Bosch company, is given a 10-year warranty.

Optimum consumption of detergents

Also provided regenerating technology aimed at keeping the level of stringency, which value is set by the user. Such a design allows to reduce the salt intake to 35%

Another innovative proposal is ServoSchloss - the castle, which provides protection for the washing chamber. It automatically snaps as soon as the distance between the door and the compartment is 100 mm.

Pros and cons of the model

In general, users appreciate the narrow machine dishwasher Bosch Serie 4 SPV47E30RU. Analyzing their responses, it is possible to identify a number of advantages of this modification, as well as name a few drawbacks.

Advantages Dishwasher

First of all, the owners like the compact size of the unit that allows you to put it even on a very small kitchen easily. At the same time, despite its modest dimensions, dishwasher fairly roomy.

Device owners also mention the low sound level of the engine. True, some note that due to insufficient insulation level noise is heard from the blows jets of water on the metal casing.

Notes intuitive control panel model that allows you to quickly familiarize yourself with the control options, as well as the beep sound when it is finished.

delayed start function

Appreciation was handy feature start delay. With this dish can be washed at night and in the morning to get perfectly clean instruments. Due to the special rate and significant savings on electricity costs

Users say about the economy and water consumption. For the washing of fully loaded cars require only 9.5 liters. If the process is the number of dishes by hand, will need a lot more fluid.

Almost all reviews written about the excellent quality of washing. fluid flows clean even the most difficult contaminants such as fumes from frying pans and pans, forks stuck in the teeth of hardened food particles, plaque on the tea and coffee cups.

The owners of cars it is estimated the half-load mode, which helps with the need to wash a small number of dishes with a minimum of time, water and detergent. There is also a useful device budgeted cost, the prices of which start at 21,000 rubles.

Disadvantages "Bosch" model

Of course, in a review mentioned and weaknesses dishwasher. Some of the complaints, however, can hardly be called objective as users before you start poorly understood instructions.

The quality of washing

For high-quality washing dishes should be gently to distribute in the box, so that the jets of water and detergent can process the entire surface of the instrument. Small items should be put in special containers

So, for example, can hardly be considered a fair claim to the fact that the fast mode bad washed complex contamination, whereas this program is intended for the treatment of relatively clean utensils.

it may be noted from the objective cons:

  • For a long time the standard programs. ware handling in ECO mode continues for 2.5 hours, so judicious home prefer to run the machine at night.
  • The lack of autonomous drying function. It would be helpful in the short mode, as utensils output often stays wet.
  • The machine is not provided for the display and there is no external display, it is difficult to tell how much time is left before the end of the cycle.
  • It lacks automatic determination of water hardness. The users have to spend time on the request for information about this option, or set the salt consumption function arbitrarily.

Many users have also noted a strong smell of plastic in newly acquired unit. In the case of damage has to be addressed on costly repairs, the cost of which is often half the price of the machine.

Installation and maintenance of dishwashers Bosch

When you purchase and delivery models manufacturer primarily drew attention to the possible transport damage. When they are detected should immediately contact the shop or by the vendor.

The process of mounting and connecting the instrument should be performed according to the rules set forth in the instructions. It is important that the electrical outlet was grounded.

Compatibility with other appliances

When considering accommodation options it next to other appliances need to read the instructions on the last possibility of such a combination. Should not be placed over the hob dishwasher or microwave oven. Last in this case can quickly be damaged

Do not install the unit near heat sources. The power cord must be protected from sources of heat or hot water, as under the influence of their insulation may melt. When installing, be sure to make the machine level position.

In order to model long to please you with stable work, you must strictly comply with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Control Panel

If the machine is suddenly stopped without finishing the cycle, try to restart it by pressing the RESET button. On failure, be sure to read about the problems in the instructions; in case of serious malfunctions need to call a specialist

Use the machine need only for its intended purpose. The device is not intended for washing wood, tin, copper cookware as well as articles with a list of thin glass and porcelain. It requires careful handling silver and aluminum products. When part of the processing in the dishwasher, they may darken

It should load the machine correctly. Lower basket made for heavy items such as pots and pans, while the plates are placed in the top, bowls and other small things. To avoid damage to the cup mounted on a special holder bottoms up.

It is necessary to choose the right cleaning mode, taking into account the material of utensils and degree of soiling.

Detergents for dishwashers

For washing dishes should be placed in special compartments softener, detergent composition and salt. They can be replaced by a combined means of "3 in 1"

It is important to use specialized tools for cleaning, it should be strictly comply with the dosage, which depends on the amount of dishes. It can not be used for washing chemical solutions. During the operation, do not open the door.

It is important to monitor the cleanliness of the unit. Regularly Clean the container, using a means for dishwashers. When plaque is detected in the camera, it is necessary to fill the usual detergent composition in the compartment and start the empty set.

It should also be regularly cleaned with a wet seal material with a small amount of detergent. For the surface treatment is impossible to apply steam cleaner, as well as aggressive agents, which include chloro, or similar substance.

car breakdown

If damage is found, especially on the control panel, operation of the dishwasher is strictly forbidden. It should be disconnected from the power and call the master

With long-term simple device it is necessary to slightly open the door in order to avoid unpleasant odor.

To avoid accidents, do not allow children to boot up a machine or play with it. Full manual device in Russian should be attached to the model.

Competing narrow dishwashers

Real evaluation of a "deal" we dishwasher wiser to spend, comparing it with competing models. As the "denominator", on the basis of which we picked up "rivals", were taken approximately equal size and installation method. That is, in our selection were narrow units intended for full integration into the kitchen furniture.

Competitor # 1: Electrolux ESL 94320 LA

This model has an ulterior motive is incredibly popular among consumers. The machine is designed for washing 9 sets used for the dinner dishes. To perform this work, it would need 10 liters of water per hour is consumed 0.7 kW. Future owners dishwasher offers 5 different programs, produces normal, economical, rapid and intensive cleaning.

Electrolux ESL 94320 LA is electronically controlled. Starting cycle can be delayed for a period of 3 to 6 hours by using a timer. There is a sound and light signal, which tells about the presence of salt and rinse aid. There automatic interruption, a device for determining the purity of water and extra drying type.

Dishwasher is equipped with a full protection against leaks. Noise by 49 dB. For energy efficiency machine has received A + class. Minus consider only the absence of the child lock.

Competitor # 2: Flavia BI 45 DELIA

The hopper cars placed 9 sets, it is almost the traditional number for a narrow built-in models. However, unlike the previous representative of the unit for processing is loaded in the dishwashing tank 9 liters of water is required. In the hour of the sink he consumes 0.69 kW.

Programs to do the job in 45 Flavia BI DELIA only 4. However, unlike the above-described competitor is half load, during which energy / water / detergent consumed half. Using the timer, it is possible to delay the start of a period of from 1 hour to 24 hours.

e-government, information about the stages of the work, the availability of funds for cleaning and possible errors display shows. Among the very useful options listed disinfecting drying. Noisy dishwasher to the same 49 dB. Equipped with a device for determining the purity of water. The disadvantages similarly attributed the absence of the child lock.

Competitor # 3: Hotpoint-Ariston LSTB 4B00

Download the tank of this model have 10 sets, which is pretty much for the narrow dishwashers. It is not quite economical: in the hour of the unit consumes 0.94 kW. Water for washing dishes it will need 10 liters.

Hotpoint-Ariston LSTB 4B00 offers to the future owners of 4 different programs, "on board" is a function of pre-soaking, economical cleaning with a minimum of tools and half-load. Managed by the machine electronics.

Shortcomings in her more than in the previous competition. Noise is 51 dB. Still does not provide child lock. No display, timer, and devices, fixing the presence of detergent and water purity.

The best offers on the market

Narrow embedded machine Bosch - a good choice for those living in small apartments with compact kitchens. Despite its small size, it demonstrates the high quality of washing, even if the crockery is very dirty. For ease of use in the dishwasher and provides a very broad functionality. An important advantage can be considered democratic and cost models.

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