Bosch compact dishwashers: TOP rated best models

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All kinds of household appliances have long become a loyal assistant to housewives, freeing them from most of the daily worries. Compact Bosch dishwashers will help to cope with a mountain of dirty appliances, which can find a place even in a miniature kitchen.

Although these devices have small dimensions, they demonstrate a high class of dishwashing and reliable, durable service.

The content of the article:

  • Features of home appliances "Bosch"
  • Varieties of compact dishwashers
    • Stand alone devices
    • Built-in dishwasher options
    • Machines 45 centimeters wide
  • Advantages and disadvantages of mini devices
  • Ranking of the best models of 2018
    • Model No. 1: Bosch Serie 2 SKS 41E11
    • Model number 2: Bosch Serie 4 SKS62E22
    • Model No. 3: Bosch Serie 4 SKS62E88
    • Model No. 4: Bosch Serie 2 SPS25FW12R
    • Model number 5: Bosch Serie 4 SMV44KX00R
    • Model No. 6: Bosch Serie 6 SPV 58M50
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Features of home appliances "Bosch"

The world-famous company Bosch was created at the end of the XIX century, when German engineer R. Bosch opened an electrical engineering and precision mechanical equipment workshop.

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Now the company produces industrial equipment, power tools, automotive products. Great importance is attached to the production of consumer products, among which a special place is occupied by innovative household appliances.

In 1965, the first Bosch dishwasher was manufactured, making it possible to get immaculately clean appliances with minimal effort. Such products were enthusiastically greeted on the market, which stimulated the creation of new model lines.

Bosch Enterprise

The headquarters of Bosch is located near Stuttgart (Germany), and subsidiaries and representative offices are located in more than 60 countries

Now the catalogs of the company include dozens of similar products, differing in quality and design. In addition to the full-size modifications, compact models are being developed, designed for the inhabitants of small apartments with miniature kitchens.

Regardless of the size, innovative technologies are used in the technology that improve the quality of washing and comfort in operation. Most models are equipped with a function AquaStopguaranteeing protection against leakage, which ensures the safe use of dishwashers. This function is particularly important for embedded modifications.

Component of the Aquastop system from Bosch

The unique design of the hose system Aquastop eliminates the likelihood of leakage in case of damage or wear of the water supply flexible pipe

System Aquasensor allows you to control the presence of water pollution and foam. Thanks to this technology, the number of rinses and the detergent content are regulated. Bosch Active Water - automatic calculation of water and electricity, depending on the load. The option also helps to reduce the cost of maintaining the machine.

Functional Vario speed reduces the cycle time, while maintaining a high degree of processing dishes. This saves time and water. Technology Aquavario designed for processing dishes made of fragile materials. Turning this mode on, you can cleanly clean glass and porcelain products, taking into account their level of contamination.

Comfort of using models

Bosch dishwasher is so easy to use that even a child can easily master it. Of course, under the supervision of my mother

Option Hygiene especially in demand in families where there are children or people suffering from allergies. The program provides for the disinfection of the contents of the machine with hot water, as well as additional rinsing dishes. This contributes to the destruction of the overwhelming majority of microorganisms and leaching of residues of detergents.

An interesting technology is IntensiveZone, allowing simultaneous implementation of two modes. Cars with this option have a tank divided into two parts. In one compartment is washing fragile dishes, and in the other - appliances that require enhanced processing.

Virtually all dishwashers from Bosch are equipped with features such as ServoSchloss andEcoSilenceDrive. The first of them is a reliable brand lock-latch, and the second is an inverter motor, providing efficient long-term operation with low noise.

Bosch Unique Dishwasher Lock

The doors of Bosch dishwashers are opened / closed without any effort. Located even at a slight angle the door opens automatically

Varieties of compact dishwashers

There are several categories of small household appliances. Each type has its own characteristics. By location, they are divided into separately placed and built-in, in size - narrow and full-size.

Stand alone devices

Compact size options are almost no different from a microwave, which saves a lot of space. Such devices are well suited for a small family or may be an option for suburban housing. Separate devices, which are also often referred to as desktop ones, usually have dimensions of 55x50x45. The capacity measured in the number of devices that can be processed in 1 cycle is 6.

Bosch miniature units have high performance. According to the class of washing and energy consumption, they belong to class A; drying level can be A and B.

Multi-colored models

In addition to the traditional white instruments, Bosch produces a line of compact devices painted in bright colors: yellow, scarlet, black. The model executed in dark tone looks visually less, than similar light

The internal structure of such models has common features. In the lower sector there is a wave-like spray device, above which there is a compartment for dishes and a basket where the cutlery is placed. Special containers are designed for detergents, rinse aid, salt. There is also the option "3 in 1" for the use of combined funds.

Most often in small dishwashers condensation drying is used, which is simple and hygienic, although it takes a lot of time. Some models may have an extra-drying option.

As a rule, miniature units are equipped with 4-6 programs. These include:

  • pre-soaking recommended for heavily soiled instruments;
  • intensive washing;
  • standard operation mode;
  • delicate processing of dishes;
  • economical washing.

The number of temperature regimes can vary from 2 to 5, and the noise level can be in the range of 42-56 decibels. Water consumption depends on the parameters, features of the modification and the selected mode. As a rule, it does not exceed 9 liters per full cycle. The price range of models is 12-18 thousand rubles.

Built-in dishwasher options

Such modifications of Bosch products practically do not differ from stand-alone machines. Basically, their differences relate only to the appearance, since they are intended to be embedded in the furnishings.

Built-in dishwasher model

Built-in units can have a sufficiently large width, slightly less than 60 cm, while they have a smaller depth and height. Typically, such devices are mounted under the sink or cabinet

Built-in dishwashers are designed to wash 6-8 crockery kits. Models can have up to five modes of operation, they also have additional functions installed, for example, VarioSpeed, AquaSensor, mechanical lock ServoSchloss, protection against leakage AquaStop, blocking from children The cost of such devices is somewhat higher than compact analogs, and is in the range of 22-30 thousand rubles.

Machines 45 centimeters wide

Such devices are a kind of compromise between full-size and compact desktop devices. If compact models can be recommended to a small family, then the narrow ones are quite suitable for a large family, while the accommodation will require quite a modest space.

Narrow dishwasher model

In the 45-centimeter versions, not only 6, but also 9-10 sets of dishes are placed, in addition, they have advanced functionality. The design provides a timer that allows you to use the option of delayed start

Models of this type have a slightly different organization of space. Inside there are two boxes and the same spray units. All main containers, for example, containers or baskets, have larger sizes than compact analogs.

The number of modes, noise level, and additional features depend on the features of the modification. The cost of narrow cars depends largely on the number of additional options and starts from 20,000 rubles. In addition to the usual, there are also embedded options that are significantly more expensive (from 25 thousand rubles and more).

Advantages and disadvantages of mini devices

The advantages of such products are quite obvious. First of all, these are compact dimensions, thanks to which the devices can be easily placed even in a miniature kitchen, by installing them on a worktop or under a sink. The light weight characteristic of such a device provides the mobility of such models, so you can easily change their place in the kitchen, and if necessary, deliver it to a service center.

The disadvantages include a small capacity, which is why compact machines are difficult to use for a large family. In addition, there are difficulties with the processing of large vessels.

Economical compact model

Compact units are more economical. They allow you to wash a large number of dishes with minimal consumption of electricity and water

Some users have noted service issues. In the centers it is not always possible to get the spare parts necessary to replace the damaged parts. Regardless of the size, the machine requires a connection to the sewer and water supply network, as well as the device sockets with a mandatory grounding.

The functionality of compact dishwashers is still less than that of full-size counterparts. Miniature cars, equipped with a large number of options, at a cost closer to the price of 60-centimeter modifications.

Ranking of the best models of 2018

Among the most successful options for compact devices Bosch users note the following dishwashers, new or remaining relevant in the current year.

Model No. 1: Bosch Serie 2 SKS 41E11

A stand-alone compact model costing from 22 thousand rubles, it is ideal for a small family. The machine attracts ease of maintenance and operation, proven in practice, performance.


  • dimensions - 45x50x55 cm;
  • weight - 20 kg;
  • capacity - 6 dish sets;
  • drying / washing / energy consumption class - A;
  • programs - 4: economy, usual, intensive, express;
  • water consumption - 8 liters;
  • presence of rinse / salt indicators;
  • noise level - 54 dB;
  • energy consumption for the production of one cycle - 0.62 kW / h;
  • condensation drying.

Users note the capacity of the unit, which allows to solve the problem with the dishes for a small family. The machine demonstrates the good quality of washing and drying, and the proposed programs are able to select the optimal mode depending on the degree of contamination.

The model provides partial leakage protection, features VarioSpeed ​​and ActiveWater, a reliable EcoSilence Drive engine, a ServoSchloss proprietary latch, a boot sensor.

The disadvantages include the absence of a timer, which makes it difficult to determine the end of the cycle, as well as the absence of a shutdown signal. In addition, before placing heavily soiled dishes, it is desirable to remove food residues manually.

Model number 2: Bosch Serie 4 SKS62E22

Desktop mini-dishwasher, the prices of which start from 28,000 rubles, is notable for its silent operation and the presence of a large number of modes.


  • parameters - 45x50x55.1 cm;
  • water consumption - 8 l;
  • capacity - 6 devices;
  • 6 programs (intensive, express, standard, economy, “delicate”, pre-soaking);
  • noise level - 48 dB;
  • condensation drying;
  • class of washing / energy consumption / drying - A;
  • the number of temperature regimes - 5;
  • rinse / salt indicator; a timer that allows you to delay the launch from 1 to 24 hours; partial leakage protection; water purity sensor; the possibility of using funds "3 in 1".

A valuable feature is the VarioSpeed ​​system, which makes it possible to speed up the cycle time without compromising the quality of washing. The display on the front wall shows how many minutes are left to complete the processing of dishes. The package also includes holders for glasses.

The machine demonstrates the high quality of washing, while the function of processing dishes is available in 20 minutes. Users also note low noise levels. For perfect washing in one cycle, it is recommended to pre-soak the dishes with dried scraps. The disadvantages of the model are also too high price.

Model No. 3: Bosch Serie 4 SKS62E88

Desktop stand-alone model with a spectacular metallized surface cost from 30,000 rubles. In addition to the memorable design, it demonstrates good working qualities, so that it can become a faithful assistant for a small family.

Detailed specifications

  • dimensions - 45x50x55.1 cm;
  • weight - 24 kg;
  • washing class - A, drying - A;
  • capacity - 6 sets;
  • noise level - 48 decibels;
  • water consumption - 8 liters;
  • power consumption (cycle) - 0.63 kW / h;
  • the number of programs - 6 (usual, intensive, fast, “delicate”, economical);
  • the number of temperature regimes - 5;
  • water inlet temperature (maximum) - +25 ° C;
  • condensation drying.

The stylish model providing intensive washing and high-quality drying of products. The provided “delicate” mode makes it possible to thoroughly wash even fragile dishes made of glass, porcelain.

Comfortable management. Volumetric capacity allows you to provide a clean dish of a family of 3-4 people. The model is also equipped with such useful features as Vario speed. The disadvantages include an increased noise level, as well as the absence of a dishwashing mode when the tank is half loaded.

Model No. 4: Bosch Serie 2 SPS25FW12R

New model narrow dishwasher worth 28,212 rubles. The dishwasher is equipped with a large number of high-tech functions that previously were characteristic only of expensive units.


  • dimensions - 45x60x85 centimeters;
  • energy consumption / washing / drying classes - A;
  • electronic control type;
  • weight - 41 kg;
  • capacity - 10 sets;
  • power - 2400 W;
  • 5 programs (economical, standard, intensive, night, “wash per hour”);
  • 3 temperature conditions;
  • water consumption - 9.5 l;
  • drying - condensation;
  • water inlet temperature (maximum) - +60 ° C;
  • noise level - 48 decibels;
  • child lock, salt / rinse indicator; the possibility of using tools "3 in 1"; basket height adjustment; timer delaying start at 3/6/9 h.

The model has a double rocker for the upper compartment, an additional loading level for which the VarioDrawer tray is used. Additional features are VarioSpeed, Hygiene Plus, a self-cleaning filter. The package includes a holder for glasses, capacity for cutlery

The narrow model of Bosch Serie 2 SPS25FW 12 R fits perfectly into the interior of a small room, well combined with a compact kitchen set and the rest of the equipment.

Among the disadvantages are the lack of display and display of washing time, a short warranty period (1 year), a rather high cost.

Model number 5: Bosch Serie 4 SMV44KX00R

Compact model, designed for floor installation and full installation in kitchen furniture. The cost of cars from 34,000 rubles. The facade is hidden under the furniture panel, masking technique. As a result, the presence of useful in everyday life, but not always fitting into the interior of the device, is completely imperceptible.


  • dimensions - 59.8х55х81.5 cm;
  • power consumption per cycle - 1.07 kW / h;
  • capacity - 13 sets;
  • energy consumption / washing / drying class - A;
  • 4 programs (intensive, express, standard, economy);
  • noise level - 48 dB;
  • condensation drying;
  • water consumption - 11.7 l;
  • there are salt / rinse indicator, delayed switch-on timer for 1-24 hours, pure water sensor, display, full protection against AquaStop leakages. Additionally there is a holder for glasses.

The traditional white model has an extremely stylish look. Work is carried out almost silently thanks to technology SuperSilence. A special option HygienePlus allows you to disinfect dishes and additionally remove the remnants of detergents.

The VarioSpeedPlus function provided in the model allows a three-fold reduction in the period of the standard washing program for maintaining high washing quality. There is a device to block the growing curious researchers. During operation of the machine on the floor there is an indicator beam.

Of the disadvantages can only be called a high price. Some users note that there is a lack of rinsing dishes.

Model No. 6: Bosch Serie 6 SPV 58M50

This modification, the prices of which start from 41,000 rubles, somewhat resembles the previous one. It differs in the strengthened set of options, coming nearer on functionality to full-size cars.


  • dimensions - 45x55x82 cm;
  • washing / drying / energy consumption classes - A;
  • capacity - 10 sets of dishes;
  • electronic control;
  • power consumption (cycle) - 0.91 kW / h;
  • noise level - 44 decibels;
  • drying dishes - condensation;
  • water consumption - 9 liters;
  • number of programs - 5 (intensive, fast, delicate, economical, automatic);
  • there is a display, a timer, delaying the inclusion for 1-24 hours; sensor that monitors the transparency of the water, the rinse / salt indicator, full protection against leakage; attached holder for glasses.

In the dishwasher, additional features VarioSpeed, HygienePlus. The machine has an excellent quality of processing products, supports the option of washing dishes made from fragile materials. Users also mention quiet work.

An elegant model with a convenient control panel is built entirely into kitchen furniture, while the front wall is covered with a facade. There is a lock on the participation of children in the operation of the machine.

The disadvantages of the modification include excessively high cost. In addition, the inner metal surface quickly gets dirty, and the basket is not very convenient - it is difficult to place large-sized objects into it.

The review presents models of dishwashers that are currently on-line.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

In the presented video, the owner of a miniature dishwasher of the brand Bosch tells about the advantages and features of its use:

The Bosch equipment is distinguished by its high quality of assembly, the use of carefully selected parts and components, and the use of innovative technological solutions. All this ensures reliable and stable operation for a long time. Compact devices combine high performance with miniature size, which greatly facilitates their installation and makes it possible to use even in small spaces.

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