Your pear tree will be decorated with Talgar beauty

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Admire, before you pear Talgar beauty - description, photos can not convey the taste and aroma of the fruit. But imagine the warm weight on the palms and the aroma coming from the ripe fruit. This miracle is stored all winter, and it becomes even tastier. Just do not be late with the harvest. Plant a Talgar beauty in your garden - this tree has many advantages!

Description of the variety

The variety Talgar beauty is the result of the selection of Kazakhstani scientists. The basis for the new variety was the Forest Beauty pear, the pollinators - the Conference pears, Hoverla and Klapp's favorite. A new variety represents a medium sized tree. Talgar beauty does not possess self-fertility, therefore pollinator is necessary for it. It is better if these will be the very pears that were created, the Conference or Hoverla.

Skeleton branches depart from the trunk at right angles. Branches that grow and bear fruit, drooping, from which the tree landed. The bark is gray, scaly. The tree has high winter hardiness, it is cultivated in the European part of Russia everywhere.

Beach of fruit trees - diseases and pests. One of the most important characteristics of a pear variety is the Talgar beauty according to the description and photo of its resistance to pests and diseases. It is important that the scab on this pear variety does not work. The number of chemical treatments is reduced to a minimum, which means that clean fruits will fall on the family table.

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Talgar beauty begins fruiting for 5 years after planting. Fruiting regular. The tree is not demanding to care, it grows on poor soils, but, like other Pears, it loves the sunny open space and the low standing of the groundwater. Top dressing and watering will add a harvest and will make a fruit sweeter. Characteristics of pear varieties Talgar beauty only positive.

Fruits are large, elongated, beautifully shaped, somewhat resemble a bottle with a beveled bottom. The weight of one copy is about 200 g. A smooth light green pear with a blush looks beautiful. Subcutaneous points create a mysterious pattern. The flesh is fine-grained, juicy, crispy. Not all lovers appreciate it. But everyone agrees that the fruits are deadly, and the taste during storage only improves.

The pear for storage needs to be removed earlier than it ripens. If mature fruits hang on a tree for a long time, the flesh turns brown, the taste deteriorates. Harvest pear Talgar beauty in September.

Admire the photo of a pear tree Talgar beauty burdened with a crop:

Agrotechnika pear varieties Talgar beauty

The care of a fruit tree and a sapling is different. An adult tree more patiently endures temporary adversity. The young seedling for 5 years should lay the foundation for future fruiting. But some operations for planting and caring for pears Talgar beauty require special attention:

  • correct planting;
  • watering and dressing;
  • trimming;
  • protective measures;
  • shelter for the winter.
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Despite the simplicity of an adult tree, the seedling needs to be surrounded with care. A healthy two-year-old with a developed root system is immersed in water for a day or 36 hours.

A pit is being dug up on a sunny slope; on the north side, a new site needs to be protected with a screen. A pit with a depth of 1 m is equipped with a drainage layer of stones, broken bricks, covered with sand, driven in a supporting stake. From the fertile land piled mound on it straighten the roots. Sprinkle the roots of the fertile soil for a few centimeters, then you can pour the mixture with superphosphate and potassium salt. Roots should not get a chemical burn from contact with fertilizer when watering. The soil on the roots is compacted, trampled so that the site of the scion is above the ground. Bowl for watering mulch.

To support a young seedling, a stake is driven into the ground. It should not be an iron bar or pipe - it is cold in winter. To keep the wooden stake from rotting longer, you can lightly burn the end on the stake, choose larch. When mulching, the trunk should be free space - from diaper rash.

Watering is carried out throughout the season. To do this, dig circular grooves. On one tree poured up to 2 buckets of water. The soil should be wet, but not wet. Saplings are watered 3 times a week, trees - 4 times a month. In the first year, seedlings do not fertilize. Later in the spring, dry urea or ammonium nitrate is embedded in the grooves into the soil, to a small depth. When watering the fertilizer will feed the soil. After harvesting the tree is fed with compost, give phosphate and potash fertilizers.

For winter, pears in the perilous gardening zone are insulated with previously cleaned and whitewashed trees. A good nonwoven fabric serves as a good covering material. It allows the tree to breathe, while at the same time protecting it.

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Tree formation begins in the second year, leaving a single central shoot. When pruning, internal branches are removed so as not to thicken the crown.

Protective measures include obligatory processing with fungicides and over the green cone, trapping belts on the tree and traps with the smell of fermented fruit for hawthorn.

If you care for a pear Talgar beauty according to the description, the photo will show something like this:

Video about the taste of pear Talgar beauty

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