What is the beam on the floor in the dishwasher

Do you need a "beam on the floor" dishwasher, what is it? We offer to understand the purpose and usefulness of this option, is it worth it to pay for it? The design of dishwashers is improving every year, so the market constantly offers the buyer the latest reliable equipment options. Modern functions do not have a number: some of them bring real benefits, and in some there is no special meaning.

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The principle of the

indicator The “beam on the floor” function in dishwashers is a special light point located near the MMP door. Most often, the option is complemented by built-in machines to facilitate the operation of the appliance. The main purpose of the light bulb is to alert the user about the end of the program: washing or drying.

There are various ways:

  1. Lights up at the end of the selected program.

  1. Disappears from the field of view at the end of the washing or drying cycle.
  2. Changes color. For example, instead of red lights green.

Some manufacturers have released models in which the "beam on the floor" function has been improved: instead of the usual light indication, an entire display is projected onto the floor. For example, some dishwashers from the Bosch or Siemens brands may display a screen so that you can see how much time is left until the end of the wash.

Important! Separate Siemens machines provide for adjusting the size of the projection time so that it is more convenient to use.

Why is the

laser indicator useful? The “beam” feature is not very impressive. This happens for one simple reason - users do not always know why they need a laser pointer and what is its practical use. Consider the main advantages of the technology:

  1. Conventional PMM models are built into the headsets in such a way that the control panel is hidden behind the furniture facade, so you cannot see how long the cycle will last. With the display on the floor there are no such difficulties.
  2. In most recent dishwashers, the possibility of a sound alert. But for people with poor hearing, such development may not be useful, which cannot be said about the light beam.

Warning! The time indicator projected on the floor is found not only in fully-built models, but also in PMM with the possibility of partial embedding. It all depends on the manufacturer of the equipment.

In which PMM models can this function be found

Models with a floor time indicator are becoming more and more. If you decide that you need this option, and are going to purchase a machine with a beam, you should choose the best model from this line. Consider the most successful, in our opinion, solutions from well-known brands:

  • Korting KDI.A fully built model that can wash up to 10 dish sets in one cycle. In addition to the display, there is a display of the level of washing and regenerating agents. There is protection from leaks.

  • Whirlpool ADG.Narrow built-in type machine, equipped with a functional screen and leakage protection. Like the previous one, it washes up to 10 sets of dishes. There is a 1/2 load option to save resources.

  • De Dietrich DVH1120J.Model of full-size type with a convenient option "beam" from the line of class "Premium".High-quality assembly and a set of advanced options - the main differences of this PMM.

  • Kuppersbusch IGVE.Another premium full-size option. Holds up to 13 dish sets, different economy: up to 6 liters of water for 1 washing cycle. Among other useful features is the "beam on the floor."

Today, many decent options can be found in brands such as Electrolux, Gorenie, Mile, etc. Having picked up suitable capacity and functionality, you will get the modern machine, and the convenient indicator will facilitate use of equipment. Moreover, you already know what a laser display is and for what purposes it can be used.

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