How to choose a dishwasher

Since time is the most precious currency, do not waste it on dishwashing. Modern technology is able to facilitate life, free up time for more important things. Therefore, the dishwasher is becoming increasingly popular among Russian users.

material Contents:

  • 1 How to choose a dishwasher
    • 1.1 Advantages and disadvantages of the dishwasher
    • 1.2 Determine the type and size of MMP
  • 2 Specifications
    • 2.1 class washing and drying
    • 2.2 class energy consumption
    • 2.3 Water Consumption
    • 2.4 Drying type
    • 2.5 Protection
    • 2.6 Noise level
    • 2.7 Programs and Modes
  • 3 Manufacturing company
  • 4 Rating dishwashers
    • 4.1 Bosch SPV40E40RU
      • 4.1.1 Customer Reviews
      • 4.2.1 User
    • 4.3 Bosch SKS41E11RU
      • 4.3.1 Reviews Consumer
    • 4.4 Miele G4960SCVi
      • 4.4.1 Customer Reviews

How to choose the right dishwasher

The importance of dishwasher for the house is not exaggerated. Most housewives know that dirty dishes can cause quarrels in the family. But now it's easy to solve. The main thing is to find out what equipment will suit your kitchen, it will optimally fit into the space and emphasize the interior.

We will help you and indicate which parameters to pay attention to when choosing a dishwasher.

Advantages and disadvantages of a dishwasher

If you have decided what you need a dishwasher, consider the advantages of technology:

  • saving time and effort;
  • machine can wash dishes, even when you are not at home;
  • hot water optional;
  • compared with hand washing water consumption is reduced by 3-5 times;
  • the possibility of disinfecting utensils at high temperature.

There are also disadvantages:

  • equipment price;
  • free space usage. It is necessary to immediately think about the placement of the dishwasher, so that the door opens freely;
  • big power consumption, besides - it is desirable to carry out connection through the stabilizer;
  • machine does not wash dishes from tin, aluminum, wood;
  • use of chemical detergents.

We decide on the type and dimensions of the dishwasher

Begin the choice of equipment with the definition of the type of dishwasher. Much depends on your personal preferences, the space in the kitchen, the possibility of embedding.

What types of PMM are divided into:

  1. Full-size dishwasher .Their dimensions are on average 60x60x85 cm. Such models are quite spacious and can serve 12-16 sets of dishes at a time.
  2. Narrow models. The width of the body starts from 45 cm. For a cycle in a narrow dishwasher, you can wash from 6 to 9 sets.
  3. Compact PMM.Overall dimensions 45x55x45 cm. Despite the fact that the price of compact machines is lower than that of the two previous options, the quality of the sink leaves much to be desired. But if the room does not have enough space to accommodate a full-sized model, the compact PMM is perfect.

Installation Method:

  1. Fully and partially embedded PMM.Such models are suitable for those who just started to equip the kitchen. When ordering a kitchen unit, you can provide space for a dishwasher or install it in a free cabinet under the sink.
  2. freestanding cars. Installed on a free space. The dimensions of such models are quite large, but capacity is perfect for a large family.


Consider the main characteristics of dishwashers that may affect your choice.

Class of washing and drying

The higher the class, the more expensive the equipment. Manufacturers tend to make dishwashers not only convenient to use, but also economical. The equipment with class A can wash even persistent dirt, after which it will effectively dry the dishes.

After washing and drying in a class B and C machine, you will have to wash the dishes. On the plates may remain stains, water droplets or stains. Therefore, it is worth paying extra for a high class.

Energy consumption class

The energy consumption class per one cycle is indicated in Latin letters:

  • A( 0.8-1.05 kW / h);
  • V( 1.06-1.09 kW / h);
  • С( 2-2,99 kW / h).

As in the first case, class A is the best and most effective. Such models consume 50-80% less energy than class B and C models.

Water consumption

Water consumption depends on the specific model. Cheap stand-alone machines can use 14-16 liters of water per cycle. While more expensive or desktop models - 7-8 liters. No matter how much the dishwasher consumes water, it is much less than what you use for manual washing.

Drying Type

The dishwasher is equipped with two types of drying. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Condensation Type. Acts by the evaporation of moisture. The method is effective, but long.
  2. Turbosushka. It works faster because the drying out of moisture is promoted by hot air blow from the fan. Models with turbo-dryer are much more expensive.


How safe is it to use a dishwasher for the kitchen or cottage? To find the answer to the question, pay attention to protection against leakage and blockage from children.

  1. Protection against leakage prevents leakage in the device. In the event of a malfunction, the AquaStop system will provide protection against leakage, which is especially important when installed in an apartment.

  1. Child Lock. If there are small children in the house, this function should be necessary. Protection blocks the control panel from being accidentally pressed. The hopper door also does not open until you disable protection.

Noise level

You had dinner, and do not want to leave dirty dishes until the morning? Then run the night cycle in the dishwasher. To do this, it is important to know the noise level when using the MMP.Modern manufacturers produce equipment with noise characteristics of not more than 55 dB.There are models with indicators 42-45 dB.

Built-in dishwashers make less noise than free-standing ones due to placement in the kitchen set.

Programs and modes

Decide what functions you need for convenient use of the MMP.The main programs at the dishwasher a little, from 5 to 8 pieces. Separate attention deserve additional features that can be very useful:

  1. Presoak. The effective mode during washing of ware with the dried-up remains of food. In normal washing, not all contaminations are washed, but if they are soaked beforehand, then you will get clean appliances at the exit.
  2. Half load. Actual function for cars with large capacity. If you load the equipment only half, the mode allows you to save up to 30% of water and electricity.
  3. Delay start. If electricity tariffs are lower at night than during the day, the delayed start function will help to save. Just set the beginning of the cycle at a convenient time for you.
  4. Alternating water supply. Water is supplied not immediately from two sprayers, but first from the top, then from the bottom. This approach saves 15-20% of water, while maintaining the quality of washing.

It is worth paying attention to the quality of the material from which the baskets are made for dishes. Check whether the height of the upper basket can be adjusted, which will allow to place large pots and bowls.

You need to choose the right dishwasher according to the parameters that we presented above. Ask how the dishwasher notifies the user about the end of the program. This can be a beep or a beam on the floor. The latter method is typical for embedded machines. The red indicator focuses the red beam on the floor, after which the door can be opened.


There are quite a few firms that manufacture dishwashers. But if you are interested in the best of them, see the list below.

AEG - company is known for its build quality and reliability, occupies a leading position in the market. But for high performance you need to pay dearly. That price repels most consumers.

ARDO - Italian design, soft, rounded lines technology. The cost of "Ardo" products is available to most consumers. Despite the low prices, manufacturers maintain the build quality at a decent level.

BOSCH - dishwashers of this company are in great demand not only in Germany, but also in Russia. The cost of models for every taste - from budget options to expensive luxury cars. The assembly technology of Bosch dishwashers allows them to work for decades.

ELECTROLUX - listen to the advice of experts, pay attention to the place of assembly of products from Electrolux. Although the company itself originated in Sweden, today many countries are engaged in the production of equipment under the name of the brand. PMM Chinese production is better not to buy.

INDESIT - the quality and service life of machines also depends on the place of assembly.

SIEMENS - German concern produces PMM models with stylish, modern design. We are pleased with the wide functionality and new technologies that Siemens is introducing in its technology.

Rating dishwashers

Now you know by what parameters to choose a dishwasher. Below we will present the ranking of the best models, according to customer reviews and recommendations of experts.

Bosch SPV40E40RU

A narrow, built-in dishwasher, measuring 44.8х55х81.5 cm. This model ranks first in the rating, as consumers rated it at 99.5 points out of 100 possible. What is remarkable Bosch SPV40E40RU?

Useful functions:

  1. The function for washing glass regulates water hardness. The fact is that too soft water contributes to the corrosion of glass. But now you can not be afraid to wash delicate products in the PMM.
  2. ActiveWater function - 5 levels of water supply. Separately, the upper and lower arms can work, as well as water is supplied from the ceiling of the chamber. So, the dishes are treated with water from all sides, well washed.
  3. AquaStop system now 100% protects equipment from leakage during the entire warranty period.
  4. The load sensor determines the amount of dishes in order to save water and electricity.
  5. IntensiveZone technology supplies water to the lower basket under pressure. Therefore, trays and pans effectively washed.

Additionally, there is protection against accidentally pressing the keys on the panel and opening the hopper door.

Dishwasher is drying and washing class A. The water consumption per cycle is 9 liters, and the power consumption is 0.78 kW / h. The noise level is 48 dB.The price is from 25 000 rubles.

Customer Reviews


A good, budget option from Bosch. If you have nothing to compare, this dishwasher will seem just a miracle. The machine is quiet, but for a long time. On average, the cycle lasts about 3 hours. I constantly use the “Eco” mode, I like it. But the dishes are not always well washed, especially the dried ketchup. Much depends on the detergent. When I use inexpensive, the result is not impressive, I have to do the dishes. Despite this, I like the MMP very much, I have been using it for a year, I recommend it.


The fully built model is completely hidden behind the door of the kitchen. Dimensions 82x60x57 cm. The machine holds 14 sets of dishes. Electromechanical control allows you to choose from 11 washing programs. Among them are the night, delicate, fast mode.

Condensation Drying allows you to dry appliances in a natural way. After the end of the cycle, the PMM emits a sound signal and also lights up a red beam on the floor. The indicator is specially lit, because the equipment is quiet( 41 dB).

Functions and technologies:

  1. Turbidity sensor. Determines the degree of contamination of water, giving a signal for repeated rinsing.
  2. Delayed launch. Ability to set the start time of the cycle.
  3. Full leak protection.

The machine belongs to the high energy class A ++, the class of washing and drying is also A. The price is from 28,000 rubles.

Reviews of users of


We moved to a new apartment, we decided to order a dishwasher."Ariston" suited us in all respects for embedding. Ordered at random, because no reviews on the model found. I can highlight the following advantages:

  • quiet operation;
  • delayed start mode is very useful, especially during night use;
  • display availability and intuitive control.
  • at the beginning of the cycle, you can upload instruments.
  • unloads and frees time.


  • does not wash the plates well enough.
  • scratches the glass;
  • is not satisfied with washing trays and pans, we have to home.

Bosch SKS41E11RU

A small and compact car is ideal for an apartment or a summer residence. PMM is placed on the table. Dimensions 55.1x50x45 cm. Equipped with a quiet inverter motor, the noise level is 54 dB.

The capacity of the bunker is designed for 6 sets.4 programs cope with washing. The VarioSpeed ​​mode allows you to cut the washing program in half, while maintaining a high-quality result. The following technologies are built in:

  • five levels of ActiveWater water supply for effective washing;
  • load sensor automatically detects the amount of loaded dishes to save water and electricity;
  • the possibility of gentle washing fragile products.

For one cycle, the dishwasher uses 8 liters of water. It has a class A for drying and washing. The price is from 22 500 rubles.

Consumers reviews


This is our first dishwasher, which we bought for a family of 4 people. The machine fits comfortably on the table, because we don’t have room for a large model. I mainly use the “Eco” mode, install the night wash. The sound of the work does not interfere. Of the advantages I can distinguish good quality washing. Even pots and pans are washed, and if something remains, this is due to improper installation of appliances. I did not like that there was no display and no sound signal at the end of work.

Miele G4960SCVi

Premium premium build model. Dishwasher class A washing and drying. Economically consumes energy( class A ++).The equipment not only effectively copes with washing dishes, but also dries it quickly thanks to the Turbo mode.

Baskets hold 14 sets of dishes. Built-in 5 washing programs, including delicate and fast. Avtodovodchik promotes accurate closing of the door. The display on the panel displays the time until the end of the program, after which a beep sounds.

Technique has received complete protection against leakage. Thanks to the delay timer, it is possible to postpone the start of the program for 24 hours. Dimensions PMM 81x60x57 cm. The noise level is 47 dB.Price from 70 000 rubles.

Customer Reviews


After the birth of a child, his wife began to irritate her hands from water. I had to wash the dishes. When I got tired of washing mountains of plates, I took Milly's dishwasher. The quality of washing suits, the front legs can be adjusted. True, with the instruction, some of the differences during installation. This model of production in Germany was different, similar, but produced in the Czech Republic. Therefore, pay attention to the build quality.

After reading our recommendations, you can safely go for the purchase of a dishwasher. Carefully study the labels on the case and the instruction manual.

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