Detailed description and characteristics of the tomato variety market miracle

Tomatoes are not only tasty, but also very useful fruits that will prevent various cardiovascular diseases and significantly lower blood cholesterol levels. Their regular use, preferably fresh, reduces the risk of osteoporosis and thrombocytosis. In particular, the anti-cancer properties of tomatoes are observed in the treatment and prevention of certain types of cancer, for example, the prostate gland.

Tomatoes are very popular today Miracle of the market. They are delicious, beautiful and fragrant. Also, there is a good yield of the variety and the safety of the fruit during transportation. The description and characteristics of this tomato are given below.

Table of contents

  • Description and characteristics of tomato Miracle of the market
    • Where is the best place to grow?
    • Advantages and disadvantages of
  • Sowing seeds for seedlings and soil preparation
  • Transplantation in open ground
  • Grade care after transplantation
  • Diseases and their prevention
  • How to get tomato seeds for next year?
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Description and Characterization of Tomato The Miracle of the Market

Brought this medium late variety of tomatoes on the territory of Russia. It is a standard, semi-determinant cultivated plant, which can reach a height of 1.2-1.6 meters. Tomatoes Miracle of the market can be grown both in open ground and in greenhouse conditions .This variety of tomatoes showed high resistance to various kinds of diseases characteristic of plants.

Mid-late variety of tomatoes Miracle of the market

You can get the first harvest 110-120 days after planting. From one square meter of land you can get 12-14 kg of fruit.

Features of fruits Miracle of the market:

  • as soon as the fruits acquire bright red color , we can talk about their full ripening;
  • tomato shape round , but with a slightly elongated ass;
  • medium-sized fruit reaches a weight of 0.2-0.3 kg .While particularly large specimens can weigh 0.6 kg;
  • The dry matter concentration of is almost 6%.

Tomatoes Miracle of the market and the Queen of the market are often confused. These are different plants, although in appearance their fruits are very similar. King of the market - a hybrid variety ripens a little earlier( 90-105 days after planting) .It is also worth noting that the yield of the Market Miracle is several kilograms more.

Where is the best to grow?

This variety of tomato is better to plant in open ground somewhere in the south of the country. The best option is Astrakhan and the North Caucasus.

Tomato Miracle Market is recommended for planting in open ground, so southern regions of Russia will be suitable for this variety.

If plants are to be planted in a greenhouse, you can use the Miracle of the market in the Central regions of Russia. But it is worth noting that the harvest can be significantly less. Talk about growing cultivated plants in the north of the country is not worth it. This is better not to do.

Advantages and disadvantages of

Like any tomato varieties, all cultivated plants have their positive and negative sides.

The advantages of the tomato Miracle of the market are the following:

  • obtaining good crop ;
  • unpretentiousness of cultivated plants in the process of growing;
  • high protection of tomatoes from various pests and diseases;
  • duration of fruiting period ;
  • excellent flavor characteristics of fruit and wonderful aroma;
  • good product specifications and safety during transportation;
  • medium-sized fruits can be preserved , cooked tomato paste and juice.
When growing tomatoes The miracle of the market in the greenhouse, the yield will decrease

Negative sides of a tomato:

  • requires molding of the stem of plants. It is best to make two branches;
  • the complexity of feeding tomatoes at the initial stage, when the bush is formed. It is recommended to give preference to potassium phosphate fertilizers.

Sowing seeds for seedlings and soil preparation

Tomato seeds Market miracle

It is recommended to plant in March according to the lunar calendar. In this case, should be planted seeds under the film or in separate cups. Soil you can apply purchased in the store, universal. If desired, it is done personally. To do this, the earth is soaked with boiled water and a solution of potassium permanganate to remove all kinds of fungi, diseases and pests.

It is necessary to further enrich the soil with mineral fertilizers. You can also make a mixed soil in the ratio of one to one composition of the purchase and self-treated soil.

Transplantation in open ground

Tomato seedlings should be planted. The miracle of the market in open ground should be in late May - early June. After all, at that time the threat of frost had passed. On one square meter of land it is necessary to place no more than seven bushes. This will allow the plants to grow normally. The earth is poured on top of boiled hot water for additional protection against various kinds of pests and diseases, and is also fertilized with ash and humus.
If you decide to use organic fertilizer complexes together with humus, then it is worthwhile to give preference to potassium-phosphate complexes. They are recommended to be used immediately at the time of planting seedlings in open ground and later on in a few more times.

The planting of seedlings is carried out to a depth of 20-40 mm.

Grade care after transplantation

Formation of tomato stems The miracle of the market is carried out by removing all stepsons except the last. At the same time it is worth tying up a bush. And if there are a lot of fruits on the plant, you can simultaneously make a support for it.

Watering the plants is recommended with extremely warm water after sunset. The subsequent care of the tomatoes in the process of growth consists in constant watering, feeding with nutritious fertilizers, hilling, removing weeds and loosening the soil to enrich the soil with oxygen. Thanks to regular weeding and loosening of the soil, you can prevent damage to plants by pests.

Diseases and their prevention

Even given the fact that plants are highly resistant to various diseases, they can still be affected by brown rot. To prevent further spread of the disease, it is recommended to remove infected tomatoes from the bush. In the future, experts advise to reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizers and reduce watering. To consolidate the result, it is worthwhile to additionally apply specialized tools Hom and Oxis.

Signs of brown rot on the fruits of a tomato Miracle of the market

In an open field, very often a cultivated plant suffers from a bear. You can save yourself from it by deep weeding and cleaning weeds from the soil. There is also a popular method of pest control. At the same time, it is worth making a special solution: a tablespoon of pepper is diluted with 10 liters of water and the land plot is treated with this composition by irrigation.

How to get tomato seeds for the next year?

As the variety of tomatoes Miracle of the market is not a hybrid, you will be able to independently prepare seeds for the next year. But this is with the exception of those cases that you came across a fake.

Collection of tomato seeds

To prepare seeds, it is recommended to follow the following instructions:

  1. Cut in half good and ripe fruit.
  2. Gently clean out of it seeds. Place the
  3. seeds in an glass container and close tightly with a lid. Place the container in a warm place to achieve fermentation.
  4. Fermented seeds of after 2-3 days should be washed , those that float up - should be removed. They are bad.
  5. Dry the seeds of and you're done!

To get a good crop of tomatoes Miracle of the market, must follow all the recommendations of our article .And then you get tasty, beautiful and juicy fruits. Although it will be necessary to work, but it's worth it.

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