Lobelia - planting and care, photo of flowers, examples of the site design

  • Cultivation of lobelia from seeds
  • Planting lobelia in open ground
  • Lobelia as a decoration of the site

From June to September, we are pleased with its lobelia bloom. Planting and care are not difficult. Photos taken at the country garden plots show that this delicate flower would be appropriate to look wherever you planted it. Floral fireworks lobelia have a different range of colors: white, red, maroon, purple, blue, blue. It is used for decoration of flowerbeds, garden paths, borders, mixborders, flower “streams” or rugs. How to grow lobelia from seed, plant, care for it, read on.

Lobelia belongs to the bell family, belongs to the creeping type of plants. Bushes are distinguished by abundant flowering, as small fanlike flowers bloom almost simultaneously, their number is enormous.

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Cultivation of lobelia from

seeds The most common varieties of lobelia begin to bloom after about 70-80 days after seeding. If you want to podgadat appearance of flowers just in time for the beginning of summer, then you need to start sowing on seedlings in March. In general, these terms are not critical, they can be slightly shifted both towards February and closer to April. If the seeding will be done at the end of February, then you cannot do without the help of the backlight( fluorescent, halogen, LED lamps).Germination of lobelia sprouts can be observed already on the tenth or twelfth day after sowing.

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As a soil, it is advisable to use a ready-made substrate intended for seedlings of flowers. However, it does not hurt to shed the soil with a fungicidal solution approximately 2-3 days before sowing, as a preventive measure for possible diseases.

Soil mixture for seeds should be loose, without adding humus. Capacities preferably choose flat, small.

Lobelia - planting and care, steps:

  1. After filling the containers with soil, compact the upper layer a little.
  2. Lobelia seeds are so small that they are more like pollen. For a comfortable process, sharpen the tip of a match, dip it in water, then immerse it in seeds, and only then transfer the resulting dose of seeds to the soil. This method will be especially convenient if you use peat tablets for seedlings instead of containers with soil. You can go more simple way - just pour the seeds on top of the soil.
  3. Immediately after sowing, the seeds can be irrigated once with a solution of "Epin" or "Zircon"( to stimulate growth).
  4. No need to sprinkle seeds on top. The molds are covered with glass or plastic film, cleaned in a warm place. The ideal temperature for lobelia crops is + 18-20 ° C.
  5. Air mini-parnichki need to be regularly. A drop of condensate that has accumulated on the glass and has fallen down can, with its weight, immerse a practically weightless seed at an inappropriate depth.
  6. With proper care, sprouts appear after 10-14 days. Sheeting from the mini-greenhouse is removed gradually, and not at one time.
  7. Cultivation of lobelia from seedlings provides very accurate watering. At first, the sprouted sprouts are so small that sprinkler irrigation or drip irrigation with a needle syringe will be the most relevant choice.
  8. When the first full leaves appear, it is possible to make a pick. For this, it is better to choose the sturdiest seedlings, several pieces( 3-5) per pot. It is very convenient to dive seedlings with a small teaspoon, which seems to cut a small patch of soil with sprouts. This "portion" is placed in an individual form( plastic cups can be used), is removed in a bright, cool place. During this period, the temperature for seedlings should be + 15-18 ° C.

Growing lobelia from seeds provides strict control over the degree of soil moisture. Excess moisture is manifested by the appearance of whitish mold on the leaves of seedlings, and from its lack of leaflets wrapped in a tube.

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Planting lobelia in open ground

As a rule, at the time of disembarkation of seedlings of lobelia, there are already first flowers.

Planting takes place around the end of May - after it becomes reliably clear that there will be no more cold spells. This plant is unpretentious to the place of growth, but it will be better if you choose an open sunny place or a slightly shaded area.

Lobelia - planting, stages:

  1. The soil should be light, moist, fertile. The pits for bushes should not be too deep, 20-30 cm is enough. The distance between the holes should be 15-20 cm.
  2. We pour claydite( or crushed brick) at the bottom of each hole - it will perform the drainage function.
  3. We remove the bush extracted from the pot onto the drainage “cushion” and fill the roots with soil.
  4. Bushes of young seedlings - 3-5 pieces can be planted in one hole.

For harmonious growth and flowering, lobelia should be watered regularly and moderately, as well as eliminated from weeds.

Mineral supplements will be appropriate for those plants that are in hanging pots or pots. They should not be fertilized more than once every seven days. For those flowers that grow in a limited soil, for example, in pots, a hydrogel can be added to the soil mixture - this will help maintain the desired level of moisture. It is advisable to water lobelia twice a day, especially if the summer is dry.

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Lobelia as a decoration of the site

When you make a dacha with the help of lobelia, you need to take into account that it is quite moisture-loving, which means that it should be selected as “companion” plants with similar requirements. Successful compositions are obtained with marigolds, calendula, lion's throat, petunia.

When making flower combinations for lobelia, it is better to choose plants of low species. In this case, the influence of rain and wind will not damage the decorativeness of neighboring colors.

Lobelia feels comfortable in the shaded areas. When making places dimly illuminated by the sun( for example, near the walls of a house), low perennials or annual plants such as balsam, tuberous begonia, ageratum, geyhery, cineraria should be chosen for lobelia.

Lobelia ampelnaya perfectly manifests itself in container planting, in a short period of time it can grow to the state of a lush floral “waterfall”.

If you plant it together with spicy plants, then pollinating insects will not take long to wait.

Tiered containers with lobelia of different colors will look good at the entrance to the house or yard( at the gate), as well as on decorative shtaketniki. For decorating fences with flower cascades, ampelous varieties of lobelia are suitable. Garden ponds or small fountains will decorate and underline all shades of blue or blue, which lobelia is so famous for. Creating a "water" theme, it should be noted that it is the blue or azure tsvetogamma of these plants that could not be better served.

Lobelia can be considered a universal decorative element, as its light, openwork flowers harmoniously blend with all styles of registration sites. In a rustic style, romantic, landscape, country-style, even Japanese - this amazing flower will become a real highlight, harmoniously fit into the composition of other flowers, bushes, trees.

Low-growing varieties of this plant are simply indispensable for the design of borders, carpet-mosaic flower beds, alpine hills. And cascade views are the best suited for decorating verandas, balconies, hanging baskets, pots.

With the onset of autumn, perennial varieties of lobelia are cut almost to the root, carefully covered with fallen leaves or peat. A thick layer of such shelter( about 20 cm) helps the plant to winter, but this option is suitable for regions where bitter cold does not reign.

Lobelia perennial can also be dug out in the fall and transplanted into a suitable-sized container. Thus, it will comfortably survive the winter, like a room flower, and with the onset of spring it can be spread out and give birth to a new generation of plants.

The perennial varieties include: Lobelia the Beautiful, Lobelia Brilliant( Fiery), Lobelia Purple, Gerardi, Lobelia Sidyachist.

In order to grow lobelia with their own hands do not require special skills or secret knowledge. Patience, accuracy, scrupulous observance of the rules of sowing, the subsequent care of plants is enough. Graceful flowers, charming in their simplicity, lobelia will become a bright, real decoration of your country house or territory.

Give her attention to timely watering, removal of weeds. She will thank you for an amazing visual and aesthetic impression and beauty.

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