How to remove the gum from the washing machine

Like any other equipment, a washing machine is subject to a number of breakdowns. Most often, users are interested in how to remove the sealing gum from the drum of the washing machine.

Next, we will look at this, tell you how to replace it or get access to other components of the CMA.

material Contents:

  • 1 Purpose sealing gum
  • 2 When you need to disassemble the seal clamp
  • 4
  • 3 Dismantling Dismantle the front panel
  • 5 Full dismantling

Purpose sealing

gum in any model of the washing machine gum seal performs the same function - serves as a sealant. It reliably isolates the space between the hull and the tank. If the integrity of this part is broken, water may leak to the electrics - control board.

The second rubber band - the one you see daily - is on the door. It prevents water from spilling out of the drum and prevents a short circuit.

When you need to remove the

gasket. Usually, you need to remove the old one and install a new cuff in such situations:

  • An elastic band has served its operational life.
  • Cuff received mechanical damage.

The rubber seal is torn, as a rule, in such cases:

  • Low-quality washing powders were selected.
  • A drum is often hard and heavy, such as shoes or jackets.
  • Inaccurate loading of things.
  • Wash temperature too high.
  • Keys, coins, and other items that may damage the gum fall out of the clothes into the drum.

To understand that the seal is no longer usable, take a look at your CM.There are a lot of "symptoms" that indicate a violation of the integrity of the rubber cuff:

  • Under the machine or near it, you find water.
  • When washing, you may hear sounds uncharacteristic for AGR.

If there was a crash, then it is very dangerous! Turn off the machine, drain the water, and replace the gum to avoid short circuit.

  • Harder than usual, the hatch is closed.

Further repair is to dismantle the gum. Next, we will tell you how to remove the cuff and do not confuse anything.

Dismantling the

yoke Before removing the gum from the washing machine, buy a new original cuff in advance, corresponding to the model of your CMA.

Important! You can buy the cuff in the service center, in a specialty store and even on the Internet. The main thing is that the part was original and fit your CM model. To the touch new gum should be soft. Also, high-quality gum bends well.

Prepare for repair:

  • Disconnect the machine from electricity.
  • Arm yourself with two screwdrivers: “plus” and “minus”.

At the first stage of dismounting the rubber seal, it will be necessary to remove the clamp holding it. It can be made of both metal( in the form of a thin wire) and plastic. The clamp is removed, regardless of the type of machine, always the same:

  1. Find the clip or spring of the clamp. It can be located at the bottom of the hatch or on the side - where the lock is located.
  2. Take a minus screwdriver, pull the spring, loosen it.
  3. If there is a cog in the same place, taking the second screwdriver, unscrew it.
  4. The plastic clip is held in place by the snaps - they will easily open when you pull it towards you.
  5. Prying off a ring with a thin screwdriver, remove it.
  6. Now you can remove the cuff, tucking it in the direction of the drum - so you remove it without damaging.

If you removed the cuff to get to other parts of the case, and are going to then put it in place, pay attention to one important nuance. There are small triangular marks on the elastic and the drum. They must be the same.

If there is no single label, draw it yourself - this is how you assemble the design correctly.

Dismantling the front panel of the

In order to completely remove the gum from the drum of the washing machine, you also need to disassemble the facade. This is easy if you follow our recommendations:

  • Unscrewing the fasteners on the back of the machine, remove the top cover.
  • Remove the detergent dispenser - under it you will find other bolts that hold the front panel.
  • Taking a thin screwdriver, bend the latches of the control unit, remove and place it on top of the case.
  • Also remove the bottom panel( where the drain filter is).
  • Walk around the perimeter of the front panel to unscrew the retaining fasteners.
  • Now you can pull the wall towards yourself, thereby providing access to the inside of the seal.

Caution! In brands such as AEG, Samsung or Indesit, you can not remove the front part of the machine. Enough and the fact that you just unscrew and remove the top cover.

Complete dismantling of the

In order for the sealing rubber to be in your hands, you will have to remove its rear part from the hatch. There is another clamp, which is removed in the same way as the external one.

Use a flat screwdriver and quickly remove the mount. After that, you can easily remove the seal to repair or replace it.

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