Error F07 in the washing machine Ariston

Why washer Ariston showing F07 error on the display? The reason is that the heating element is not covered with water. Learn how to fix the problem and remove the error code yourself.

Electromechanical SMA indicate the trouble code by blinking Superstart lights - “Quick Wash” - “Extra Rinse”.

Below we will explain in detail what the error means, and what to do if it occurs.

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  • 1 How to troubleshoot
    • 1.1 error How to fix Ariston washing machine breakdown and HotpointThe problem is simple actions:
      • Do not exclude the possibility of a system failure. To reset the F07 error, you must de-energize CM Ariston, and then turn it on again after 20 minutes. The error disappeared - the reason for the failure, flashed again - try other options.

      How to fix the breakdown of Ariston washing machines and Hotpoint Ariston

      For styralok AVL and AVD type with EVO-II controller:

      1. Check if the J3 connector of the pressure switch is connected to the electronic module. It happens that the wires depart or burn out due to sharp jumps of electricity. May need spike or replacement of damaged areas.
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      2. Inspect the pressure switch for damage. A malfunction is detected, so the part must be replaced.
      3. Check the voltage by measuring with a multimeter. If the heater is OK, with a power of 1800 W, it will show a resistance of about 25 Ohms. What to do if TEN failed the test? We'll have to replace it.
      4. If the cause is in the controller of the control board, it will need repair or full replacement.

      Ariston Margarita 2000 Washing Machines( AL and ALS) with an EVO-I Controller:

      1. Inspect the wiring to see if there is a contact in the CM1 electrical connector.
      2. Perform diagnostics of the TENA relay on the controller.
      3. Replace the electronic module, if necessary.

      If, after all, the heater has not passed the test, and the machine generates an error F 07, which indicates its malfunction, we will tell you how to replace the heating element.

      How to remove and replace the heating element To

      To remove the error and return the washing machine to normal operation, proceed:

      • If you checked the heating element as described in point 3, then all the wires have already been disconnected.
      • Using a wrench, unscrew the fastening nut under number 1 in the photo.
      • Press the remaining pin( No. 2) firmly, pushing it inward.
      • Since the heater is sealed with rubber, pry it to the edge( pictured number 3)
      • The serviceable heater is put in the reverse order.

      If everything is correct, the Ariston washing machine will work, as before. How to check the TEN, see the video:

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