Detailed description and characteristics of the Rodrigo potato

The mid-early Rodrigo potato variety has practically no flaws. It differs in the large size of root crops and high productivity. The gardeners won popularity due to its taste and simple process of cultivation.


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Rodrigo potatoes


Rodrigo has the time needed to reach the rootDami optimal size with durable skin, is approximately 70-85 days .Harvested during this period can be stored until spring. Suitable for food and has reached a conditional maturity, which has an optimal size, but a thin peel, lagging behind the fruit.

It is not necessary to wait for the full maturity of the variety to be used as food.

According to the description, the average weight of fruits is 200 g, but some tubers gain 500 or even 800 g. The ripened root crop has a dark red skin color. The eyes are small. The flesh is colored yellow, and some fruits may have a creamy tint.

This is a medium starchy variety. Its content ranges from 12.5 to 15.4%.In the process of cooking quickly boiled soft. It is also used for frying, added to soups and salads.

Description of the variety

Rodrigo shrubs are quite tall, with semi-upright stems. The leaves are large-sized dark green color. They have an wrinkled structure and no pubescence. The edges of the sheet have a weak waviness.

Blooms large, white flowers. Drought resistantIt grows well in the south of the country, and in the northern regions.

Up to 10 large fruits can be collected from one bush. In farms with 1 hectare receive up to 450 centners. At the same time 95% of the harvest has a presentation. Small potatoes almost never happen.

Rodrigo has a universal application .In addition to food use, starch and alcohol components are made from it.

The main domestic use of culture - cooking

Advantages and disadvantages of

The positive characteristics of Rodrigo include:

  • heat resistance;
  • undemanding on soil composition;
  • disease resistance , affecting this type of root crops;
  • good keeping quality in winter;
  • ability to withstand mechanical damage;
  • good taste characteristics ;
  • versatility.

Specific deficiencies in the variety is not installed. The commission that conducted the research states that it is constant in qualitative characteristics.

Where does the variety come from

Does Rodrigo officially exist? He was bred by German breeders. Currently, it is being tested by cultivation in the territory of the Russian Federation. It is planned to include it in the state register of vegetable crops.

Varietal potatoes

Only quality varietal potatoes should be planted. Approximately 1 time in 3-5 years should be purchased planting material in seed farms.

How to get

. There is . There are several ways to grow varietal potatoes:

  • growing small tubers from a large fruit;
  • growing small tubers from cuttings;
  • growing seed potatoes from sprouts;
  • obtaining seed from the top of the tuber;
  • receiving varietal of seeds.

During the growth of the bushes, cleaning is carried out to remove non-varietal and diseased plants. Harvested seed potatoes are stored separately from food. Pre-plant it for 2 weeks under a canopy.

Characteristic of

varieties Potato varieties are distinguished not only by their appearance and taste, but by the following characteristics:

  • of the type ;
  • cultivation area;
  • disease resistance;
  • ripening time ;
  • starch content.
The type of variety determines how fast the crop can be harvested

In addition, potatoes are divided into species depending on ripening terms:

  • superemployed ( you can collect on day 34 after planting);
  • early ( crop digging for 40 days);
  • medium early ( root vegetables digging starting at day 55);
  • mid-season ( collected after 65 days);
  • middle late ( crop can be expected only from 80 to 100 days after planting);

Early ripening varieties

Early ripening varieties include potatoes, which are harvested from 40 days after planting. Representatives of such varieties:

  • Dutch “Arrow”, with a high yield of up to 600 centners from 1 hectare;
  • Ukrainian Dnepryanka, from one hectare it is possible to collect up to 520 centners of this variety.
  • "Impala", growing both in rainy and in the dry summer months .

Medium and late ripening varieties

Medium early include the following representatives: Zabava, Mriya, Nevsky, Sineglazka, Sante, Picasso.

Middle-late potato varieties: Desiree, Kuroda.

Exotic varieties

Rare varieties of potatoes are usually not grown on farmer's fields. They are planted by amateur gardeners. Representatives of the exotic: "Adretta", "Violet", "Lilac Haze."

They have excellent taste , good keeping quality and disease resistance. In addition, they have an unusual appearance, but the varieties have no relation to genetic engineering.

Growing Rodrigo

In what soil to plant and how to protect

For Rodrigo potatoes, the soil chosen for planting does not matter. But it should provide for the introduction of nitrogen and potash fertilizers. It is not recommended to plant it near the apple trees or flower beds with tomatoes.

It is advisable to plant potatoes after legumes or cereals. A good harvest can be obtained by planting it after onions or cabbage.

It is better to use to tillage the soil with anti-weed agents before sprouting potatoes.

During cultivation, it is obligatory to loosen the soil and pile up the bushes. Even in the dry summer months, Rodrigo is not demanding irrigation.

So that the bushes do not hit such serious problems as scab, late blight, nematodes should be prevented by spraying the plants with special means.

To combat the most common problem - Colorado potato beetle use these drugs:

  • Aktara;
  • Regent;
  • Prestige;
  • Lightning;
  • Alachi;
  • Corado;
  • Commander.

Preparing for planting

Those tubers that are destined for planting go through the landscaping phase immediately after harvest. To do this, in a bright room, potatoes sprinkled in 2-3 layers.

Already after 10 days a green substance is formed in the tubers. is called Solanine .Bitter to the taste, it will be reliably protected from rodents. He will also heal mechanical damage. This procedure can be done in the spring.

When growing Rodrigo potatoes, only healthy root crops are planted in the soil. To identify the diseased fruits they are immersed in a solution of urea.1.5 kg of urea is placed in a bucket of water and potatoes are placed there. Floated potatoes are not suitable for landing.

Pathogens can be found on the surface of root crops( for scab, Alternaria, phomosis, phytfluorosis, rhizoctoniosis).In order to prevent the development of these diseases in the process of growing, potatoes are treated with bio-fungicide before planting. For this use: Planriz, Fitosportin, Alirin, Baksis, Binoram.

1.5-2 weeks before disembarking, he is allowed to remove excess moisture from it. It is laid out in a warm place, for example in a greenhouse and covered with rags. This procedure reduces the risk of damage to the tubers when planted.

It is recommended to sprout potatoes before planting on heavy soils. In order to have sprouts, it is enough 3 weeks before to take the planting material into a damp warm room.

If there is not enough moisture, then potatoes are periodically sprinkled with water. Potatoes are ready for planting when the sprouts have reached 1 cm, and the roots of roots have appeared in the lower part of the fruit.

Gardeners before planting potatoes are powdered with ashes. It is believed that this method helps to strengthen the stems and increase yield.

When planting potatoes, it is necessary to ensure that the soil is loose and does not interfere with the growth of root crops. For this, deep plowing is done in autumn. Light sandy soil is plowed in the spring, shortly before planting.

Heavy clay soils are improved by applying coarse sand and organic fertilizers. Sandy soil weights by adding soddy clay soil and adding organic matter.

Example of sandy soil

In order to fertilize the soil during plowing, compost, manure, potash fertilizers and superphosphate are applied.

Planting procedure step by step

Potato planting is carried out in May, when the soil at a depth of 10 cm warms up to 9 degrees. Potatoes are planted in the furrows prepared in advance. In small areas, it is planted "under the shovel."The distance between the bushes is at least 80x35 cm. The tuber digs to a depth of 10 cm.

The larger the planting material, the the longer the gap between the holes of the .But the depth of embedding remains the same( 10 cm).

If the landing area is small, then some ash and humus are placed in each well, and a potato is placed on top. Then the hole is covered with earth.

It is recommended to plant potatoes the size of a chicken egg. If for this to use larger fruits, it will unnecessarily increase the need for planting material, and will not affect the increase in yield.

Large potatoes before planting can be cut into 2 parts along the root, so that both parts have apical sprouts and give good shoots.

The Rodrigo variety is confident is gaining popularity among both gardeners and hostesses. It is pleasant to grow on your site magnificent large potatoes, from which you can prepare dishes according to long-practiced recipes, which will acquire a new flavor.

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