How to disassemble and repair the gas stove with your own hands

How to disassemble and repair the gas stove with your own hands


Today, a large number of conscientious producers work on the market of gas stoves, but outside Depending on reliability, quality and functionality, this subject of household equipment sooner or later comes out of building. Therefore, repairing a gas stove with one's own hands is quite a popular event, which many people resort to. Of course, there are such malfunctions that only highly qualified specialists should deal with, but in many cases it is possible to dismantle and fix the plate yourself.

The most common problems that occur when working with a gas stove are:

  • insufficiently intense flame from the burner;
  • problems with the oven door;
  • poor thermocouple performance of the solenoid valve;
  • the electric ignition does not work.

Gas is a source of increased explosivity. During its mixing with air, when a certain ratio is reached, the gas can lead to an explosion and unusually heavy consequences. Therefore, if there is a need to fix the gas stove, it is necessary to cut off the gas access to the room. It is not superfluous to open the window or entrance door. Also, experts recommend completely disconnecting the electric ignition.


  • 1Repair of a ring
  • 2Repairing the oven door
  • 3Adjusting the thermocouple of the solenoid valve
  • 4Electro-ignition and its repair

Repair of a ring

The most popular faults of the gas cooker are the problems with the burner. Often, the flame at first becomes noticeably weaker, after which it disappears completely. The main cause of this phenomenon is a clog of dissecters or burners. This is the result of inaccurate preparation. So, the boiled broth, the sauce, lead to the clogging of small holes. In addition, they can be clogged with detergent particles.

The solution to this problem is obvious and quite simple. It is necessary to remove the burner, disassemble it, and carefully clean the nozzle or the divider. Best for these purposes is a "gypsy" needle and thin needle. Before cleaning the burner, wait until the burners have completely cooled down.

Repairing the oven door

To very common "illnesses" of gas stoves are problems with the doors of the oven. After some time of operation, this element starts to seize, it is not enough to close tightly. As a result, it does not allow the normal use of household appliances, so after identifying the problems with the door, it must be repaired.


To repair the oven door, unscrew the screws that connect it to the cooker. Completely screws do not need to be twisted. Having loosened the screws, it is necessary to shake the door slightly in different directions until it sits on the hinges. To check the tightness of the seal, you can use a regular paper sheet to be inserted between the seal and the edge of the plate. If the sheet is not pressed properly, the above procedure should be repeated.

Adjusting the thermocouple of the solenoid valve

The control system for gas leakage is very important. It guarantees the possibility of avoiding leakage at involuntary damping of the flame and is directly responsible for the safety of the tenants, so it can not be neglected. However, each additional option for home appliances is a potential source of problems during operation.

Many owners of gas stoves with gas-control (thermocouple) are familiar with the following situation: after releasing the button, the flame immediately goes out. Thermocouple is a metal pin with a pointed upper part, which is located directly near the burner. This element serves as a temperature sensor with the following operating principle: after the flame attenuation, the temperature decreases, and the gas control automatically closes the tap. Therefore, even with the burner on, the gas does not flow.

To eliminate this problem it is quite enough to clean the thermocouple from grease, stain, dirt with ordinary sandpaper. If the cleaning did not give the expected result, you will have to disassemble the panel and replace the device.


Electro-ignition and its repair

Electric ignition of the gas cooker makes it possible to set fire without using a cigarette lighter or a match. This element requires an additional connection of the plate to the outlet, but it significantly improves the safety of the operation of household appliances. In general, the electric ignition fails quite seldom, but it happens. If you do not repair it, you will have to continue to match matches, which is very inconvenient.

There are two main reasons for the failure: the electric ignition may be simply broken during the wiping of the plate or very heavily clogged with dirt and particles of the food being cooked. In both cases, you will need to replace the item. To make such a replacement, it is necessary to disconnect the gas stove, disassemble the partition located below it. Then the old electric ignition unit is disconnected from the bracket and a new one is installed. The installation of the new device must necessarily be preceded by the deactivation of the ignition control module.

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