Error F10 in the washing machine Indesit

When no signals are received from the water level sensor, the F10 error is displayed on the electronic scoreboard of the Indesit machine. The model of electromechanical SMA Indesit, indicates a problem by flashing the indicators “Additional rinsing” - “Turns”, “Lock”.The indicators “Washing delay” - “Quick wash” can also be lit.

Also, when the tank is filled with water, the sensor can give an “Empty Tank” signal.

How to fix the problem yourself, consider next.

Material content:

  • 1 Symptoms
  • 2 F 10 on the machine: self-check
    • 2.1 What if the previous methods did not help

Trouble Symptoms

What did F10 mean on the indesit washing machine you learned. What are the signs of a malfunction of the pressure switch:

  • Indesit machine fills too little, or, conversely, a lot of water.
  • The washed laundry is badly pressed.
  • The tank is empty, but the system has connected the heating element for heating, which means a malfunction of the water level sensor.
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F 10 on the typewriter: self-check

How to fix and fix the problem?

  1. Reboot. Turn off the plug of the Indesit washing machine from the outlet to reset the error.
  2. Check the cleaning filter for clogs.
  3. Check the connection and water supply.

What should I do if the machine still shows the error F10 on the display? Need to check the water level sensor.

  1. Turn off the Indesit washing machine, unplug it.
  2. Remove the top cover.
  3. Remove the clamp and disconnect the hose from the pressure switch.
  4. Connect a larger hose and blow. When the pressostat is working, you will hear clicks.
  5. Inspect for damage to all connections, wires, hoses. View contacts at the time of contamination.

If the pressure switch is broken, perform a replacement. Checking it yourself is easy, guided by this video:

What to do if the previous methods did not help

The reason why the Indesit washer error F10 can be covered in the control module. Why the board fails:

  • Fuse failure.
  • The thyristor control unit has closed.
  • Burned capacitor.
  • Malfunction board resistor.
  • Blown Triggers.

All this can lead to the above problems. How to clear the error and eliminate the malfunction code:

  1. Before repairing or replacing the board, ring the parts with a tester.
  2. If you need to replace the module, remove the front cover of the machine.
  3. Remove the screws, detach the fasteners.
  4. Remove the broken module and replace it with a working part.

Solving a problem is easy, it is important to correctly recognize the cause of a breakdown. Error F10 on the washing machine Indesit can only suggest a possible malfunction. Next - the case for diagnosis.

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