Modes and washing time in a washing machine Samsung

The home appliance market offers a huge selection of washing machines. And often buyers choose this technique, based on a specific list of modes. Not only the modes themselves are important, but also the ease of choosing them, the understandability of the icons, the ease of launching the program.

We usually remember what the main modes mean, and when you have to choose a new wash cycle, which has not been used before, it is not clear what these functions mean and how to use them.

In this article we will look at the main Samsung washing modes, as well as descriptions and designations of icons on the display panel.

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washing machine mode Samsung program table: description and designations

Samsung technology does not need complex icons at all. The manufacturer took care of simple navigation, so icons usually accompany only standard programs.

Therefore, to understand the modes, it is worth remembering the names of the main functions, not symbols. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the table in which you will find descriptions and designations of the main washing modes in Samsung machines.

Photo Samsung washing machine program Description Approximate time *

"Cotton" will suit you if you need to wash things with moderate or low soiling.

Most often it is bedding, underwear, towels, shirts and more.

up to 3 hours.
Synthetic Wash blouses and shirts made of polyester and polyamide with light or moderate soiling on “Synthetic”. up to 2 hours.
Hand wash wool

At the "Hand wash wool" is allowed to wash only wool products. Moreover, you can send things to the drum only if there are no prohibition badges on the tag - most woolen items cannot be machine washed.

No more than 2 kg of dry laundry can be loaded into the drum.

about 50 minutes.
Children's clothes

The cycle goes to high temperatures and provides several additional rinses.

This will completely eliminate the traces of any washing and washing products from children's clothes.

up to 2.5 hours.

Too Polluted Cotton products with heavy soiling and complex stains are the main “clients” of this mode.

It is suitable for washing bed linen, tablecloths and napkins, underwear, dirty towels, shirts and even jeans.

2.5 hours.
Quick 29 ′ Wash on “Quick 29” is only those clothes that really need a quick wash. Typically, the mode is used to refresh things, stale in the wardrobe. 29 minutes.
Spin Despite the fact that many programs provide spin by default, you can select spin as a separate function. It is usually required to get practically dry things at the exit. about 5 minutes.
Rinse + Spin “Rinse + Spin” is used as “Quick 29” just to freshen up, rinse and wash clothes. You can also start this mode, if you forgot to pour the conditioner-rinse conditioner into the dispenser while the laundry is being loaded. up to 20 minutes.

* The table below gives indicative figures; for exact, see the instructions for your model.

How to choose a mode in a Samsung

washing machine If you are interested in how to select, configure and set a specific washing mode in a Samsung washing machine, we can hardly give a definite answer to this question. The fact is that the models are different. For example, in one to start rinsing you need to press the button once, in other models - twice.

Usually, a program is selected like this: you select the desired cycle, set the required washing time, if this is not provided by the program, and all press the “Start” button. It's simple!

For more information on modes, look in the user manual( instructions) for your Samsung washing machine model.

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