How to set up satellite TV MTS

How to set up satellite TV MTS


Satellite TV is an opportunity to receive a variety of television channels in remote corners of our country. One of the most popular providers of satellite TV services is the mobile operator MTS. After acquiring the necessary kit, users often ask how to independently set up satellite TV from MTS. The procedure is not particularly complicated, therefore, taking advantage of our recommendations, it is quite possible to deal with it on its own.


  • 1What is Satellite TV MTS?
  • 2Equipment selection
  • 3What is necessary
  • 4The process of setting up satellite TV MTS
    • 4.1Setting up the receiver
  • 5Features settings depending on the brand of the TV
  • 6What can go wrong

What is Satellite TV MTS?

The MTS satellite is characterized by an extensive coverage area covering about 95% of the territory of the Russian Federation. Subscribers have the possibility of full access to 245 high-definition channels of HDTV format and high-speed Internet of 3G and 4G networks.

A stable signal is provided by the modern satellite ABS-2, 75 E, recently launched by MTS. The satellite is equipped with powerful transponders, which provide a confident reception on a plate with a diameter of up to, meter.

Antenna installation guarantees the owner:

  • stable signal of high quality regardless of the place of installation;
  • easy installation and configuration;
  • a package of various TV channels;
  • the ability to connect Wi-Fi without the use of additional devices;
  • set of interactive functions: weather, news, currency rate, social networks and popular sites;
  • automatic software update;
  • The possibility of watching movies on an individual schedule, without waiting for their airing;
  • function "TV Guide" with additional information on the upcoming and planned TV shows.

Equipment selection

Red satellite dish for TV from MTS - stylish and efficient

To connect satellite TV from MTS, a standard set of equipment is required, as for the television of other operators:

  • plate;
  • Receiver for HD-format signals;
  • SMART-card of MTS;
  • converter module;
  • coaxial cable;
  • F-type connectors;
  • fasteners.

What is necessary

There are no any difficulties in setting up MTS satellite TV. Do not even need special equipment to detect the satellite signal, it is enough to have a smartphone with the application downloaded from the official site.


You can also determine the position of the satellite by using the wizard on the MTS website or directly in the set-top box menu:

  • On the MTS website we go to the section "Satellite TV". Then find the "Settings" tab. Next, open the Coverage Map window and the Setup Wizard. Here we type our own address. A map of the terrain is displayed indicating the angle of installation of the antenna.
  • When used to determine the direction of the menu of the receiver, go to the tab "Settings" and then "Antenna settings". From the highlighted list, choose the desired city. A compass image showing the corners is displayed. The direction of the antenna is set by the usual mechanical or electronic, installed in the gadget compass.
  • Having determined the position of the satellite, it is necessary to send an antenna to it. During installation, care should be taken to ensure that the signal is not obstructed by trees, buildings and other disturbances. The antenna is routed strictly at the recommended angle. Deviation of the head even by a couple of centimeters will lead to a loss of signal quality.

The process of setting up satellite TV MTS

The prefix for satellite TV from MTS differs conservative design

After installing the antenna and connecting the cable to the set-top box, proceed to setting the signal:

  • We turn on the prefix and wait for the download.
  • Open the "Settings" menu, then select "Antenna settings".
  • A scale is displayed on the TV screen, reflecting the level of the signal. Good quality is indicated by a green line. Rotate the antenna until it happens.
  • After full filling of the scale with a saturated green color, finally fix the antenna.

For ease of adjustment, it is necessary to perform all the actions together, so that one person directs the antenna, and the other controls the level of the signal in the apartment.


Setting up the receiver

After setting the maximum strong signal by adjusting the antenna, we proceed to the direct tuning of the equipment. To do this, perform the following actions:

  • We pass authorization of the equipment to get full access to the services of MTS TV. The receiver is equipped with an integrated GSM-module with the ability to transfer data via the Internet. It is necessary to make sure that this function is in the active state in the receiver settings.
  • With the active GSM module, the connected equipment is authorized in automatic mode. If any function is unavailable at the time of authorization, the procedure is performed using SMS or a call to the contact center.
  • After authorizing the equipment, we perform a channel search through the corresponding menu. The TV is preliminarily transferred to the DVB-S2 signal reception mode.

Full access to MTS satellite TV services is possible provided a signed agreement with the operator. While the signed agreement does not come into force, the services will operate in the familiarization mode.


Features settings depending on the brand of the TV

Set up a TV to search for satellite TV channels is easy

To connect a satellite TV you will need a DVB-S / S2 TV tuner with a CI-slot. TVs released after 2012 are equipped with them. If the receiver is old, you will need to purchase a set-top box with the HD signal reception function.

The setting is made automatically or manually, depending on the particular TV receiver. For example, consider this process on a Samsung TV with the SMART-TV function:

  • Go to the "Menu" tab and select "Translation".
  • In the window that opens, select the "Autotune" item.
  • Click the "Start" button. The mode is "Full". The scanning process is started.
  • The TV searches for all available channels from the connected MTS receiver.

Old models are configured in manual mode. The process is as follows:

  • On the TV remote, press "Menu".
  • In the opened window click "Channel" - "Antenna". Change the setting to "Cable".
  • The Country tab opens. In it, the TV will prompt you for the password. By default, the receiver sets the password to 0000. In the list of countries we choose Russia or Eastern Europe.
  • Go to the section "Cable Channels". It can be located in the main menu or in the tab "Autotuning".
  • In the section we set the values ​​of the beginning and the end of the search: 29800KHz-362000KHz. The remaining values ​​in the menu are already automatically displayed.
  • Select the "Autotuning" window - "Digital TV" and click the "Next" button.
  • Open the search mode and hammer in the "Network". With the "Search" button we enable the scanning of available channels.
  • When scanning is finished, click "OK". Channels found by the receiver will be saved automatically.

What can go wrong

During the connection of the MTS TV receiver or searching for TV channels, technical malfunctions may occur. Diagnose and correct the situation as follows:

  • The display shows "No Signal". The reason may be in cable damage or weather conditions.
  • If "No channels" appears, reset the settings to factory defaults and start the connection process again.
  • Resetting the settings is also carried out if the image on the screen and the sound do not match.
  • When the TV has searched for channels, but many have not found it, you need to update, that is, start a new search.
  • The receiver produces an error with the code "E". A list of possible errors can be viewed on the MTS website.
  • If an error code appears on the screen, starting with a different letter, the TV is defective.

You can independently connect and adjust the satellite TV antenna from MTS, having minimal skills in working with tools and using the detailed instructions from this article. If there are doubts that the process will be successful, it is more expedient to contact the master. Incorrect installation and adjustment of the equipment can lead to breakage and considerable material expenses for its repair.

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