"Dropper" for the garden, or how best to organize watering the garden plot

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As spring approaches, every gardener tries to prepare as best he can for the upcoming season. And one of the most important stages of preparation is the organization of watering the garden plot. Watering is not only the most important, but also a rather tedious process in working at the site, which takes a lot of time. Therefore, perhaps the best method of irrigation is a device at the site of the drip irrigation system.

Why is the "dropper" all the same?

This technology has been known since the 60s of the last century and is very popular all over the world. Advantages of using the drip irrigation system:

  • only feeds the root system of the
  • plants with this method. It is possible to apply fertilizer and plant protection products along with irrigation, thereby reducing the likelihood of
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  • diseases.crop yields
  • reduced labor and time costs, there is a saving of water, electricity, fertilizers
  • installation of drip irrigation system mYou can make your own
  • system can be used in greenhouses, greenhouses, garden and garden

The device of the drip irrigation system must be started with a preliminary project. To do this, you need to draw a plan of your site with zoning of the beds with plants. With this plan, the required amount of materials for the irrigation system is calculated. Currently, there are many outlets in which both ready-made systems and individual components are sold.

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The water source can be a water supply system, a reservoir, a well, a well or a separate tank installed on a hill( if it is not possible to install a water pump).From this object and starts laying the system. First we lay the main pipelines from the water supply source to the irrigation sites. Then, using the connecting fittings, we connect the distribution pipelines directly to the plants.

A water purification filter must be installed between the water supply source and the system, which will protect the drip tape from clogging and thereby prolong its service life. Also in this area is installed pressure regulator to create a constant pressure of water in the system.

For those who want to make their irrigation work even easier, you can suggest installing various electronic devices that will control the entire irrigation process in time and quantity.

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Time and cash costs for the installation of a drip irrigation system are fully compensated for by a generous harvest, which the garden will please its owners.

Video about the organization of drip irrigation at the cottage

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