How to choose a good speaker for a computer or TV

Before you choose speakers, you need to answer a simple question - why do you need them? If you are looking for simple speakers for a laptop or computer, then you should not think for a long time: the usual “tweeters” will be quite enough. If you are an avid gamer and want to get a sound close to the ideal one, it’s better to look for a more expensive option. For movies on a computer or a new "plasma" fit speakers, consisting of satellites and a subwoofer. Tell about everything in more detail.


  • 1 Types of
  • 2 Speakers, Satellites and Subwoofers
  • 3 Speaker Configurations
  • 4 Specifications

Types of

Speakers are floor, ceiling, recessed and wall. The first are suitable for large rooms. In cramped apartments, they will be irrelevant, since nothing but a buzzing bass( to the "joy" of the neighbors) will bring. To install such a speaker system should be professionals.

Embedded models because of their features are more suitable for a private house. Usually they are used to create a background sound, very rarely for home theaters, and never at all as stereo components. For the latter option, it is better to buy other good speakers.

Ceiling and wall-mounted speakers require special mounting. For them you need to purchase special brackets.

speakers, satellites and subwoofers Before choosing speakers for a computer or TV, you need to understand their varieties. Columns are active and passive. Active are better tuned and sound cleaner because they have their own amplifier. They are perfect for a computer or laptop. But for home theaters are more often used passive models that need an amplifier. The

Satellite is a small column up to 20 cm in height, which is capable of reproducing high and medium frequencies. They are often taken for laptops or PCs, as they are easily placed on the table and reproduce sound well. Complete with satellites is a subwoofer - a large speaker with a powerful speaker for playing low sounds, which is placed under the table.

Speaker Configurations

Often you can see numbers next to the model name. For example, 2.0, 4.1, or 5.1.This indicates the number of speakers in a given speaker system. The first digit means the number of satellites, the second - subwoofers. The higher the numbers, the better the sound and the more possibilities the owner has. For example, 2.0 is the usual PC speakers that do not “pull” a complex melody, and 7.1 can create the effect of being present when watching a new film masterpiece.

Systems 2.1 reproduces high-quality stereo sound.4.1 and more can be used for improved audio accompaniment of computer games or for playing multi-channel tracks. Of course, the better the speaker system, the more expensive it is.


When you purchase, be sure to pay attention to the following specifications:

  1. Power. Higher means better. However, for a small room it is not necessary to choose an expensive speaker system with high power. Typically, apartment owners enough 20-50 watts. To find out the true power, simply turn on the speakers and listen to them, gradually adding sound. Are you satisfied with the volume, and the system works perfectly? You can buy.
  2. Material. Ideally - a tree. More affordable, but not bad too - MDF, chipboard and multilayer plywood. The plastic is quite bad, because rattling may appear because of it.
  3. Frequencies. Frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz are available to the human ear, so good speakers tend to this indicator. However, systems with a range from 40 Hz to 18 kHz are suitable for daily use. Note that in the characteristics of low-cost equipment simply can not be high values.
  4. Connection. Usually the speakers are connected to the amplifier using two cables. The Bi-Wiring system provides for connection using four cables: two for filtering low frequencies and two for separating high. So the sound quality is much higher.
  5. Setup. In high-quality models it is possible to customize each column in accordance with their preferences. It is great if this can be done with the remote.
  6. Enclosure. Pay attention to the build quality. Expensive systems should not have cracks, chips and other "decorations" due to which the sound quality may deteriorate.

The main thing when choosing a speaker system is to determine what you need it for. Then the choice in the direction of a particular model is very simple. However, remember: none of the speakers are able to create sound - they only reproduce what you connected them to. Therefore, be sure to buy a PC or laptop with a good sound card or choose high-quality recordings to play. Enjoy the shopping!

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