Characteristics and description of tomato varieties white filling

“White filling” tomato variety, bred by Kazakhstan breeders by crossing several hybrids, gives a good crop, while being unpretentious in maintenance according to the description and characteristics.

Conv. Cultivation both in open ground and in greenhouses .

grows well in all regions of the country, has resistance to frost, easily adapts to any climatic conditions.

Description of the variety

The stalk of the tomato “Bely pouring” variety is strong, resistant. The rhizome grows in different directions, powerful.

Wrinkled, light green color, medium size. The first inflorescence can be observed after 6 leaves, after 1-2 leaves the rest.

Fruits hold tight, do not fall off. The weight of each is described on average from 85-120 grams .The surface of the fruit is smooth, round, ripe red tomatoes.

Pulp of ripe tomatoes - red color


When grown in open ground, the bushes reach a height of 50 cm, and when grown in a greenhouse - 70 cm.

According to the characteristic - determinant bushes, not requiring binding.

Ripening of fruits occurs 100 days after planting, subject to cultivation in open ground. If growing takes place in a greenhouse, the ripening time is reduced by 1-2 weeks.

Productivity will please gardeners. collects up to 3 kg of tomatoes from one bush, and when grown in a greenhouse, the crop increases to 8 kg of .Ripening of tomatoes most often occurs simultaneously, which is convenient for canning.

Up to 3 kg of tomatoes are harvested from a single bush.

Pros and cons of

There is a huge number of tomato varieties, among which “White filling” is still in demand due to several advantages:

  • Unpretentiousness of in care and climate
  • There is no need to apply the problemVersatility in use. Suitable for fresh consumption and for canning.
  • Well tolerated transportation
  • Resistant to frosts
  • Fruits ripen early and at the same time

There are no particular shortcomings, the only thing is, this variety has medium resistance to diseases .


Has resistance to phytophthora disease, as it is early ripe, the fruits do not have time to become infected with this disease.

Tomatoes have a dense skin, due to which they do not crack even during long rains or when canning.

Unripe tomatoes turn white.

The white filling brand is named because immature tomatoes are painted white.


Initially, it was created for use in processing, but the tomato has an excellent taste, aroma, and a pleasant sourness.

Used in the preparation of hot dishes, raw used in salads, cuts.

The fruits of the are ideal for canning .Transfer frost.

Used for the preparation of tomato paste, sauces and ketchup.

Variety used for cooking tomato paste

Growing tomato "White filling"

When growing this tomato, in order to achieve the best result, you need to follow a number of rules.

Step-by-Step Process

Start sowing seeds in early March. Cultivation consists of the following steps:

  1. Seed preparation .Seeds are checked for germination, pickled for 30 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate, then washed. Before planting, treated with growth promoters.
  2. Planted to a depth of 1-2 cm in boxes or pots of
  3. Sprinkle with earth, water and cover with
  4. film. Optimum temperature of germination +23 +25 degrees
  5. Dive the seedlings when the shows three true
  6. sheets. They are planted in open ground after May 10, provided that there is no freezing at night.
  7. Warm the tomatoes with warm water, as the variety loves the heat
ix may get burned.
It is harmful for seedlings to be exposed to direct sunlight.

When and how to conduct

stading Since the “White filling” variety is not high, is not necessarily .But still, experienced gardeners recommend carrying out this procedure.

Paceni are formed in each sinus, starting from the first leaf. Pasynkovanie determinant varieties differs from the pinching indeterminate.

In order to properly remove stepchildren, it is necessary: ​​

  • Remove stepchildren at least 4 cm long
  • Determine the main growth shoot
  • If in doubt, leave a stepchild, you can pinch it in the future and thereby complete the growth of

Diseases and pests

The “white filling” is an early ripe variety, therefore, most likely, it will not have time to catch the blight. Resistance to this disease is low, so it is best to treat the tomatoes for prevention with Fitosporin.

Wood ash helps to cope with the attack of insects and beetles

can sit on seedlings Colorado potato beetle .To combat the pest will help remove the beetles by hand or spraying with special means. Wood ash is a great helper in fighting bugs and other insects.

"White filling" rightfully occupies a leading place among the early varieties. Suitable for canning, does not crack, unpretentious in the care, productive variety.

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