How to use the root when picking tomatoes

Science came to the aid of gardeners and gardeners. Scientists have determined which substances( phytohormones) stimulate the development of vegetable and flower crops and have developed a technology for the production of synthetic analogues. The effect of the use of hormonal stimulants is the acceleration of growth and fruiting, an increase in yield and its quality. Consider the popular today Kornevin and how to use it when picking tomatoes.

Table of Contents

  • General Information on Root Crustes
  • How Growth Stimulants are Applied for Plants
    • Composition and Properties of Root Cakes Root Pets for Tomato Seedings
      • Usage Features for Indoor Plants
      • Dry Use for Tomatoes
      • Apply Rootine Aphrophiaworking with the drug
      • Storage
      • How to use Kornevin when picking tomatoes
      • Benefits and harms from the procedure

Generalinformation about Kornevin

Identified phytohormones that affect the growth and development of plants. Each of them has its own range of actions:

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  1. Gibberellins affect flowering and fruiting.
  2. cytokine is involved in the formation of kidneys and promotes the growth of shoots.
  3. Auxins activate root growth, affect metabolism.

Synthetic analogues of phytohormones make it easier for gardeners to work, make it more efficient. The use of plant growth regulators and stimulants is not fashion, but an urgent need.

How Growth Stimulants are Applied for Plants

You can understand how plant growth stimulants are used for plants by using a specific example of growing seedlings and planting them in the ground. Sequence of actions :

  1. Before planting, seeds are soaked for 6 hours in Kornevin's solution.
  2. Sprayed sprouts sprinkled with Appin - a stimulator of the immune system.
  3. Before planting seedlings in an exhaust gas, root them with roots.
  4. Twice a month to process the planting with Etamon solution.

Result from the use of stimulants:

  • accelerated seed germination;
  • strong seedlings;
  • rapid rooting;
  • early bloom.

Composition and properties of Root

. The abbreviation IBA is used to denote indolylbutyric acid - the active substance from the group of auxins.

Tomato cuttings root more easily when using an IMC.

An IMC is a component and determines its properties:

  • accelerates seed germination;
  • improves rooting of cuttings;
  • stimulates the development of the root system of vegetable seedlings, seedlings of fruit and ornamental crops;
  • minimizes the stress of from transplant ;
  • makes the plant less sensitive to sudden temperature fluctuations, drought, over-wetting.

In addition to IMC, the stimulant contains manganese, molybdenum, potassium, phosphorus - substances that are necessary for root growth.

Kornevin for tomato seedlings

Responsible moment - planting seedlings of tomatoes in the ground. At this time, you can use Kornevin. His ability to enhance the growth of roots, improve immunity will be the way.

When adding the drug to the tomatoes, the first thing is to dilute 1 g of the stimulant in 1 liter of water. On the prepared and in advance fertilized ridge do holes. Tomato seedlings are removed from the cup, placed in the hole, sprinkled with earth.

First, planted tomatoes pour water, then a solution of the drug .On one tomato you need only 60 ml of liquid funds. Overdose is harmful, it can slow down plant growth.

Features of use for indoor plants

Kornevin - the rescuer of indoor flowers. It will help if dying orchid, cyclamen or gloxinia. With improper care, tubers( rhizomes) are affected.

When sending gloxinia or cyclamen to rest, it is necessary to cut off all the damaged parts of the tuber( root).Soak them in Kornevin’s solution before planting.

The preparation will help to revive the orchid with the rotted root. All diseased parts of the root are cut. Keep the flower for 2 hours in the dark at a temperature of 27 ° C, this will help the cuts to dry out.

Prepare a stimulator solution. Its temperature should be above room temperature by 2 degrees. Place the roots in the solution. After processing, put the orchid in the water and place in a warm room.

After 2 months, new roots should form. Orchid periodically irrigate and pour water into the container. After 10 days, the treatment can be repeated.

Dry Application for Tomato

Kornevin is available in powder form .

Root Powder

Recommend dry application of a stimulant in the following cases:

  1. Want to transplant the plant to another location.
  2. Rooting cuttings in water or soil.
  3. Inoculate a fruit tree or a rose.

When treating cuttings, follow the rule for 1 cm to powder the lower part of the leaf cutting, all other cuttings for 2 cm.

There is also such an experience: gardeners add a fungicide to Root roots to transplant. To prevent a fungal infection, you need to mix 1 part of Fitosporin with 10 parts of a stimulant.

Practice mixing the stimulant with the powder obtained by grinding the tablets of activated charcoal. The goal is to eliminate overdose of the drug .

Application of Kornevina

solution Water the plants and treat the planting material( tubers, seeds, bulbs) with a 0.1% stimulator solution. Per liter need a small dose - 1g. The table contains norms for watering various types of crops.

. The
2 l
2 l.stimulant. Before planting, seedlings with an open root system hold 12 hours.
Root Solution must be used on the day of preparation. Do not exceed the dosage!

Compatibility with other drugs and plants

Advantage of Cornevin - compatibility with fungicides and insecticides , which are now used in agriculture, home gardening and vegetable growing.

Check compatibility easily. Test products should be diluted in different containers. It is enough to mix 50 ml. The presence of sediment indicates incompatibility.

Safety measures when working with the drug

Kornevin is a certain danger to living organisms. Ignoring the measures of protection, you can get poisoned when working with the tool.

Recommend to adhere to the standard rules prescribed for compliance with the use of substances of hazard class III:

  1. Do not use food containers for the preparation of the working solution.
  2. Do not smoke during work.
  3. Not available.
  4. Do not drink.
  5. Eliminate working solution on the mucous membrane of the mouth, eyes, nose.
  6. Work outdoors.
  7. Use PPE( goggles, gloves, mask).
Burn after use. When finished, rinse your mouth and wash exposed areas with soap and water. With obvious signs of intoxication, call an ambulance.

Before the arrival of the doctor drink water, take activated charcoal. For every 12 kg of weight you need 1 tablet. Flush eyes with warm water. if solution or powder gets on mucous membranes.


3 years, you can store the drug in its original packaging. Pour the rest of the powder into an airtight container if not all is used. Store at any temperature out of the reach of animals and children.

In a sealed form, the drug is stored for a specified expiration date.

How to use Kornevin when picking tomatoes

When the seedlings reach 4-5 cm, the first true leaflets form, pick tomatoes from the seedling box into a separate cup.

Work will be a joy and will be successful, if the process is organized properly :

  • seedlings on the eve of being watered;
  • a week before planting cups filled with fertile soil and watered;
  • purchased Kornevin Conqueror;
  • prepared distilled water.

Land in cups is moderately wet and ready for planting. Use your finger or a thick marker to make recesses in the ground. Fork or narrow scoop to get the plants from the seedling box.

Shorten the root by ⅓, it stimulates the growth of lateral roots.

Tomato seedlings stick into the groove. Press down the ground with your fingers, forming a small groove near the stem. Dilute Kornevin in accordance with the instructions, when the whole tomato seedlings are grated on cups.

Water the seedlings with root stimulant. Pour a little, because an excess of hormones is not needed. A plant under stress produces phytohormones themselves. The wells left during planting, , help to standardize the watering of the .

The benefits and harms of the procedure

The plant will benefit from a correctly performed picking using Kornevin. Phytohormones accelerate the formation of new roots.

The larger the root area, the more nutrients the plant receives. Tomato seedlings are less drawn out. After 60 days, the gardener gets sturdy plants with stalks and well-developed roots.

Harm from the use of Root causes a rashly excess dosage of the stimulant and its frequent use. Excess hormones can slow down the development of the roots and the seedlings themselves.
Many believe that it is only with the help of drugs that it is possible to get a rich harvest.

Every gardener decides whether or not to use biostimulants. Advice for doubting growers - check the action on the part of the seedlings taken from one seedling box. The result of the experiment will be proof of the need for Kornevina for growing tomatoes.

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