Electrolux Dishwashing machine: top popular dishwashers

Narrow and full-size built-in Electrolux dishwashers are always in demand. The main reasons for interest on the part of consumers: modern functionality, excellent design, easy operation and use of energy-saving technologies.

An important factor in the popularity of dishwashers European manufacturer - the variety of models from low-end to premium segment.

The content of the article:

  • Features Electrolux dishwashers
  • Process of implementation of the Swedish brand
  • Popular series of integrated dishwashers
  • Algorithm for selecting optimal PMM
  • Review of popular models
    • Model # 1: BLACK line ESF2400OK- small-sized dishwasher
    • Model # 2: ESL94200LO - easy to manage
    • Model # 3: Electrolux ESL95360LA - with AirDry drying
    • Model # 4: ESL95321LO - balance of price and volume
    • Model # 5: ESL94320LA - saving resources
    • Model # 6: ESL94510LO - basic version SlimLine
    • Model # 7: ESL98810RA - inverter technology
    • Model # 8: ESL8820RA - premium-class ComfortLift
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Features Electrolux dishwashers

Electrolux Group - a Swedish company, which includes more than forty brands. International group of companies specializing in the production of household appliances and equipment. Electrolux head office is located in Stockholm, assembly of supplied equipment to Eastern Europe is mainly made in Poland.

Despite the variety of types and release of a series, the majority of units of the Swedish brand, have common features. Main positive aspects:

  1. Ease of management. Electrolux machines equipped with understandable set of buttons and informative display. low-end models have electro-mechanical control - turning the lever switch and a set of lights.
  2. Ergonomic body. A definite plus - a good capacity dishwashers. Baskets are equipped with comfortable holders and shelves. Some models feature adjustable boxes. Capacity of units - up to 15 sets.
  3. Attractive design. Integrated dishwasher is completely hidden behind the facade. In products with an open mind on the panel remains concise control panel.
  4. Less power consumption. Most models belong to the class A + energy consumption and higher. Water consumption depends spaciousness aggregate index ranges 6,5-14 liters per cycle.
  5. Functionality. All dishwashers are equipped with a basic set of programs. In the premium models There are additional options to enhance ease of use.

Domestic consumers can not fail to please a wide range. Integrated dishwasher presented several series, machines are characterized by capacity, dimensions and a rich selection of technological capabilities.

An important advantage of technology - a loyal pricing policy. When compared to its closest competitors Bosch and Siemens, Electrolux dishwashers cheaper.

The company Electrolux

The most famous brands Corporation: Electrolux, Zanussi, AEG, Chef, The Boss, Juno and others. Production facilities are located in different countries

Dishwashers are collected mainly in factories in Italy, Sweden and Poland. On sale units, belonging to the middle and high price range.

Comparison of characteristics of embedded dishwashers Electrolux with similar units Bosch and Siemens, revealed weaknesses in the Swedish technology:

  • Not all models have a complete protection against leaks and "child lock";
  • the functional units and processability are inferior German brand Electrolux;
  • noise operation - level hum most models is 48 dB, the competition rate - 42 dB; a slight run-up in practice quite noticeable.

Members often dissatisfied with the cycle time, the absence of pre-rinsing process, some consumers are faced with the failure of the heating element.

Electrolux dishwasher

the company's products have won popularity and trust of users thanks to the good quality, extensive network of retail outlets and the availability of service centers in many countries

Process of implementation of the Swedish brand

To evaluate the functional capacity of a dishwasher, you should understand the purpose of a particular technological solution. The passport parameters are often indicated only the name of the options without a detailed interpretation. Try to understand devaysakh Electrolux.

ComfortLift system

ComfortLift. Unique closers lifting mechanism allowing movement of the hand to move the lower basket to an upper layer. This solution allows easy hopper loading and convenient access to the dishes when unloading

FlexLift. The ability to change the position of the top container, regardless of its fullness. It allows you to free space for large pots and pans.

GlassBasket. A special basket for cleaning glass glasses. The container can hold up to eight tall glasses. If necessary the container can be removed and make room for other cooking utensils.

Innovative solution GlassBasket noted international award in the field of design engineering iF.

SoftSpikes and SoftGrip. holders system for stable placement glass. SoftSpikes - a kind of alternative to the removable baskets for glassware.

SoftGrip system

SoftGrip - shelves for dishes, equipped with a fixer-upper for wine glasses. The mechanism can be installed on the top and on the lower level of the hopper

TimeManager. Changing the standard wash parameters. The machine moves in rapid mode - the execution time of one cycle is reduced by 50% and the water pressure and increased productivity.

TimeBeam. The digital alarm - the unit notifies the user of how much time has passed since the beginning of the running cycle.

function TimeBeam

So dishwasher informs the user about the time before the end of the cycle or the beginning of the work in the "Delay start" mode. The option is provided solely for the fully integrated models

Beam on the floor. Point of light on the floor - an indicator of the program. Red Ray - dishwasher works, green - the program is executed. Almost all of the built-in models Electrolux without TimeBeam equipped with this option.

AutoOff. The function is aimed at energy savings - the appliance switches off automatically after 5 minutes after completion of the program, or the absence of any instruction. Between cycles the dishwasher is absolutely not consume electricity.

Satellite. Unique spraying water - five-level sprayer with rotating elements.

Hydraulic Satellite

Lower sprinkler operates in three directions: irrigates dishes, supplies water to the corners of the shelves and cleans the filter mounted on the bottom of the hopper

SoftClose. The complex shock absorbers for smooth and silent pulling out of the basket and its return to the site. Delicate work mechanism allows you to adjust the position of the containers without effort and shaking.

AirDry. Improved drying system - final drying dishes occurs naturally.

Drying system AirDry

After closure and cooling the complete cycle to the desired temperature, the unit automatically opens the door 10 cm. Natural air cooling improves drying - on glassware surface does not leave streaks

PerfectFit. This technology equipped with all dishwashers Electrolux AirDry option. Sliding hinges for fixing the facade. Flexible mounting system for mounting doors of different heights (670-825 mm). This solution makes it possible to place the dishwasher directly on the floor.

As the opening of the facade of "leaves" in advance. Thus, the lower edge of the door does not rest on the floor when loading / unloading the dishwasher.

The following washing program implemented in the art Electrolux:

  1. Efficient energy and water consumption when washing dishes average contamination levels. Standard mode is for everyday use of the dishwasher.
  2. The unit determines the cycle parameters: duration and temperature. Delicate sensor measures the contamination level of up to 9000 times during one program. Parameter Range: temperature range - 45-70 ° C, water flow rate - 7.10 liter, while - 40-150 minutes.
  3. Cleaning the dishes varying degrees of pollution: in the upper container comes gentle washing, the bottom - intensive. Different temperature and water pressure.
  4. Care delicate glassware. Wash at 45 ° C and gradual cooling during drying.
  5. Cleansing of kitchen utensils with dried-on residues. Wash temperature - 70 ° C.

In addition to the core programs of premium units operating modes: HygienePlus and XtraPower. The first option is used to disinfect boards, baby bottles and cans. Destruction of microorganisms is achieved by heat treatment - Rinse at 70 ° C for 10 minutes.

XtraPower mode

XtraPower - improved washing results by increasing the water pressure by 40%. The function is implemented in the models with the inverter motor allows to increase the speed of the circulating pump

Popular series of integrated dishwashers

The sale represented different line of embedded machines Electrolux. In Dishwashers different product series focuses on a particular feature.

Top line:

  • RealLife;
  • Slimline;
  • "Green" line.

RealLife. The competitive advantage of these machines - the maximum capacity. In a standard width of 60 cm dishwashers working volume of the hopper is increased by 10 l. This was achieved by changing the shape of the inside surface of the door - there was deepening.

upper basket

A new generation of machines RealLife XXl able at once to wash 15 place settings. trunking system supplemented with wire basket for cutlery

RealLife dishwasher equipped with hydraulic spraying Satellite, holders and clamps for cups and glasses, with lifting shelves and other tech devaysa Electrolux.

Slimline. A characteristic feature - compactness. Integrated dishwashers width is 45 cm, capacity - 9 sets. In many machines Slimline series uses a lifting mechanism ComfortLift, PerfectFit A slider hinge, FlexyWash technology and others.

"Green" series. Conceptual idea - maximum energy savings. These units are the most economical energy classes: A ++ and A +++.

Most of the models from this series are designed for connection to the cold water, hot water. The second option is more acceptable to residents of private houses, as in the apartments shortages of hot water are not uncommon.

Algorithm for selecting optimal PMM

Ease of use and practicality of dishwashers is largely dependent on the individual characteristics of operation. When you purchase it is important to take into account the composition of the family, the kitchen size, frequency and priority during unit startup.

Open the Control Panel

The first selection criterion - the installation method. Most users prefer the built-in models and their variety - partly integrated with the remote control panel

"Open" adjustment lets you set and control the operation without opening the door. On the effectiveness of this option is not affected.

The subsequent selection can adhere to the following order:

  1. Selection of size. To install the standard model with the maximum load will take at least 60 cm in width. In cramped conditions is better to choose a compact dishwasher 45 cm. For small kitchens suitable adaptive models up to 50 cm.
  2. Definition of spaciousness. For large families and active fans Formal Evening better to choose the dishwasher for 12 sets and more. For three to four people enough cars on 9 sets. Au downloading 6 sets - the best option for one.
  3. Accounting programs. It is generally sufficient and basic modes. Of useful add-ons can be distinguished: FlexiWash for mixed loads, delay start and express wash.
  4. Assessment of the noise level. Most dishwashers Eklektrolyuks emit up to 48 dB. However, in the lineup there are models with 45 dB level hum or less. Reducing the sonority a few decibels in practice significantly.

For families with small children and followers of "night" wash suit the new generation model SilenPlus option - the noise level is reduced to 37 dB.

An important parameter - economical operation. Better to choose the energy efficiency class A + dishwashers with special modes to reduce resource consumption.

Review of popular models

Among the rich range of embedded Electrolux dishwashers are several leading positions. Each of these models has both competitive advantages and weaknesses. Let us examine the features of the popular dishwashers, evaluate their technical parameters, functional equipment, and read user reviews.

Model # 1: BLACK line ESF2400OK- small-sized dishwasher

Selection of miniature fully embedded units is limited. A worthy representative of the company Electrolux - BLACK line ESF2400OK.

The model is integrated in a niche set of furniture without taking up much space. Dimensions for mounting: 55 * 50 * 43.8 cm. The hopper consists of one compartment, provides complete basket for cutlery, cup holders

Functionality ESF2400OK:

  • 6 basic programs: Eco 55 ° C, GlassCare, Intensive, Express washing for 20 minutes, normally 65 ° C, Express 40 ° C;
  • delayed start - up to 1 day;
  • Indicators salt / rinse;
  • partial protection against leaks;
  • drying the class - A.

Among the advantages of users say: good quality wash, the use of tablets and practical set of options. The main drawback - the hum during operation.

Model # 2: ESL94200LO - easy to manage

Narrow fully integrated dishwasher with capacity 9 sets.

Functions and technical parameters:

  • 5 major programs;
  • drying DryTech - forced circulation of air through the condenser; drying class - A;
  • Irrigation FlexiSpray - double rocker rotation to increase the intensity of the spray;
  • SensorControl system - definition of silo filling and automatic selection of washing parameters;
  • start delay for 24 hours;
  • complete protection from leaks.

Electrolux ESL94200LO equipped with the option Favorite. You can program the machine to perform a specific cleaning mode by selecting the temperature and cycle time.

Provided EnergySaver feature to reduce power consumption. the last stage of the rinsing temperature is reduced by 25%.

Despite the high level of technical equipment, the machine refers to the average price segment.

Consumers are the following ESL94200LO shortcomings: lack of half-load option, the lack of efficacy against dried dirt. The latter problem can be solved with additional soaking dishes - such ESL94200LO on the basis of the program is.

Model # 3: Electrolux ESL95360LA - with AirDry drying

Full dishwasher for 13 sets. Model of the premium - in the machine implemented energy-saving technologies and options for a comfortable use.

Characteristic features ESL95360LA:

  • maximum load due to ergonomic ducts;
  • energy class - A +++;
  • minimum hum - 44 dB;
  • 4 and 7, the temperature regime programs + XtraDry;
  • removable tray for cutlery and small cups;
  • function AutoOff, holders SoftGrips / SoftSpikes;
  • a complete security system.

Working on the basis of data from sensors purity water, SensorControl, LCD and informing means TimeBeam.

Natural drying AirDry and adaptive integration through loops PerfectFit. Options and functionality ESL95360LA received good user ratings. The only drawback of the model - the high price.

Model # 4: ESL95321LO - balance of price and volume

Like the previous model, ESL95321LO is Full and designed for load 13 sets. However, due to the absence of some innovative programs dishwasher is a bit cheaper.

  • 5 programs / 4 temperature regimes;
  • relatively low noise level - 49 dB;
  • sensor purity water;
  • condensation dryer;
  • energy - 0.93 kW / h;
  • height adjustable basket, glass holders, cutlery tray;
  • additional options: TimeManager, XtraDry.

The machine copes well with a sink, a set of programs is sufficient for everyday use.

Cons ESL95321LO: no sanitizing mode, half-load, and the child lock. Flud complete.

Model # 5: ESL94320LA - saving resources

Integrable compact dishwasher, designed for downloading 9 sets. The model is notable for a relatively low price, good functionality and efficiency.

The touch control panel is clear and concise - no set of buttons, all programs are presented graphic images.

Advantages: camera lights, water pollution sensor indication of salt / rinse, Favorite program start delay.

The hopper can hold two baskets, removable tray for spoons and forks, shelves for cups. Most people are satisfied with the purchase, the unit has fully justified the money spent. Particularly pleased with the smooth running of work and efficiency - with the express washing machine consumes 7 liters of water.

Model # 6: ESL94510LO - basic version SlimLine

Narrow model with a full set of basic washing programs. ESL94510LO runs in five cleaning modes on the user's choice of four temperature.

Model parameters: Delayed start at 1-24 hours, full body protection against leaks, the sound end of the cycle, automatic shutdown and SensorControl system.

There is a washing mode at 70 degrees, which is designed to handle cutting dostochek and children's dishes.

ESL94510LO equipped with indicators of salt / rinse aid display, electronically controlled. In the arsenal of the programs provided for pre-soaking mode. The weak points are: the volume of work and the duration of the cycles.

Model # 7: ESL98810RA - inverter technology

On board model mounted inverter motor. This motor type is different wear - it has no brushes, which typically fail. Furthermore, inverter technology extends the cycle of the intensity range (FlexiWash) and reduces hum unit.

Improved engine - not the only advantage ESL98810RA. Technological equipment model is impressive:

  • A slider mounting facade - PerfectFit for perfect integration into furniture;
  • silicone spikes and holders for glasses / cups;
  • washing program AutoFlex 45-70 ° C;
  • beam on the floor - two-color display;
  • Satellite hydraulic system with double rotation and ceiling sprinkler;
  • removable third basket.

There is a possibility of entering a program in memory of the dishwasher and start delay.

Important advantages ESL98810RA: complete security against leaks with Aqua-Control safety system, a large hopper and an elaborate system of ducts.

Model # 8: ESL8820RA - premium-class ComfortLift

For tooling largely repeats previous model. The main structural difference - equipment hopper lifting mechanism ComfortLift.


  • 7 + 6 programs temperatures;
  • sprinkler FlaxiSpray;
  • Innovative drying AirDry;
  • automatic shutdown, start-up delay, TimeManager, Favorite, XtraDry;
  • complete protection system.

Capacious hopper with lifting the lower basket, foldable racks, shelves for glasses and cups, a detachable upper container.

Additional characteristics: dimensions - 82 * 60 * 55 cm, energy consumption - 0.85 kWh / mode economical washing at 50 ° C.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Clip-action demonstration of Electrolux dishwashers on a real example explains the working principle:

If the main criterion for choosing a dishwasher efficiency at an affordable price, not sverhfunktsionalnost, the Electrolux machines the best option.

Practical program along with excellent capacity and efficiency - the main arguments in favor of the products of the Swedish brand.

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