How to connect the dishwasher yourself

It is known - like a washing machine, a dishwasher carries drain and filling hoses. How to correctly mount the equipment is not really shown. We have to create simple reviews like the one below. Included in the science is a special installation manual, look more often inside the device. Embedded models are complemented by a template for drilling the door. How to connect the dishwasher yourself - try to consider the key points.

Preparation for installing the dishwasher

The installation instructions often set out general phrases explaining understandable things. We consider the only useful advice to be checking the car after loading by loaders into the house: inspect the purchase for mechanical damage.

Important! Transport companies usually print out the goods and inspect them. At revealing of defects make the certificate. Therefore, delivery from the neighboring city looks more profitable than shoplifting, when loaders arrive and try to fob the tattered goods. After receiving the receipt, the transport company disclaims all responsibility.

Dishwasher connection begins in the sales hall. Make sure that the installation instructions are included. For embedded equipment there is a template for a hinged door and a diagram where dimensions and tolerances are given. If there are no positions described, it is recommended to change the model.

At home, pre-measuring the compartment for installation or the space where we are going to place the unit. It is recommended to make sure that the dimensions go through the door( 60 cm in a standard apartment).In the process of measuring, we look at how water is being pumped, draining occurs. From here we take the values ​​for the purchase of a siphon and a coupler in the supply path. Usually the size of the standard( drain 50 mm).

PVC tee or a new bellows under the sink with a dishwasher outlet will be needed for drains, a brass tee is needed for cold water intake. The liner is undocked, the product is inserted there. It is permissible to buy a fitting with a male-type tap. This is simply inserted between the eyeliner and the plumbing without additional elements. Foreign dishwashers at the ends of the hoses contain clamps. How to connect the dishwasher to the household, will have to think separately. Do not buy tees before purchasing a dishwasher. Perhaps the use of special adapters.

Secondarily, we present how hoses will go. If you have to drill the walls for the installation of a dishwasher, you will need special equipment. Do not be afraid. This refers to the drill( Forstner) for furniture with a large head diameter. It should be after purchasing a dishwasher to buy the right size, based on the diameters of the filling and drain hoses.

Please note that the water paths do not exceed the standard length of 4 meters. Longer hoses at the dishwasher are not. Take into account the fact of choosing a place for installation.

It is the turn of the outlet. Requires a good extension cord. We hang the socket on the wall, slightly in the opposite direction from the direction where the hoses will go. Better if the place is closed furniture. Choose a wire for installation with three conductors according to the European standard( PVS 3x1.5).Ground outlet. In the extreme case, put the extra wire at zero potential, and in such conditions the operability of the differential machine will have to be ensured.

Let's look at how the dishwasher is connected:

  • The drain and filling hoses are included, you don’t need to buy one( but it is possible).

More often other things fasten on the special brackets located on a back wall. Hoses are removable, there are valves and filters at the junction with the equipment, which break, therefore, I need access all the time. The drain hose is often corrugated, thicker than self-leveling, usually smooth. Color does not matter. Material plastic or rubber. Sometimes the bulk hose with protection against leakage of powder or another type, there are modifications without additional options. There are dishwashers with an electric shut-off valve installed on the outlet of the water pipe.

Much more often leak protection is located in the pan. There are sensors that simply record the presence of water.

Installing a dishwasher

  • So, we looked at the dishwasher. Now it is time to remove the factory plastic inserts, wooden damping elements. We leave the film stuck on the door, if there is a protective coating. Tools and consumables in stock.
  • The next step concerns mainly embedded dishwashers. It is required to adjust the door so that later it does not have to be disassembled. This is done either with special screws or with the removal of the side panel the necessary spring is fitted. The door should not close or open spontaneously. Exclusively under the effort of the human hand. Check: open up to the desired angle, as if loading the dishes, release. The slightest movement of the door should not be.

  • We start the dishwasher connection by installing the hoses ourselves. Separate products are provided on the back wall with guide brackets, turned 180 degrees, if the direction of exit of the communications does not coincide with the desired one. We install tees to drain and supply water, if necessary, we put a new bellows. Dimensions agreed to choose after buying a dishwasher. Clamp screws are tightened with a slotted screwdriver. If necessary, drill holes in the cabinet under the hoses( first we push the hoses in there, then tighten the clamps).
  • The last connection to an outlet is made. This time the car is at the site( for compact and stand-alone models) or near the furniture compartment( for embedded versions).
  • If we want to hang a door( decorative lining):
  1. mark on the template;
  2. drill holes;
  3. fasten into place.
  • Time to push the built-in car into the compartment has come. More often devices stand on the floor, supplied with a socle panel. The latter is mounted on adjustable brackets to align with the contour of the furniture. We remove the socle panel, we adjust fastenings under the size of furniture, we establish back.
  • There are dishwashers that need to be screwed to the surrounding furniture. Difficulties should arise. Fastening is carried out on flexible brackets with ears. We drill shallow holes, tighten the screws, and if necessary, cover the caps with rubber plugs.

  • If the protective film left on the first step remains, it is time to remove it. Dishwasher ready for use, allowed to check. Do not forget to open the tap( if present) on the water supply tee.

Additional Options

Often there is no PVC tee of the right diameter for sale to connect a dishwasher to a sewer. Help rubber adapters, for example, 50 x 20 mm. We put one end on a tee, the other mates with the drain hose of the dishwasher. Do not rush to seal the joints with a sealant, it is better to take a tee with a slope down. Use glue only if there is an unpleasant smell from under the sink.

Many washing machines have trimming feet on the bottom of the case. After installation, set the equipment to the horizon using a building level. More difficult to have with embedded technology. In case of failure, it is recommended to put a sheet of steel on the floor and stick it. The procedure is done by level. It is enough to push the machine legs at an equal distance. There is also a difficult way:

  • push the device into place;
  • measure the level;
  • push the device back;
  • adjust the right foot;
  • perform the items again, until the result is acceptable.

How to measure if the top face of the machine is not available. At the bottom of the working compartment orient.

The connection diagram of the dishwasher is completed by refilling the necessary ingredients and salt to soften the water. The entrance to the compartment is located at the bottom of the working chamber under the screwed cap. Beforehand, a liter of water is poured in through the funnel, then the salt is filled according to the instructions.

Rinse aid is often refilled in the door compartment( not a dogma), detergent is poured into a special tray on the front panel. In this form, the dishwasher is ready for use. The manual says how to properly load plates, forks and other utensils. Where to find instructions. May lie inside the washing machine in a package or attached separately. Depends on the manufacturer and dealer.

Now the reader knows how to connect the dishwasher with their own hands.

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