CL error in LG washing machines

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LG washing machines display not only error codes, but also informational messages. To recognize this message you need to carefully read the instructions for use.

If your CM shows a CL error on the display, you cannot set the wash mode, do not worry. Let's see what this means.

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  • 1 What does the CL code
    • 1.1 mean?writes an error CL, it does not mean breakage. This code informs the owner about the enabled child protection mode. Therefore, the panel with buttons is blocked, which prevents keystrokes during washing.

      Small children can either rearrange the program, turn off the washing, or break the machine of Al Ji. Multifunctional equipment is equipped with many functions, so its panel is too sensitive and susceptible to breakage. To do this, and provides a security code.

      Why does the code

      appear? As we have already said, the error CL( Child Lock) does not report a malfunction.

      You filled the tank with laundry, turned on the laundry, but the machine does not make any sounds, only the CL is lit on the display. The fact is that if the lock was installed once, it is retained during the next washings, even if the LG washing machine is turned off from the network.

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      The error will be displayed until it is turned off.

      How to solve the problem

      How to fix the situation on your own and eliminate the blocking?

      To clear the CL error, press the key combination on the control panel. For each model Lji( LG) it may be different. We give an example of the most common commands. To use them, you need to press together on two buttons for three seconds:

      • Prewash + Super rinse.
      • Additional wash + Intensive wash.
      • Temperature + Option key.

      For more information, see the LG Washer Manual. This should help clear the CL error.

      Please note that the location of the buttons varies. They can be under or above the display, or to the left of it.

      How to recognize the lock buttons

      The manufacturer marks the buttons either with the child’s face on the panel, or with the lock with a smile.

      It is important that for different models of CM LG “protection” acts differently. The panel with keys can be locked either completely or partially. At the same time, the Enable / Disable button remains active, which is not always convenient, because if the child abruptly turns off the machine during work, the electronic controller may suffer.

      Signs of Damage

      When the LG machine displays a CL error on the display and you cannot turn it off, this is cause for concern. During normal operation, the protection function must be turned on and off by pressing the keys. If this does not happen, a malfunction has occurred.

      What to do if you notice signs of a malfunction

      • You can not set the wash mode, the machine gives an error code CL immediately after turning on. Even after disconnecting the plug from the outlet, the error does not reset.
      • The machine performs washing in the normal mode, however, in the middle of the program, a malfunction code pops up.
      • You have independently connected the lock, but then the mode does not turn off or does it intermittently.

      What to do in this case? You need to check the multimeter control unit, for this you need to disassemble the front panel. Then pull out the unit and ring the tester.

      Additionally, check the contacts of the keys, which could oxidize over time. Also inspect the control unit wiring, connections, connectors.

      In the event of a malfunction of the control board, it must be replaced by itself or contact the service center.

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