F19 error in the Bosch washing machine

What should I do if the Bosch washing machine gives an error F19?This means that there is a problem with water heating.

Modern washing machines-automatic equipped with an excellent system of self-diagnosis, which instantly determines the failure when it occurs. She informs the user about the breakdown by displaying fault codes on the board.

We consider in detail what the code F 19 means and how to fix the damage that caused it.

Material content:

  • 1 Decoding and error indications F19
  • 2 Checking the machine with F19
  • 3 Error F19: repairing and replacing parts
    • 3.1 TEN: checking and replacing
    • 3.2 Disassembling a washing machine by the example of Bosch-8x-8x-8x-8x-8x, 158 cDs, see the main requirements, see the key issues, as the x x x x Replacing Heater
    • 3.5 Checking and Replacing a Temperature Sensor
    • 3.6 Repairing an

Control Card Decoding and Error Signs F19

Electronic Washer Bosch shows an error on the display, displaying an alphanumericThis code is F19.

The Bosch Electromechanical Washer reacts to a crash easier: it has three lights on at the same time.2 combinations are possible:

  1. Indicators of turns 1000 and 600 + "Rinse".
  2. Speed ​​indicators 800 and 400 + “Rinse”.

Code 19 - water heating error. Perhaps the machine reports a break in the heating system.

Important! This is a critical error. Possible short circuit and ignition CMA.Experts do not recommend the operation of the Bosch washing machine, if F19 was highlighted.

Signs of damage are the same for all models of Bosch machines:

  • The hatch is not blocked.
  • Wash does not start.
  • The control panel does not respond to button presses and program selection.

Testing the machine with F19

Using simple steps, you can determine what caused the malfunction of the heating system:

  • The mains voltage is low. Especially important for homes in private sectors.
  • Programmer failure. Reboot the machine by disconnecting it from the network and leaving it for 15-20 minutes. If the error disappears after switching on, it is possible that the control board is simply “buggy”.
  • Scale on the heater( TENe).Scale does not let the heat produced by the heating elements, so it burns out.

Error F19: repair and replacement of parts

Wizards in the service centers are well aware of what F19 error code means. They willingly share knowledge and practice to tell you how to fix the situation.

In this case, this repair will help:

  • Replacement of heating elements.
  • Temperature Sensor Replacement.
  • Repair control card.

For your information! You can try to get rid of scum on the heater. In rare cases, it helps.

TEN: checking and replacing

Unlike other brands of CMA, in Bosch washers, there is access to the heater from the front, not from behind, so you have to disassemble the washing machine to check and replace the heating element.

Disassembling a washing machine on the example of Bosch Maxx 5:

  • Disconnect the power supply from the CM.
  • Take a screwdriver and unscrew the 2 fasteners that hold the top cover of the machine. Slide the cover back and remove it.
  • Take out the powder compartment. In the depth of the cuvette there is a button, by clicking on which you can easily remove it.
  • After removing the cuvette, you will see holes that have fastenings - they need to be unscrewed. You will find another screw on the right side of the machine, on the side.
  • Remove the panel by carefully pulling it towards you.
  • Open the technical access door at the bottom of the machine, remove the filter, drain the waste water( clean the filter at the same time - it will never be superfluous).
  • In the hatch you will find other mounts that need to be unscrewed.
  • Next, remove the front panel. So that the cuff of the hatch does not interfere with you, remove the clamp holding it with a screwdriver and push the cuff inside the drum.
  • After removing all that hurt you, you will see the heating element - it is located directly under the drum.

Heater Test

Prepare the heater - remove all wires from it and release the terminals. You can check it directly in the machine or get it, unscrewing the central nut.

  1. Take a tester( multimeter) and put it into resistance measurement mode 200 Ohms.
  2. Attach the test leads to the terminals.
  3. A serviceable heater will show resistance around 24 ohms.
  4. If the tester displays 0, it means the heating element is closed.
  5. The value 1 or ∞ is a break inside the heating element.

It will not hurt to also check the breakdown of the heating element on the body( if the first check showed that the heating element is in good condition):

  1. Set the selector ring on the tester to buzzer mode.
  2. One probe leaned against the output of the heater, the second plug on the case.
  3. If the buzzer does not beep, then the heating element does not break through the case.
  4. If the tester beeps, then the heating element punches into the case and needs to be changed.

Replacing an

Heater The most important thing you need to replace the heating element is a new original part that fits your Bosch CM model. The solution to the problem, given the trends of the modern market, is simple - to buy such a heating element in a store or order it online. The main thing that TEN was certified, and not Chinese-made.

Important! Buy a new heater with a rubber seal that keeps the heater in the groove.

Before replacing the heater, clean the place where it was installed: most likely, there was accumulation of scale.

Install the element, connect the temperature sensor, lead the wiring and assemble the Bosch machine, in the reverse order.

Checking and replacing the temperature sensor

. If the heater is OK, check and replace the thermal sensor. We have written in detail about checking and replacing the thermistor in the F38 error article.

You can also watch the video:

Repair of the control board

Sometimes, in order to clear an error, you need to check the control module - it may have oxidized contacts and burnt out elements.

If F19 is on, it is worth checking the board and, if necessary, reprogram it or even replace it.

Wizards that are not for mercenary purposes do not recommend repairing electronics by themselves. Often, ordinary users only worsen the state of the SMA with independent intervention, because the firmware and replacement of the controller requires the appropriate tool, knowledge and experience.

Now you know how to remedy the situation and reset the errors if there is a break in the Bosch heating system.

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