Error LE in LG washing machine

At start-up, your LG washing machine does not rotate the drum, although it scrolls well manually, after which it shows a LE error on the display. And it happens on different programs: “Rinsing”, “Washing”, “Spinning”.

In Al Ji direct drive washers, the drum may twitch, which means the engine is blocked or the engine is restarted.

material Contents:

  • 1 What does the code LE
  • 2 What to do to solve the problem
    • 2.1 Faulty tachogenerator
    • 2.2 Problems with
    • 2.3 Control Module Problems with motor winding
    • 2.4 The door is not closed
    • 2.5 fault line filter

What does it meancode LE

Before proceeding with the decoding of the malfunction code, make sure that you understand the meaning correctly.

The fact is that earlier LG CM models produce an error LE is not entirely correct. Many users confuse code 1E with LE, because on the scoreboard it is displayed as in the photo:

In fact, the meaning of the codes is fundamentally different.

How to troubleshoot if a LE error is on LG washing machine, read on.

What to do to solve the problem

Before fixing the breakdown, let's look at the reasons for issuing the code and how to solve the problem. What to do:

  • Check the washer door for tight fit. Press the hatch firmly until it clicks.
  • If the error appeared on the Spin program during a delicate wash, the tank is probably overloaded with laundry. You need to reduce weight by taking away a piece of clothing.
  • Disconnect the LG washing machine from the power supply( no more than 20 minutes), then turn it on. This should clear the error.
  • A foreign object may be involved. If it is stuck between the tank and the drum, it creates a mechanical lock. To remove the item, it is necessary to disassemble the washing tank.
  • Check mains voltage. Maybe the power supply is not enough for the correct operation of the machine, or the wiring that needs to be replaced is broken.
  • A power surge has occurred. If this happens frequently, the PF code will be displayed alternately with the error LE, which means “power failure”.Help can reboot the system or installing a stabilizer.

How to fix the problem if the reset error did not occur? Will help repair that can be done on their own.

That to repair - signs of malfunction will prompt.

Breakdown of the tachogenerator

This device is responsible for the speed of rotation of the engine. If the tachometer fails, the machine starts to buzz strongly, does not roll the drum, the error LU is displayed on the display. Check the tachogenerator and replace it if necessary.

Problems with the

control module Breakage symptom - Lji typewriter shutdown on the Wash, Rinse or Spin modes, after which the system issues a LE error. Remove and inspect the module, if possible repair it. If the part is faulty - replace.

Problems with the motor winding

If the winding burned down, an LU error is displayed on the display, the washer does not twist the drum at all. Have to replace the stator or motor.

The door does not close

The door of the hatch does not close or is not locked, the CM displays a malfunction code. A lock or door handle may have broken, requiring replacement. There may also be a contact fault in the UBL circuit.

Check the wires and change to good ones.

Malfunction of the mains filter

A malfunctioning mains filter may cause a LE error. Check the instrument for breakdown with a multimeter.

Video helps you to replace the part in case of malfunction:

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