Characterization and description of potato varieties Zekura

Potatoes Zekura introduced in 1997. The state register of selection achievements of Russia. It is advised to plant in the Central Black Earth region. The region includes: Belgorod, Voronezh, Kursk, Lipetsk, Tambov regions. The variety is bred by German breeders, but grows in regions of Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine. It is unpretentious, it is planted even in Siberia, with its harsh winters, and in Kazakhstan, a region with a dry climate. This is a table variety.

Contents;starch - 13-19%.According to the characteristic - it is a medium early variety. Fruits form 90–100 days after planting sprouted potatoes.

In the south, potatoes are dug earlier in the week. tubers taste great .If they are cooked for a long time, they are slightly boiled soft, so mashed potatoes are prepared from them, and also added to soups.

If you plant potatoes on fertile land and care for them, you can collect up to 320 quintals per hectare.
Variety Zekura is well suited for making

mash. Description

The bushes are upright, medium in height, up to 30-35 cm, and the flowers are purple-red. The base of the stems of the same shade. The bush has a small spreading. The leaves are dark green.

The fruits are large, their average weight is 120 g , they are oblong with a creamy yellow skin. Fruits, larger and smaller in size, are rarely formed. They taste great. Also, the tubers rarely turn green. The eyes are small. According to the description, can grow up to 15 tubers on one bush.

Benefits of the Lock:

  • Excellent disease resistance .
  • The variety can be stored in a dark and cool room for 4-6 months.
  • The variety gives the high yields. .
  • Potatoes taste great.
Under the right conditions, a zekura is stored for 4-6 months.

How to grow potatoes

Features of disembarkation and care

Choose a place that is lit by sunlight. This variety can not be watered, as it is unpretentious and resistant to drought. tubers cannot be planted on the same plot for two years in a row .

How to store and prepare a variety for planting

First, the storage facility is disinfected and dried. Harvested potatoes are sorted, is left with only healthy potatoes, dried, cleaned. It is better to put the tubers in wooden boxes for storage. The air temperature in the room should be + 1 + 2 degrees.

Those tubers that are selected for planting are stored separately, inspect them twice a month, remove rotted potatoes. A week before planting, they put such tubers in a warm and bright room.

Potatoes that are unheated and heated by sunlight take root in the same way, so you can avoid preparing the tubers for planting.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Landing

When landing, make holes at a distance of 35-40 cm from each other.
  1. Dig the earth in the fall to 30 cm in depth.
  2. Invert layers, remove weeds.
  3. Pour 3 kg of humus and 100 g of ash per 1 m².
  4. Plant tubers from late April to mid-May .Dig holes 8–10 cm deep, 35–40 cm apart.
  5. Take tubers for planting the size of a chicken egg. In the wells, put tubers of 1-2 pieces sprouts up. Top it with a little ash.

Basic Care Requirements

When you see sprouts 5-10 cm long , then pour the potatoes. Weed ridges and loosen the ground after watering or rain. At the beginning of July, pile the bushes, they should grow to a height of 16 cm by this time, this will keep the humidity. After 2 weeks before blooming, bloom the buds again.

Dig out bushes and collect tuber crops from mid-August to mid-September.
Watering is needed after the emergence of full sprouts

. Diseases and pests

. To a large number of diseases, potatoes Zekura is immune. He is not afraid of diseases such as nematode, rust, cancer, rhizoctonia, late blight, scab, leaf twisting virus, blackleg, rust.

Since the potatoes are resistant to decay, it is planted even in areas with high humidity. Bushes affects the Colorado potato beetle, wireworm, caterpillars scoops, medvedka.

Folk Remedies Destruction of the Colorado potato beetle - scatter sifted wood ash on the ground, plant calendula between the rows. Sow the beans and beans around the perimeter of the plot.

Folk remedy for the Colorado potato beetle - wood ash

helps against the Colorado potato beetle, caterpillars and other insects

  • In 40–100 g of the drug pour a ten-liter bucket of water and spray potato tops.
  • Pour in water gradually, stirring it thoroughly. The water temperature should be 20 degrees, otherwise the spores that make up the product will germinate.
  • Pour in skimmed milk. Use the finished suspension only 3 hours , then it will deteriorate.
  • It is better to spray the bushes in the formation of flowers on the leaves.
    Bitoxibacillin helps from most pests of potato

    potato Potato Zekura is unpretentious in the care, it can be planted even in Siberia and in Kazakhstan. It is drought resistant. He has immunity to almost all diseases of potatoes. That is, Zekura potato is a combination of high taste and nutritional qualities, endurance and speed of ripening.

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