F3 error in the washing machine Atlant

Washing machine Atlant gives an error F3 - what does this mean? Let's understand in order.

Electronic CM shows on the display the error code F3, and on models without a screen, the third and fourth indicators are lit.

If you notice that the laundry is badly laundered, a musty smell is felt: a failure of the heating element( tubular heating element) probably arose.

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  • 1 Causes and symptoms of malfunction
  • 2 Causes of failure of
    • 2.1 heaterfocus on water heating. The sure sign of a malfunction of the heater is washing in cold water when choosing a mode with a high temperature. In some cases, programs with temperatures above 30 degrees do not run at all.

      How to fix the situation and remove the error F3?To do this, you need to check at what temperature the wash takes place. What to do: 20 minutes after launching, touch the hatch with your hand. Usually, this time is enough for the Atlas washing machine to heat water. If the hatch is cold - check the heater.

      Causes of

      Heater Failure There are two main reasons for the failure of the heater. This is a factory defect and scum( rust).

      Marriage occurs only in 2% of cases and is manifested in a month or two. Scale can settle on the element for 3-4 years before it fails. With careful and high-quality powder, the service life may increase to 7-8 years.

      There are also such types of heater breakdowns:

      1. Break of contacts of the heating element. If the wiring between the heater and the control board of the heater is broken, it will not receive a signal for action, therefore it will not work.
      2. Case breakdown. When the insulation layer of the element is broken, a current leakage occurs. What this means: a breakdown can become critical, as it leads to a short circuit and electric shock.
      3. Scale. A layer of scale prevents the heater from giving off heat. As a result, the element overheats and burns.
      4. Failure of the thermal relay. Incorrect temperature readings, entail a breakdown of the heating element. As a result, CMA Atlant gives an error F3.

      How to avoid trouble

      Warned - it means armed. To avoid premature failure, it is necessary to install a stabilizer. It is abrupt voltage surges that lead to the rupture of the electrical circuit between the module and the heating element in the Atlas CM.

      Installation of the cleaning filter will help from hard water and scaling. Use quality detergents.

      To avoid overheating of the heater, set the temperature not at the maximum parameters, but slightly lower.

      But how to fix the breakdown, if the water is no longer heated, and the F3 error is on the display? The solution to the problem is the replacement of heating elements in the washing machine Atlas.


      You can check and, if necessary, replace the heater with your own hands.

      • Open the back cover of the Atlas washing machine, behind which the heating element is located.
      • Disconnect the connectors and attach the multimeter probes to the heater contacts.
      • Resistance below 20 ohms indicates a component failure.
      • Loosen the central nut.
      • Remove the temperature sensor from the base of the heating element.
      • Flush the bolt inward by pressing.
      • Remove the heater.

      Installing a new item is performed in the reverse order.

      After inspecting the heater, you were convinced that it was working properly. Now start the Atlas machine, see if the F3 error occurred.

      If the fault code is on the display, continue searching for a fault.

      Test control module

      The cause of the F3 error may be the control unit - it is located behind the front panel of the washing machine Atlant.

      A multimeter is also used to test the module: each element of the board is serially called. It may be necessary to solder the contacts or sweep the tracks, if the unit has burned down completely, it is replaced with a serviceable element.

      Remember! Always disconnect the SM from the network before starting work.

      We hope our recommendations helped to eliminate the error code F3 in the washing machine Atlas.

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