Characteristic and description of tomato variety Irina F1

At present, every amateur gardener or agro-industrial plant tends to get the maximum possible crop of tomatoes. To do this, use different varieties of plants as an experiment, ultimately, which ends with the choice of one variety that will bring the greatest number of fruits, while requiring the least amount of labor. Very often, this preference is given to tomato variety Irina, which, due to its characteristics, has high taste and yield. We will consider its description and characteristics in this article.

Table of contentsvarieties of tomato tried to give it the most qualities. The main advantage of tomato Irina is in high yields , as well as in excellent resistance to all kinds of diseases and infections .

However, this hybrid has a significant disadvantage - the seeds, which are obtained from the fruits of the plant, are unsuitable for subsequent planting.

Tomato Irina bushes do not need pinching, as are determinant, which greatly facilitates the procedure of care. Tomato bushes are resistant and stocky, often their height can reach 80 cm and even higher.
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The plant is distinguished by a rather strong stem, with dense foliage and inflorescences, which is inherent in many tomatoes. As a rule, up to 5 fruits can be formed from one inflorescence when ripe.

The fruit weight of the Irina F1 variety is on average 130 grams.

Fruits of this variety have a rich taste and a flat-rounded shape without ribbing. The size of the fruit in diameter often reaches 5 cm and has an weight up to 130 grams .Fruits also lend themselves to long-term storage, but only on condition that the indoor climate is dry and well ventilated. In addition, the variety Irina perfectly transports transportation, they are not damaged either inside or outside.

Regions of growth

Due to the fact that tomato Irina is unpretentious, it can be grown, , both in open ground and in greenhouses .

In this case, for the northern regions, as well as the middle zone, it is better to plant seedlings in the greenhouse in order to increase the yield. For the southern regions, you can do the usual ground without canopies. Here the plant feels great in the open sunshine.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The variety has many advantages, namely:

  • enough early maturity ;
  • high yields ;
  • pleasant and unique taste;
  • resistance to cold, in this case, the ovary is resistant to temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius;
  • resistance to most diseases;
  • long shelf life of fruits;
  • excellent resistance to transportation .
No significant deficiencies that could be identified, not detected. The only exception is that the fruit damaged by the impact quickly begins to deteriorate, however, all tomato varieties have this disadvantage.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

Tomato seeds Irina

Preparation for growing this variety begins in the spring, namely from the second half of March on , when the seeds are planted as seedlings.

For this, they must first be soaked in a solution of potassium permanganate, but only if you use non-granulated seeds. Absolutely any soil will be suitable for seedlings, however, it is recommended to take it from under birch or acacia, after conducting the procedure of disinfecting with the help of hot boiling water.

Water the seedlings as needed when the soil is dry enough. In this case, it is extremely important to carry out the irrigation procedure carefully to avoid possible water ingress on the leaves of the plant.

Transplantation of tomatoes in open ground

Planting of seedlings in open ground occurs at the moment when the last May frosts end, namely in 1.5-2 months after the tomato has been planted as seedlings.

When planting, you should follow certain rules, preventing the distance between the seedlings to be less than half a meter. Bush and pasynkovyvaya done regularly 3 times a month .It is possible to loosen the earth and feed the plant once every 2 weeks.

Watering a tomato Irina is carried out strictly under the rhizome, trying not to touch the leaves of the bush.

The bush also needs a regular garter to form a strong stalk.

Plant Care

Before planting a plant in the ground, it is recommended to treat the leaves with solution from the Colorado potato beetle, as this pest likes to feast on fresh tomato leaves. Processing is performed strictly before disembarking, otherwise it will not give the proper result.

It is worth noting that for more fruitful growth and the formation of bushes, they are recommended to be sprayed with fungicides, this will allow you to end up with an impressive harvest.

In order for the fruits to be beautiful and healthy - it is necessary to use

fungicides. If necessary, the soil can be fertilized with the help of mineral and organic fertilizers in the process of growing seedlings. The humus of leaves serves as an excellent type of fertilizer, as well as repeated watering of bushes with yoghurt diluted with water consisting of 1 to 10. In this case, it will be at the same time feeding and protecting against aphids and phytophtoras.

Under the planting, pick up the in a well-lit area , where fresh air is constantly circulating. In the summer hot period, watering the plant is carried out daily, but here it is necessary to observe the measure, otherwise the rhizomes may begin to rot from an overabundance of moisture.

It is also recommended to plant tomatoes of this variety away from the potato, this will save the bushes from the Colorado potato beetle. With other cultures, tomato can quite comfortably coexist.

Peculiarities of Fruiting

A variety of tomatoes like Irina distinguishes sufficiently with a high yield index .In this case, with one bush can collect up to several kilograms of fruit.

It is also worth noting that the fruits start to ripen already 90 days after planting in open ground, which, as a rule, allows you to harvest by the end of summer. In this case, the bush will continue to bear fruit until mid-September.

The variety Irina does not have particular differences from its competitors, however, because of its unpretentiousness, many gardeners prefer this particular plant variety.
The variety Irina is distinguished from the rest by a high yield index

Diseases and their prevention

With proper care, the tomato Irina is resistant to various diseases .Breeders have done their best in breeding a variety, bringing out a variety that sustainably tolerates any diseases, while it does not have any reflection on the fruits. For the gardener, it is important only to carry out the care and watering in time and in this case even the phytophtora will bypass the tomato bushes.

Domestic breeders turned out to produce a wonderful variety of tomato, which has high yields, unpretentiousness and good taste. It is because of these moments that domestic gardeners are increasingly giving their preference to tomato Irina.

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