Error codes washing machine Gorenje

Fault code Meaning Cause of How to fix the fault
F1( F1) Thermistor wiring is broken.
  1. A short circuit occurred that caused the circuit to stop working.
  2. Open circuit.
Repair of the thermal sensor circuit CM.
F2( F2) Problems with the door lock device. Why the machine shows an error on the display:
  • The door is badly closed, it is possible that a foreign object interferes.
  • The wiring of the blocker is broken.
  • Faulty door lock.
What to do:
  1. Press the "Start" key to reset the error.
  2. Check and replace the electronic lock( UBL).
F3( F3) What do you mean code: timed out, water has not reached the minimum value. Causes:
  • Water pressure too low.
  • Input valve defective.
  • The pressure switch is broken and the tube is blocked.
To clear the error:
  1. Unscrew the stopcock.
  2. Check the water pressure.
  3. Put a serviceable inlet valve.
  4. Replace pressure switch. Clean his hose from clogging.
F4( Ф4) What does this code mean for PG1 - PG3 styralocs: the control circuit of the motor tachometer is broken.
  • The tacho wiring is faulty or faulty.
  • Problems in the AGR module.
To solve the problem:
  1. Check wiring, isolate or replace unsuitable areas.
  2. Change the main unit.
F4( F4) For CM( PG4 - PG5): malfunction of the motor of the washing machine Gorenje. For what reasons the washer gives an error:
  • Problems with the electronic board.
  • Worn motor brushes.
  • Motor Breakdown.
Problem solving:
  1. Installing a new electronic board.
  2. Replacement collector brushes.
  3. Motor change.
F5( Ф5) For machines PG1 - PG3: the triac of the drive motor burned out.
  • An engine overheated.
  • Motor failed, winding burned out.
  • Faulty triac of the main unit.
  1. Reboot the CM for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Engine repair, winding replacement.
  3. Main board repair, triac change.
F5( Ф5) For control type PG4 - PG5: there is no connection between the board and the inverter. Open or damaged control circuit. To clear the error:
  1. Repair the circuit.
  2. Replace module or inverter.
F6( F6) There is no water heating.
  • Faulty heating element.
  • Failure of the electronic unit.
  1. Heater Replacement( TENA).
  2. Repair control card.
F7( F7) Problems when draining water. . Why the code was highlighted on the scoreboard:
  • The drainage system( hose, pipe, pump) is clogged.
  • Problems with the drain pump.
What you can do:
  1. Clean the system.
  2. Check and change pump.
F8( Ф8) Engine problems. Lower drum speed. Bad spin.
  • Stretched drive belt.
  • CMA engine failure.
  • Inverter fault for machines with PG4 and PG5 control.
  1. Put the belt in place or change it.
  2. Replace the motor.
  3. Replace the inverter.
F9( F9) The Aquastop system worked. A leakage occurred in the Gorenie washing machine system. Tripped float sensor.
  1. Restore the air tightness of the CM assemblies.
  2. Replace the Aquastop system.

Goren error washing machine error codes are highlighted at the time of the fault. If the code is on the washer placard, the user needs to know its value in order to find and fix the damage.

From the article you will learn what to do when an error appears, how to fix the situation without calling the wizard.

Material content:

  • 1 Table of errors GMA Gorenje( Gorene)
    • 1.1 For CM Gorenje with PG1 control - PG5
    • 1.2 Error value for CM with WA-101 control /121/132/162/ 162Р

GORnje JA error table( Gidnje( GOnJE)( GOnJD) )machines to make it easier to navigate.

For CM Gorene with PG1 control - PG5

Error value for CM with control WA-101 /121/132/162/ 162P

Fault codes Meaning Causes of How to fix the fault
F1( F1) Problems in the thermal sensor circuit. Why an error occurred:
  • A short circuit has occurred.
  • Broken contacts.
Repairing the wiring is required to solve the problem.
F2( F2) There is no water set.

The water did not fill the tank within 4 minutes.


  • Closure of the filler system.
  • Input valve malfunction.
  • Problems with the pressostat.
How to fix the situation:
  1. Check and clean the inlet hose and filter.
  2. Replace intake valve.
  3. Installation of a working pressostat.
F31( F31) Problems with motor tachometer. Tachometer breakdown, or contact breakdown. Replacement of defective parts.
F32( Ф32) The triac controlling the motor operation is faulty. Why did the code on the board catch fire? Broken control board element - triac. Repair of an electronic payment.
F4( F4) Water does not heat. Faulty TEH, or the module is broken. Heater Change. Repair or change module.
F41( F41) Water is overheating. TEN or its thermal sensor failed. Inspection and installation of serviceable parts.
F43( F43) Water heating error.
  • Incorrect operation of the pressure switch.
  • Leakage.
  • Module Element Defect.
To solve the problem:
  1. Install a new pressure switch.
  2. Eliminate the cause of the leak.
  3. Repair or replace the module.
F5( F5) Drain Error.
  • The pump broke, its wiring broke.
  • Blockage in the drain system( filter, hose, pipe).
  • Problem with the operation of the pressure switch.
  1. Replace drain pump.
  2. Clean the drain tract elements.
  3. Change the pressure switch.
F61( F61) Problems with the engine.
  • Fastened drive belt.
  • Faulty pump.
  • Problems with the main module.
What to do:
  1. Wear or replace the belt.
  2. Change pump.
  3. Repair fee.
F63( F63) Circuit problems in the main control unit. Open circuit.
  1. Repair circuit.
  2. Replacement Module.

After examining the problems of washing machines Goren, you can fix the damage with their own hands.

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