Error F03 in the washing machine Indesit

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If your car shows F03 error on the display, the reason may lie in the malfunction of the temperature sensor or heating element.

Indesit washing machines are equipped with an electronic scoreboard. In the event of a breakdown, error codes are displayed on the screen, deciphering which, the user can resolve the problem on his own without the assistance of a specialist.

What should I do if your car shows F03?

Content of

  • 1 heating( thermostat)
  • 2.6 Breakdown of the heater relay or the programmer

Description and symptoms of error

Electronic models Indesit show the error F 03 on the display. Electromechanical models are simultaneously signaled with the “Turns” and “Quick Wash” indicators. Either the “Turns” and “Extra Rinse” lights are on. What does the F03 error in indesit mean?

  • sticking of the heating element relay.
  • Thermal sensor failure.

Failure may occur in the fact that the washer has stopped heating water. It also refuses to work after the start of the cycle, resulting in an error F 03.

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How to fix the damage and make an independent repair

What to do to solve the problem?

  1. A simple way is to turn on the rinsing mode, and then check the operation of the washing machine.
  2. Disconnect the Indesit machine from the network and reboot for 20 minutes by resetting the errors.
  3. Ring the set of resistors on the control module with a nominal value of 180-220 com.
  4. Test the sensor for resistance. At a temperature of +20 degrees, the resistance should be at least 20 kOhm.
  5. Inspect the electrical circuits of the TENA relay.
  6. Inspect the control board.

Why a washing machine does not heat the water

In what way can an indesit CMA malfunction with an error f 03?The answer is simple: the washing machine does not heat the water.

Many users feel that they are cold when they take out the washed items. As a result, it is decided that the Indesit machine stopped heating the water. You can determine the correct temperature by touching the loading hatch glass 15 minutes after the start of the cycle. If the hatch is cold - face failure.

What do the DTCs mean and how do I reset them?

Incorrect installation of the program

Indesit washing machines provide for different modes of operation. Check if the temperature of the selected program is too low. Then you need to raise it to correct the situation.

Level sensor clogging

During the washing process, the sensor tube can become clogged with thread, small particles, hair. As a result, the module does not signal for water heating. Therefore, water enters the washer, but does not heat up. How to fix a breakdown or replace a part, tell a video on the topic:

Breaking the electrical circuit of the heater

How to check the health of the circuit:

  • Carefully inspect the wiring leading to the heating element. It must be intact, free from defects. Continuous vibration can lead to chafing.
  • Replace damaged wiring, or solder the damaged part.

If everything is in order with the chain, the reason lies in the heating element. Breakage occurs as a result of long life, scale. What to do:

  • To call TEN using a multimeter( tester).
  • If the heating element is defective, replace it.
  • To replace, remove the rear panel of the Indesit machine, loosen the fasteners, disconnect the wires.
  • Remove the damaged PETN and replace it with a working one. Here is a detailed video:

Breakage of the heating sensor( thermostat)

The thermostat is responsible for the timely connection and disconnection of water heating. A symptom of a malfunction is a long or, on the contrary, too fast wash. To replace:

  1. Remove the back panel.
  2. Remove the bracket and disconnect the contacts.
  3. Using a screwdriver, remove the shield and loosen the lock nut.
  4. Remove the defective and install the new sensor.

Breakage of the TEN relay or

programmer This is part of the control module. It can break as a result of overvoltage, factory marriage. Breakage requires a wizard call.

You can try to remove the error f03 yourself, or you can call the wizard for repair Indesit.

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