How to use water heater: Instructions for use

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Large equipment and compact device for heating water are actively involved in the formation of favorable conditions. Few citizens know how to use water heater, because their apartments are connected to a centralized hot water supply. However, if you have to live in the Khrushchev or in the country, information about the operation of complicated assemblies will be extremely useful, right?

With us you get sound answers to all arising questions when using the instrument. In our proposed article thoroughly disclosed subject heaters are marked with their types and design features.

It sets out in detail the specifics of the installation and the rules of sound operation. Marked technological intricacies and nuances of care. To facilitate the perception of information is complemented by photos, diagrams and video tutorials.

The content of the article:

  • Characteristics of flow and storage units
  • Regulations and good advice
    • Subtleties of operation flow units
    • Terms of use of storage devices
  • Care and maintenance features
  • Solutions to problems with equipment
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic
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Characteristics of flow and storage units

All water heaters on the principle of heating waters are divided into flow device and storage model. Often, the same company supplies the market with those and other options, and the buyer has the right to choose exactly what he needs.

Accumulating devices have a capacity of a certain volume in which water is dialed. After filling the useful volume of the device it begins to heat up specifically designed for this heating elements to the temperature specified by the user settings.

model water heater

Models offered in stores, allow to pick the optimal set of features at an affordable price. The main advance to decide what works best for a particular house / apartment

The reservoir of such heaters insulated mandatory that promotes long-term preservation of the water temperature within the unit. Its volume can range from 10 to 300 liters or more.

Manufacturers provide the overall demand for equipment that can meet the needs for heating of water for a large family.

Accumulative heater 10 liter

Cumulative volume of 10 liters heater can be placed in any convenient location. For example, under the sink

The larger the volume will have a storage device, the more space you will need to place it in the house or apartment. This fact should be considered necessary.

The second type of water heaters for household use - flow. They differ significantly from accumulating - they have not provided a reservoir to collect a certain amount of liquid.

You may be interested in information about what type of water heater is better - instantaneous or storage?

Flow models heated water coming from the conduit immediately after opening the faucet. Visually, these models are much smaller in size and mounted with a crane.

Kind of instantaneous water heaters

A variety of flow-through water heater is a special crane. He requires a lot of electricity, and can be a real boon to testify

Depending on the fuel consumed mostly storage and flow instruments are:

  • gas unit;
  • electrical devices.

The former have a greater initial cost, but pays off in 2 years. Second initially cheaper in 2-3 times, but over the high cost of electricity for the third year of use are more expensive for the owner.

Such dependence is valid for constant use.

Flow model heaters

Flow heater models can be equipped with a kitchen spout, showerhead. They are mounted near the valve to avoid large heat losses

When it comes to the seasonal stay in the country and the use of small amounts of warm water, then the potential buyer an electric version of the approach can be very useful.

After all, electricity is supplied with many country sites, as well as for gas, the situation with its availability can be dire. Even with occasional use of the device, he will spend quite a bit of electricity.

Regulations and good advice

Regardless of the type acquired by the device for heating water, be careful to handle and use as directed. Moreover, features of operation of all similar models are similar, but there are fundamental differences.

To their lack of knowledge does not harm the expensive devices, it is better to read the manual, how to use a particular model of water heater.

Subtleties of operation flow units

Differences in appearance and in the flow-through device and memory models cause some of the nuances in the operation.

Therefore, before using the unit it is important to carefully consider the recommendations specified by the manufacturer.

Instantaneous water heater faucet

You can use the flow-through water heater valve is not only the country but also in urban apartments. It is easily installed and connected with his own hands

The most common requirements that must be completed before using the storage and flow patterns, the following:

  • setting coarse filter;
  • strictly horizontal installation;
  • grounding for electrical appliances.

The horizontal arrangement of verified building level. Strict adherence to this rule will help prevent the formation of air pockets.

It is also important to consider that there are models that can only be installed horizontally or vertically only. If we ignore this rule, the equipment in the best case, will not work, and at worst - just burn.

Small model of the flow of electric heaters

Small model of the flow of electric heaters vertical design easily fit into the design of the kitchen. Yes, and a lot of space 10-liter unit will not take

There is also a model, providing installation option on the user's choice - horizontal or vertical. Structural features of the device are designed for any situation and on the further operation will not be affected.

Instantaneous water heaters produce many domestic firms. It can also be in the market to meet the large number of proposals from European and Chinese companies.

Overview the best producers devices for domestic water heating is given in our other article.

The cost of units depends on the following factors:

  • brand awareness and reputation;
  • the quality of the materials used in the production;
  • additional equipment capabilities;
  • mechanical or electronic control type;
  • device configuration.

Regardless of the brand and the value of the equipment purchased, the buyer must be instruction manufacturer and warranty card, in which the seller said the acquisition date, and assured her of his printing.

Without these documents do not buy a quality product. All bona fide companies necessarily complement this document their devices.

Details and materials, reaching complete

Often the instructions of the equipment manufacturer can meet the requirement to use only parts and materials that are provided. In the opposite case, no warranty service

The flow devices are mechanically and electronically controlled. First Embodiment reliable. The price of such units are lower. The second option is more expensive and may have many additional features, up to control the power and temperature changes via SMS commands.

Features of operation of a specific model of water heater given in the instructions. Among the gas and electric versions often consumers prefer the latter.

This is due to their greater safety, ease of installation and the ability to coordinate the installation work not with the special services.

In the case of the purchase of the gas flowing water heater to be not only a qualified specialist with access to the installation of gas equipment, but also to obtain authorization from the appropriate authority installation.

In the future, be sure to call the wizard for regular monitoring of the state of the gas appliance.

Devices with mechanical control

Devices with mechanical easier to control. They are less likely to break than equipment with electronic control circuit

The basic rules of the use of water heaters are repeated in the majority of manufacturers of flow devices. Most importantly - do not include defective equipment with traces of damage.

If the heater fell off the wall and broke away from him something, in any case it is impossible to use it without prior examination of the expert.

When the equipment is properly installed and connected to the master, the wearer can adjust at its discretion heating temperature. You can use the special keys, if they are provided in a particular model.

In some units, the temperature is regulated by the hot water tap on the mixing when changing consumption.

Operating the water heater can only capable persons. Children can not themselves include a facility without adult supervision. Watered it with water or can not drop. All outlets are located on the device, it is impossible to close. This can lead to breakage.

Using a water flow heater is possible only when the room temperature not below 0 degrees. Especially it is generally true for houses and houses with periodic visit.

When uselessness, remove the device, after disconnecting from the mains and drain the remaining water. Then they should be placed for storage in a warm room.

Tap water heater

Frost damage individual elements of the device, which problems affect the performance of functions. This case is not a guarantee, so the user will have to make repairs at its own expense

To use instantaneous heater, once is enough to set the desired water temperature. In the future owner will simply open the valve of the heater and enjoy the warm water at any time of the day.

The right to use shower heads and diverter, which are supplied with the appliance.

There is no point each day to enable / disable the plug, if you need to wash your hands. Disconnect from the network flow model is necessary only if the long-term absence.

With the features of operation of the flow water heating equipment will introduce photo-selection:

image gallery

Photo of

Gas instantaneous water heater

The most common type of continuous flow heaters - a gas heater, heats the water in the required amount for use with a burner

Regular ventilation of room

Equipment operating on the cheapest form of fuel, in violation of operating rules may be dangerous for the hosts. To eliminate it you must regularly ventilate the room with him

Check ventilation state

In addition to providing a permanent airing the room with a gas column is required to monitor the state barred vent in communication with the shaft obschedomovoy

Reducing short-term activation

If possible, reduce the amount of equipment on and off, due to which the scale is formed on the inner walls of the pipes

Location relative to the gas cookers

Between the gas cooker and the instantaneous heating device must be at least 100 mm. Installation of equipment, releasing heat when working near protochnikom also to exclude

The distance between the mixer and column

To Automatic flow time to operate the heater, between the unit and the mixer should be a distance not less than 1 m

Checking the status of pipes and connections

To gas equipment does not pose a threat, it is necessary to regularly check the condition of pipes and connections. If there are suspicions, not credible place should be lubricated with soapy water, in violation of integrity, he will bubble

Maintenance geyser

For gas column state must ensure both the owner and the company responsible for the gas supply. The first service is made within six months after the installation, the next - with the periodicity established by

Gas instantaneous water heater

Gas instantaneous water heater

Regular ventilation of room

Regular ventilation of room

Check ventilation state

Check ventilation state

Reducing short-term activation

Reducing short-term activation

Location relative to the gas cookers

Location relative to the gas cookers

The distance between the mixer and column

The distance between the mixer and column

Checking the status of pipes and connections

Checking the status of pipes and connections

Maintenance geyser

Maintenance geyser

Terms of use of storage devices

Savings models of water heaters can be either very small or quite large. In the first case, the reservoir of 10 liters. Such equipment is conveniently set in the kitchen under / over the sink.

Dimensional model is hung on the wall or mounted on the floor. It all depends on the weight of the unit and walls filled with state of the room, where it is supposed to connect it.

You may also be useful information about installing a water heater with your hands.

Water tank of vertical type

Storage water heaters are both the horizontal type and the vertical. Moreover, this rule applies not only to small-volume boilers

Many storage vendors offer models requiring for gas or electricity.

The first option is a constant use of a family of 5 persons duration of 4-5 years would cost a total cost of purchase, connect and pay for gas in 3-4 times cheaper than the electric version. Although the cost of the unit in the stores somewhere in 2,5-3 times cheaper than gas appliance.

Operate the boiler can only be correctly installed and connected to the electricity grid. The specialist who performed all the work required to put a note in the warranty card and installation of equipment to test the quality.

Without his signature and seal of the organization in the event of failure to take advantage of the guarantee will not be possible.

If everything is set up a responsible master, the owner can start to operate the heater. First, you need to examine all sides of the equipment and make sure everything is whole, there is no visible damage to the wire with a fork oplavilsya nowhere and nothing flows.

If a visual inspection is successful, it is necessary to fill the boiler and make sure that it is filled. For this purpose, open the water supply valve assembly and reverse in hot tap water. As soon begins to flow from the tap water - storage heater is full.

You can now include the unit plug into the outlet and push the button "ON» / «on» to the body. Control and regulation by the relevant buttons.

Depending on the model, equipment operation and setting the desired temperature can be carried out mechanically or by entering the appropriate commands on the monitor.

Technical perfection of the instrument directly affects its value. In everyday life is most often bought models with the most necessary functions and easy operation. The easier it is, the less damage in the future.

You may need information about self water heater repairDiscussed in our other article.

Water heaters with electronic control

In practice, the electronically controlled water heaters do not tolerate the installation in the bathroom. It is advisable to avoid installation in a room with high humidity levels

It is important to follow all the rules of operation, described by the manufacturer in the instructions for the particular device. Also, in any case not include the broken heater.

If the external condition causes fear or melting visible traces or wiring on the plug with the socket, is required to be treated in the art.

If the storage unit is a major source of hot water in the house / apartment, then, in order to save, turn it off from the power outlet is not necessary.

Due to the set, the thermostat unit is turned on the hot water only when necessary. Once the water reaches the desired temperature, it will automatically shut down.

This work maximizes the efficient use of energy or gas, if it is a gas water heater. Turn off equipment is suitable only in the case of prolonged absence of the owner and all residents of the house, cottage or apartment.

image gallery

Photo of

Water heater in the boiler room

Owners of the storage equipment must be remembered that the higher the load and the heating temperature, the less will serve the unit

Recommendations to enhance

If there is a constant need for a hot water heater is better off. Note, however, that the total heating cycle will require more energy than keeping the temperature of heated water in the tank

Draining the water from the tank to idle period

On the long downtime of the water heater drain tank need not to form a mold within the container

Water heating appliance in the bathroom

In order not to damage the water heater, it must not be interrupted during the period of heating the water when the light signal red light

Water heater in the boiler room

Water heater in the boiler room

Recommendations to enhance

Recommendations to enhance

Draining the water from the tank to idle period

Draining the water from the tank to idle period

Water heating appliance in the bathroom

Water heating appliance in the bathroom

Care and maintenance features

As storage and flow models in need of care and periodic maintenance.

Trouble-free service of the equipment are able to provide:

  • correct operation;
  • care;
  • timely service.

Follow the instructions and the manufacturer's recommendations for operating the water heater, it is possible to protect the equipment from accidental damage.

The water heater is securely fixed to the wall

It is desirable that the operation of the instrument did not get water splashing, and he himself was firmly attached to the wall

With regard to care, then all models, without exception, extremely undemanding. Suffice it to periodically wipe contamination from the device surface. For this fit soft cloth or sponge soaked with soapy water.

Watering detergents or storage or instantaneous water heaters can not. Also, as necessary need to change / clean the strainer.

As for the service, then the requirements are clearly identified by the manufacturer in the instructions for the specific model. If this gas equipment, make sure you will come to the specialists of the relevant service to check it.

Electric models can be serviced independently, if such an option is not contrary to the terms of the warranty.

Some manufacturers provide that installation, the first commissioning of equipment, periodic maintenance and replacement of parts must be performed by specialist dealer.

All work performed it is obliged to put a mark on the warranty card, assuring his signature seal of the company. Otherwise, the water heater owner loses the right to use the warranty card, if the need arises.

Internals flow heater

Many home yourselfers neglect warranty and all installation work and further maintenance and repair is carried out independently. Such an option it is much cheaper than the call specialists

Service storage water heaters often invited to spend 1 time per year. Carry out all the work yourself or invite authorized experts - it depends on the manufacturer's recommendations. Often maintenance with their own hands is fraught with the loss of warranty.

For storage the following models of work to be carried out annually:

  • heater clean from scale;
  • remove the precipitate that had accumulated in the cavity of the tank;
  • evaluate the state of the magnesium anode and replace it in case of wear.

All work is carried switched off and disconnected from the cylinder network. In some cases, if the water with a lot of impurities, need to change the filter more often and remove scales. Magnesium anode can quickly wear.

You may be wondering step by step instructions on replacing the heating element with your handsDiscussed in our other article.

Shoe inner space of the storage heater

Clean interior of the storage heater should be at least the formation of plaque and scale on the walls and on the heating element

If a storage unit is installed in the country and in the cold time of the year it, no one will use it, then be sure to take care of drain water from the tank. Also, we must not forget that before the device is completely disconnected from the power supply.

Maintenance models instantaneous water heaters carried out as needed. The frequency of these works will become clear in the course of operation.

As soon as the water pressure is significantly weakened, and there was scum, will spend cleaning the individual elements of the device:

  • strainer or a strainer installed in the water supply;
  • aerator-tab mounted in the bore of the crane;
  • tabs mounted in shower heads, if the device is equipped with this element.

Clean the outside and remove the filter need only when the power is off the water heater. If not remove the plug from the socket, it is possible to receive an electric shock while extracting coarse filter.

Boiler in the bathroom

For boilers, manufacturing pre-treated water, you may need less frequent maintenance - 1 time in 2 years

Solutions to problems with equipment

During operation of the flow and accumulation of water heaters may experience some problems. Most often this odor and mold, flowing from a faucet with warm water.

This situation arises when a low heating temperature is set at 40 degrees or long used the device. This is a favorable environment for the development and propagation of mold and fungi.

To resolve this problem and to set the maximum heat, you can select the economy mode, if this is provided at the specific model. In the setting of the eco mode is set to the limiting temperature of heating water at 50-55 degrees.

The correct wiring diagram

It is important to use the right diagram of boiler connection recommended by the manufacturer

Secondly, it is impossible to make a connection to the pipeline with the hot water. Depending on the specifications of the device, they are designed to work with water, the temperature of which ranges from 2 to 30 degrees.

This is an average range of values. In particular boundary values ​​of the model running water its temperature may be, for example, from 5 to 20 degrees.

The third problem, when at the working fluid cylinder stops running warm water. One of the reasons - from the incoming water pressure problems.

To operate some models require a special mixer low pressure. If it does not meet the technical possibilities of the instrument, turn off mechanism is triggered. Resume work only after the heater can pressure normalization.

Another reason - if blocked by the water supply for the water supply. Eliminate it is not difficult, it is necessary to renew the supply.

Fourth, it can run very hot water. This problem in the models with an automatic temperature control system proves its failure and requires urgent specialist call. In flow-through units will increase the flow of water at the entrance or clean tube feeding.

Service specialist equipment

If the owner cares warranty service expensive device, is used to eliminate any malfunctions and annual maintenance will cause the expert

The fifth problem - too much cold water, not satisfying the wishes of the owner of the water heater. In this case, the storage units is likely faulty thermostat.

Do not be amiss to check the exposed temperature, because some of the family members could change the minimum temperature of hot water.

In flow-through devices such problem may indicate problems with the power supply. Second embodiment - to increase the heating capacity.

After the completion of the term of operation provided by the manufacturer, should not continue to use the equipment. It needs to be disassembled and to pass on recycling.

If it is an electric model, it is best to cut the wire, comprising the network. This measure will protect the device from accidental use by third parties.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Video clip on the operation of the flow device - tap water heater:

Transparent Video instruction on the inclusion of the storage water heater:

Detailed video about the operation of the storage unit Thermex:

Step by step video clip to eliminate the damage water heater that does not drip, but he no longer carried the heat and no longer lit warning light:

Video explanation of problems encountered in the operation of water heaters and how to resolve them:

By purchasing and installing the water heater, it is important to maintain it. Timely care and quality maintenance of the flow and storage devices will help to extend their service life.

In order not to lose the warranty service, you should not break the rules specified by the manufacturer in particular on the use of the device's instructions.

You bought a new water heater and experiencing that can inadvertently void your warranty? Or you care about nuance, which is not considered by the manufacturer in the owner's manual? Ask your questions in the comments below this article.

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