F60 error in the Bosch washing machine

In order to recognize what the F60 code means, it is not enough to see it on the screen, you also need to pay attention to the accompanying failures of the CM.

The Bosch washing machine reports faults by displaying alphanumeric error codes on the electronic scoreboard. In earlier models, damage can be determined by deciphering a combination of flashing lights.

To determine what F 60 error means, which is lit on the display, you will need a system failure code table - usually it is in the user manual.

But if the instruction is completely lost, we will help you determine what the essence of the error is, and what to do to get rid of it.

Material content:

  • 1 F60 in Bosch washing machines - decoding and causes
  • 2 Self-checking
  • 3 Self-repair

F60 in Bosch washing machines - decoding and causes

In the Bosch washing machine manuals it is written that F 60 has been applied to the Bosch washing machines that F 60 has been installed. Let's try to translate it into a more understandable language.

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This sensor detects the amount of water flowing over time. If the sensor is faulty, the control board does not receive signals that water has been recruited, therefore the main “symptom” of the F60 error is that the washer does not draw water into the tank. Often, water simply does not flow into the sensor due to clogging of the filter.

The reasons for the fact that water is not taken by the drum can be many:

  • There is no water in the water supply system.
  • Insufficiently high pressure in the water supply system.
  • Problems with the filler valve.
  • Failure of the water level sensor( pressure switch).
  • Violation of the health of the device to lock the hatch( UBL).
  • Problems pump water drain - pump.
  • Disabled TEN.
  • The electronic module has broken.

All these failures can go hand in hand with the failure of the flow sensor. But if they are not accompanied by the code F60 and are confirmed by another fault code, it means that the sensor is involved in the error.


To finally determine the failure and confirm your guesswork, you need to check:

  • Whether the filter of the water intake valve in the tank is blocked( see below).
  • Has a turbulent turbulence been created in the sensor and nozzles? Perhaps the flow is too high and the pressure is quite high.
  • Is there enough pressure in the water supply?

If all three reasons are not confirmed, and F60 is lit on the display, then in order to clear the error, you need to replace the sensor. The solution to the problem is possible at home, without calling the wizard.

If you are looking for information on how to fix a typewriter, if it generates an error F60, one of three options will work for you:

  1. Replace the flow sensor.
  2. Restore broken wiring to the sensor.
  3. Repair the board( this work is better to entrust the master).

Important! In some cases, an error occurs when the magnetic valve of the water inlet malfunctions. In this case, it suffices to clean the inlet filter CM.


Do not waste your time and look for how to troubleshoot the sensor. If an F 60 error has occurred, it is better to entrust the replacement of the sensor to a specialist.

But you can clean the water inlet filter yourself. Proceed as follows:

  1. Disconnect the CM from the water supply.
  2. Turn off the power of the machine by pulling the plug from the outlet.
  3. Unscrew the water inlet hose located on the back of the CMA.
  4. Prepare a container to which you direct the hose - leftover water from it.
  5. You will see a small strainer. Remove it using pliers. Clean and rinse it under running water( both outside and inside).
  6. Check the water inlet hose - there may be an additional filter. If it is, remove and repeat the procedure.
  7. Reinstall the filter.
  8. Connect the hose by screwing it onto the thread.
  9. Check the reliability of all connections.
  10. Turn on the Bosch machine, open the water tap from the water supply and see if there are any leaks.
  11. Run the wash in test mode. If the error does not show on the display, it means that cleaning the filter helped you.

If after all the steps you have taken, the F60 again appears on the screen, then the error can be reset only after replacing the sensor. But this is too rare, so cleaning the filter should help.

As a guide, use the visual instruction from this video:

If you decide to check and repair the sensor yourself, find the layout of your Bosch washing machine, set the location of the sensor in your model, disassemble the machine, check the integrity of the wiring and, if necessary, replace the sensor with a new one.

For your information! If nothing helps and the error is still present, you may need to reprogram the control unit or replace it. Since Bosch washing machines are not low-cost, the fees for them are expensive. Self-repair for the average user can result in further costly repairs. Only grasp the tool if you have relevant experience.

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