Modes and washing time in the Ardo washing machine

For ease of use, the manufacturer tries to minimize the labels on the control panel, replacing them with symbols. The main programs and functions that are regularly used are often quickly remembered. But for others, you will need instruction and decryption.

In the article you will learn all the washing modes of the Ardo AGR, what they are for and how to use them.

FIND INSTRUCTIONS TO YOUR WASHING MACHINE ARDO WE HAVE ON US ON THE WEBSITE.Is free! Instructions can be downloaded or viewed online.

Material content:

  • 1 Description and designation of Ardo washing modes( Ardo)
    • 1.1 Table of programs for CMS Ardo: basic
    • 1.2 Additional functionsDepending on the model - Ardo A600, Ardo TL400, Ardo TL60e and others - the number of functions in the washing machine may vary. But the interpretation of symbols remains the same. Their descriptions can be found in the instruction manual or in our article.

      The table below shows the main modes of washing, which the user can set based on the type and color of linen.

      Table of programs for Ardo CM: basic

      Name Value Approximate time *
      Cotton On the panel, the program is marked with a box with cotton. It is used for linen from cotton which is not afraid of washing at a temperature from 60 to 90 degrees for a long time. 145-170 minutes.
      Synthetic The image of the flask tells you that you can wash synthetic and blended fabrics. 127 minutes.
      Express 20( 35 degrees) Choosing the mode, you can refresh or wash lightly soiled things. Water temperature is 35 °. 20 minutes.
      Wool Icon with a ball of thread. The program is certified by Woolwark and runs as sparingly as possible. 56 minutes.
      Hand Wash Wash at 30 degrees allows you to carefully care for delicate items that have a “Hand Wash Only” icon on the label. On the panel is marked down in the pelvis hand. 100 minutes.
      Quick wash Suitable for lightly soiled mixed items. Temperature - 35 degrees. 35 minutes.
      Daily Badge T-shirt on the panel. Ideal for washing clothes every day, because it consumes a minimum of water and electricity. Temperature - 40 degrees. from 30 minutes.
      Sportswear The mode is performed at a temperature of 40 degrees, which allows you to save the shape of things. Suitable for sports and daily wear that does not need ironing. -
      The JEANS program A water temperature of 40 degrees allows you to prevent the molting and discoloration of denim. 70 minutes.
      Laundry shirts The program allows you to gently wash shirts at a temperature of 40 degrees. The increased amount of water and the reduced spin speed make it possible to avoid strong creasing of the fabric. -
      Hygiene The program allows you to clean things up with the help of Ardo Hygienic. At 40 degrees you can wash white and colored linen, synthetics. -
      Spin Spin mode can be adjusted depending on the selected program. It can be completely disabled. -

      * The table gives an approximate frame, the exact time, look in the instructions for your model.

      Additional features Ardo

      These programs can be selected separately or for layout with the main mode.

      Name Decoding
      Additional rinsing To get rid of detergents better, use this mode.
      Delayed start You can load laundry, but put the machine off for 16 hours.
      Pre-wash in turbo mode. Set before the main wash for heavily soiled laundry. The water temperature is 40 degrees.
      Automatic Cleaning System Over time, a mold and fungus can form on the hatch cuff. This program starts a short cleaning cycle.
      Simple ironing Reduced spinning( 500 turns) and soft rocking of the drum help to facilitate further ironing of things.
      Drying Turns on automatically after “Cotton” or “Synthetics”.You can also customize the drying, depending on the degree of humidity.

      How to choose the mode for washing correctly

      There is a display on the control panel of the Ardo washing machine. It displays the selected mode, the time until the end of the cycle.

      How to set up and install a separate program? To do this, turn the selector, select a short washing mode or some other. And to install an additional function on the Ardo machine, at the bottom of the display, press the corresponding button.

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